The Organ Trafficker Caught With 2 Dead Children Hoax!

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Page 2 : Debunking The Thai Organ Trafficker With 2 Dead Children Hoax Part 1


Bukit Kayu Hitam Is NOT In Sungai Buloh

The Coverage Bureau does not seem to be aware that Sungai Buloh is 460 kilometres away from Bukit Kayu Hitam, where the kidnapper was allegedly arrested by the police.

Bukit Kayu Hitam is the main town bordering Thailand in the northenmost state of Kedah, while Sungai Buloh is in the central state of Selangor.

Bukit Kayu Hitam to Sungai Buloh

In addition, there is no such thing as the Bukit Kayu Hitam highway.

The highway that leads to the Bukit Kayu Hitam crossing into Thailand is the North-South Expressway (PLUS). The PLUS highway terminates at the crossing, and connects directly to Phetkasem Road on Thailand Route 4.


The Proton Perdana Is NOT A Van

The Coverage Bureau seems oblivious to the fact that the Proton Perdana is not a van.

The Proton Perdana, dear geniuses at The Coverage Bureau, is a 4-door, 5-seater sedan.

You can see it in the pictures you posted! How did you mistake it for a van?

2007 Daihatsu van

Oh, it was a mid-plot “adjustment” because you had to tie it to the fake WhatsApp screenshot you posted?

And you realised that it would be quite impossible to stuff six children into a Proton Perdana (with two dead children in the boot) without the border police noticing?


How Do You Get Dead Children Past Border Inspections?

The Coverage Bureau also does not seem to be aware that the border crossing at Bukit Kayu Hitam is well-guarded by Malaysian and Thai authorities.

Not just the immigration officers from both countries, but also police and custom officers looking for contraband, criminals and terrorists.

Bukit Kayu Hitam border crossing | Credit : ynshen
Bukit Kayu Hitam border crossing | Credit : ynshen

Even if the van / Proton Perdana was not stopped at a roadblock, it would have been inspected at the Bukit Kayu Hitam border crossing.

In fact, the immigration procedure involves all passengers exiting their vehicles to get their passports stamped. It’s not like you can just drive through the whole process.

So how likely is it for the kidnapper to slip past the border inspection with 6 live children and 2 dead children? Use some common sense, please!


Why Carry The Dead Children?

The Coverage Bureau claims that the police found 2 dead children in the van / Proton Perdana with all of their organs removed. If their organs had already been removed, why carry the dead children at all?

Does the kidnapper really need to smuggle their bodies into Thailand for burial / disposal? Would it not make more sense to dispose of their bodies as soon as possible to avoid detection?


Harvested Organs Don’t Last Long

Harvested organs often have very limited time of viability, even if they are harvested and stored properly (chilled in a preservation solution).

Organ Preservation Times
Organ Preservation Times | Credit : Donate Life California

Due to the limited preservation times, it would be in the kidnapper’s interest to keep the children alive until the recipients are ready to receive the organs.

It would not make sense for them to kill them and harvest the organs before smuggling the dead bodies and the organs into Thailand.


Organ Transplants Need To Be Matched!

Human organs are not Legos. You can take Legos from one set and use them in another set, but you can’t take organs from someone and just plunk them into another person.

Harvested or donated organs need to be matched to their recipients, or they will be rejected by the body and fail.

Every donor and recipient needs to undergo three tests to ensure compatibility – blood type, blood cross-matching, and HLA typing. If this is not done, organ rejection is almost a certainty.

This is why it is very unlikely for the kidnappers to kill the children and harvest their organs before smuggling them into Thailand.

They will want to match the donors to the recipients BEFORE they kill them for their organs. It also makes sense to harvest the organs and transplant them in the same medical facility.


The Malaysian Police : It’s A Hoax

The Coverage Bureau alleged that the Malaysian police caught the kidnapper in a roadblock. They even posted his picture and the Proton Perdana car he was caught in, specifically mentioning the number plate WHN 717. With such details, who wouldn’t believe it’s true?

Well, the Polis Diraja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Police) has officially issued a press statement, refuting the entire story as a hoax. Check out this news report by Berita Harian :

KUBANG PASU: Polis mengingatkan orang ramai supaya berhenti menyebarkan berita palsu mengenai penculikan kanak-kanak untuk dibawa ke Thailand bagi tujuan perdagangan organ.

Ketua Polis Kedah, Datuk Asri Yusoff, berkata berita dan foto yang tersebar mengenai perkara itu yang didakwa berlaku di Bukit Kayu Hitam, sehingga menjadi viral di media sosial sudah lapuk dan tidak berlaku.

Katanya, kawalan ketat dan operasi polis bersama pelbagai agensi keselamatan di sempadan Malaysia-Thailand menyukarkan sindiket penculikan melakukan kegiatan itu.

“Saya nasihatkan supaya berhenti sebar kes itu dan orang ramai pula jangan terlalu mudah mempercayai apa juga kejadian yang disebar sehingga viral di laman sosial.”

“Kalau mereka ragu-ragu, tanya terus pada kami (polis) untuk dapatkan kesahihan setiap laporan yang dimuat turun melalui laman sosial,” katanya.

Here is the English translation :

KUBANG PASU : The police would like to remind the public to stop spreading the false news about kidnapped children being smuggled into Thailand for the organ trade.

Kedah Police Chief, Datuk Asri Yusoff, said that the news and photo that spread virally on social media were old and false.

He added, the tight security and police operations with multiple security agencies at the Malaysian-Thai border makes it difficult for kidnapping organisations to commit such crimes.

“I advise everyone to stop spreading this news, and the public to be less naive in believing these viral stories on social media”

“If they have any doubts, they can directly ask us (the police) to verify every case they see on social media,” he said.

Interestingly, Berita Harian posted this news on 5 November. The Coverage Bureau only posted their “viral news” on 9 November – 4 days later.

In other words, The Coverage Bureau very likely knew that the Malaysian police had already refuted this story as false. But they went ahead and posted the story anyway.

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