How Did The PDRM Fare In The Low Yat Plaza Riot?

One of the central themes running in the Low Yat Plaza riot was whether it was intentionally created by the government to distract us from the shocking revelations of the ongoing 1MDB scandal. Many questioned the conduct of the police in managing the protestors.

Although they numbered just 100-200, they were allowed to run amok in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, attacking and injuring several persons. Hence the question – how did the PDRM fare in the Low Yat Plaza riot?


Some Were Good

The Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) may well deserve the flak they received for their inability to control the mob, but these officers were obviously trying their best to defuse the situation amicably. For that, we would like to TABIK them!

In this video, these police officers are seen trying to negotiate with several Malay NGO leaders to stop them from rioting. It’s not easy when these guys are actually demanding that the thugs be released from lockup at that very night!

Listening to them demand a specific time for the release of those criminals made me feel like pulling out my hair. I have to give these police officers credit for being so patient with these guys. TABIK!


Some Were Bad

The Low Yat Plaza mob rampaged through the area, randomly attacking people, including patrons of a nearby food outlet. At least five persons were injured badly enough to require medical attention, including one man who was left bleeding and shirtless.

This video, which appears to be taken by a motorcyclist at the scene, shows two men being dragged out of his car and beaten by these hooligans. We have taken the effort to include scene-by-scene commentary for your convenience.


What’s Troubling About The Low Yat Plaza Riot

What has troubled a lot of us is the fact that the police were present in the second video, but did not do anything to stop the two men from being beaten. They didn’t even try to help them until several other policemen joined them. SHOCKING!

Maybe they were frightened out of their minds. A mob in frenzy is very intimidating, I’ll admit. But this is why they became police officers – to help and to serve!

Why aren’t they helping to shield those men? In the video, we can see at least one motorcyclist (with a yellow t-shirt and a red helmet) try to shield one of the man and keep others from hitting him. If he can do that, why can’t these two policemen who were on the scene as well?


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