Why Such Long Queues At Pawn Shops On CMCO Day 1?

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Why are there such long queues at pawn shops on the first day of economic reopening (CMCO) here in Malaysia?

Find out what happened, and what the facts really are!

Why Such Long Queues At Pawn Shops On CMCO Day 1?


Long Queues At Pawn Shops On CMCO Day 1

Many netizens posted or shared photos of long queues of people outside pawn shops on the first day of economic reopening (Conditional Movement Control Order or CMCO) here in Malaysia.

Many commented that the Movement Control Order (MCO) have caused so much hardship that people are forced to pawn their valuables. But the truth is quite different…

Why Such Long Queues At Pawn Shops On CMCO Day 1?


Why Such Long Queues At Pawn Shops?

According to Sin Chew reporters who interviewed people queuing up outside pawn shops, most were not there to pawn their valuables.

Instead, they were worried about the expiry of their pawn tickets during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and wanted to extend their tickets, or recover their pawned valuables.

They have been trying to call up the pawn shops since the MCO started, but no one answered their calls because pawn shops were not allowed to operate.

Now that pawn shops are allowed to open during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), a queue of concerned customers quickly formed on the first day.

According to one pawn shop – Vinci Abdullah Lianchang, the pawn tickets would not be considered expired during the MCO period.

Even though they were mostly there to retrieve their valuables, or to extend their pawn tickets, the long queues are still a sign that cash flow remains a problem for many Malaysian citizens.


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