Parents Panicking Over Virgin Pregnancy Pact

Parents have always feared teen pregnancies, and many have used the religious prohibition of premarital sex to prevent that. However, that has backfired on some parents whose daughters have gotten pregnant without having sex!


Five Pregnant Virgins

Hillside Police Department Chief Richard Floyd recently confirmed reports that five girls from the Proviso West High School were reported to be pregnant virgins.

These girls were all brought up in very religious homes, so (as) you can imagine, this was an absolute shock to their parents. Doctors at Oakridge have examined them and confirmed that they are still virgins.

So we have no further comment on this matter, except to confirm that their pregnancies were not a result of rape or alleged sex orgies at the Proviso West High School.

Eventually, it was revealed that they were part of a virgin pregnancy pact. To prove their religious devotion, they recreated the virgin pregnancy of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. They even have a closed Facebook group dedicated to that endeavour!

Facebook group of Mary, Saint of Virgin Pregnancies

There was a media gag on their case because all five girls were underage when they got pregnant. However, by infiltrating their closed Facebook group (yes, we pretended to be Christian girls…), we managed to uncover some details of what really went on…


Virgin Pregnancy Pact

The five Hillside girls identified themselves as Camille, Florence, Julia, Louise and Esther. By all accounts, they are pretty normal teens. They just identify very strongly with Mary, mother of Jesus. However, their virgin pregnancies were far less miraculous :

  • Camille and Julia gave their boyfriends blowjobs with a condom on, and then emptied the contents into their vaginas.
  • Florence had regular anal sex with an unnamed boy who ejaculated on her body. She then pushed the ejaculate into her vagina.
  • Louise and Esther allowed genito-genital rubbing (frottage), with their boyfriends ejaculating near, on or into their vaginas without penetration.

In other words, they had sex… just not vaginal sex. In their minds, that makes them virgins in the eyes of God, and their virgin pregnancies, the purest of pregnancies…

  • Parents Panicking Over Virgin Pregnancy Pacts
  • Parents Panicking Over Virgin Pregnancy Pacts
  • Parents Panicking Over Virgin Pregnancy Pacts

Their Facebook group is not just a private support group, they also provide tips and encouragement for girls who want to be pregnant virgins. They also teach girls how to “maintain their virginity” in the “age of temptation”.

It was obvious that they were overly obsessed with their virginity. Anything was okay, but their hymens must remain intact. In fact, one of their “tips” to remain virgins in the eyes of God is to avoid exercise, as that may tear a girl’s hymen. Instead, they counsel a vegetarian or vegan diet to stay slim and pure.

Whatever you may think of these girls, you have to admit that they found a loophole around the religious prohibition of vaginal sex, and the sanctity of their virginity. As long as their hymen is intact, how can anyone accuse them of being unpure?


The Pact Goes Worldwide

These Hillside girls appeared to have inspired many other girls into recreating the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, in a bizarre act of religious devotion gone wrong. Here are some of the photos shared in that Facebook group.

  • Virgin birth examples 01
  • Virgin birth examples 02
  • Virgin birth examples 03
  • Virgin birth examples 04


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