PDRM Tightens Interstate Travel For Social Visits, Not Work!

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PDRM announced stricter interstate travel rules, but has just clarified that they are for social visits, not for work!

Find out what they announced, and what was just clarified!


Interstate Travel Limited Even More After COVID-19 Surge!

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Dato’ Sri Acryl Sani expressed great concern over the surge in COVID-19 cases over the last 4 days.

As a result, he ordered a further tightening of travel rules, specifically :

  1. Interstate travel is limited to these situations only :
    a) for work
    b) emergencies
    c) death (immediate family members only – parents, children, brothers and sisters)
    d) to seek medical attention
    e) for education
    f) couples in long-distance relationships
  2. Any police permission granted will be limited to interstate travel from Monday to Thursday only.
    Requests for police permission to travel on other days – Friday to Sunday – will not be approved.
    Exceptions for this limitation will only be made for :
    a) emergencies
    b) death
    c) couples in long-distance relationships
  3. Interstate travel for social events, including weddings and feasts, are FORBIDDEN, until after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

PDRM Tightens Interstate Travel Even More!


PDRM Tightens Interstate Travel For Social Visits, Not Work!

On 21 April 2021, Dato’ Sri Acryl Sani clarified that those rules are only for social visits, like hometown visits, to attend weddings, banquets, prayers, the coming Hari Raya holidays, and other social activities.

He said that the existing SOP of allowing interstate travel for work, medical treatment and education continues. All you require is  :

  • a letter of authority / work permit from your company,
  • a letter from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI),
  • hospital appointment, or letter from a doctor
  • a letter from a school or educational institute

This tightening of travel rules comes just 3 days after the Inspector-General of Police ordered that travel across state lines be limited to 3 circumstances only.

In addition, the Deputy IGP also instructed the police to monitor Ramadan bazaars and night markets. If they are found to have ignored COVID-19 SOP, the police will ask the local authorities to shut them down.


Interstate Travel Allowed For COVID-19 Vaccination!

On 15 April 2021, National Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced that interstate travel will be allowed for those helping family members make it to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

  • Only one person is allowed to travel across state lines to help family members make it to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments.
  • For example, someone working in KL can return to Negeri Sembilan to take his elderly mother for her vaccination.
  • That person will only need to show the vaccination appointment letter at state borders

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Police Limits Interstate Travel To Just 3 Situations!


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