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Papagomo Accuses IGP Khalid Abu Bakar Of Bribery? (Updated)

Papagomo accuses IGP Khalid Abu Bakar of bribery!

Papagomo accuses IGP Khalid Abu Bakar of bribery!

This is STUNNING! Papagomo accuses IGP Khalid Abu Bakar of bribery! Specifically a RM 20,000 bribe to “settle” his legal troubles stemming from his incitement of the Low Yat Riot. This was the screenshot he posted yesterday, after giving IGP Khalid Abu Bakar 48 hours to respond to his claim.

The evidence Papagomo revealed – KBAB51 asking for a RM 20K bribe to “settle” the problem.

For those who don’t understand Malay, here’s the English translation :

KBA51 : Yes, what’s up?

Papagomo : Sir, can we negotiate a little on the Low Yat case?

KBA51 : As usual, if there’s payment, the problem is settled.

Papagomo : How much do you want?

KBA51 : Not much. About 20K only.

Of course, immediately after he posted that, many people questioned the lack of blue (read receipt) tick marks, which would denote that KBA51 actually read the message. Papagomo responded that he disabled read receipt :

Due to many people questioning the lack of blue (read receipt) tick marks, he fired this back at them.

We wonder why he set the name as KBA51 when IGP Khalid Abu Bakar is known as KBAB51, which is his Twitter account handle (@KBAB51). Of course, it’s up to Papagomo to name the IGP as he liked in his own smartphone. He could have named it IGP or IGPKBA51 or anything else for the matter.

In any case, it looks like Papagomo has thrown a gauntlet at IGP Khalid Abu Bakar‘s face, challenging him and the PDRM to come after him if he falsely accused the Inspector General of Police.

Papagomo has effectively issued a challenge to the PDRM

Ignoring his racist jibes at the Chinese, his accusation appears plausible. Interestingly, the PDRM has yet to arrest him for this latest accusation. Let’s see how they react after the Hari Raya holidays. These sure are interesting times…


Troll Page?

It looks like Papagomo Original is a troll page, as Papagomo’s official Facebook page is still up and running. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar announced that the PDRM has already started investigation into the screenshot that purportedly showed him asking Papagomo for a RM 20,000 bribe.

Papagomo’s lawyer, Ahmad Shuaib Ismail (seen in the red shirt in the picture above) had also lodged a police report claiming that the Papagomo Original page does not belong to Papagomo, whose real name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris.


Trouble Brewing At Low Yat Plaza?

In the meantime, The Malaysian Insider reports that there are rumours being circulated that Papagomo’s supporters are calling upon Pekida and Perkasa supporters to “gather at Low Yat with weapons in order to voice their displeasure towards the inspector-general of police for apparently siding with the Chinese.

Police trucks seen on standby near the Federal Hotel, adjacent to Low Yat Plaza, in Kuala Lumpur today. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Seth Akmal, July 18, 2015.

Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainol Samah said, “There is nothing so far. We have beefed up security here because of the rumours.

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