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Owura Kwadwo Taught His Students Microsoft Word By Drawing It!

Most of us own a computer and a smartphone, but there are still many communities where computers and smartphones are a rarity. Ghanaian teacher Owura Kwadwo brought this stark difference into sharp focus when he shared how he taught his students Microsoft Word by drawing it!


How Owura Kwadwo Teaches His Students Microsoft Word

Teachers are amongst the most important people in any community, and are unappreciated for the hard work they put in. Compounding the problem is the lack of resources that limit their ability to teach their students.

Many schools still lack computers, forcing students to share them or learn only from books. But what happens if the teachers lack even the books to teach their students? Ghanaian teacher Owura Kwadwo demonstrated his dedication to his students with this Facebook post on 15 February 2018 :

Believe it or not, he teaches his students Microsoft Word by drawing it on a blackboard! Here is a closer look at his drawing of Microsoft Word 2003, complete with descriptions of the various UI components.

Compare his drawing to an actual screenshot of Microsoft Word 2003. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Even though his students do not have access to a computer and Microsoft Word, his accurate drawing will greatly help them understand the concept of a word processing software.

That said, nothing can replace actually using a computer. We hope that his students will soon have access to computers. Perhaps that was the purpose of his Facebook post. If his story goes viral, it could help bring attention to the dire needs of his (and other) students.

Teacher Kwadwo’s dedication to his students is an inspiration to teachers all around the world. We hope this story attracts more attention and help them get the computers they deserve!


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