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Three innocent people have been victimised by the pedigree dog adoption hoax. They were both inundated with thousands of calls and messages from strangers asking to adopt abandoned pedigree dogs.

Please STOP sharing the hoax. SHARE this debunking article instead. Help stop these attacks against innocent people!

The Pedigree Dog Adoption Is A Hoax! Read & SHARE!

Updated @ 2017-12-14 : Added a new pedigree dog adoption hoax targeting Li Ling.

Updated @ 2017-07-14 : Added a new pedigree dog adoption hoax targeting Suzanne Tan again.

Updated @ 2016-05-15 : Added a new pedigree dog adoption hoax targeting a man called Bryan.

Originally posted @ 2015-01-26


The Pedigree Dog Adoption Plea Is A HOAX!

Before we share with you the details of the three victims who suffered from this hoax, we would like to highlight that the pedigree dog adoption plea is a HOAX.

There is NO pedigree dog kennel being destroyed.

No one is giving away thousands of pedigree dogs up for adoption.

If you see the fake pedigree dog adoption message being shared, please tell them to STOP. Help stop the spread of this dog adoption hoax! SHARE this article with them instead!


First Victim Of The Pedigree Dog Adoption Hoax

Miss. Suzanne Tan is the first known victim of the pedigree dog adoption hoax. This is the message that went viral on social media and WhatsApp

Who wants to adopt a dog ? Free. Rottweiler , Golden Retriever, German Shepherd , VIP , Chihuahua , etc….There is a kennel to be demolished , there are thousands of dogs, without  adoption they would starve to death .

Last day of adoption 28th Feb, if you are not interested in adoption , pls help to share this message and help these poor dogs , have to be adopted , please contact Miss Sharon , wechat eee1181, or call her at 0124926060

Suzanne eventually traced it to a WeChat posting by someone with a Chinese name of 刘丽萍.

Pedigree Dog Adoption Hoax Hounds Lady

She posted this message on Facebook to try and stem the onslaught of calls and messages :

Dear Friends,

I have received many many calls since yesterday till today asking for free adoption of pedigree dogs!

Somebody by the chinese name 刘丽萍 spreaded this fake news via wechat n asked adopters to call me.

It is frustrating to receive calls enquiring for free adoption of pedigrees, however I take this as my personal challenge to educate adopters on their mindset of pedigree n mongreals….a lot of breeders called n a lot of genuine adopters too!


A Police Report Was Made About This Dog Adoption Hoax

It got so bad she was forced to make a police report. She also implored the public to stop calling and messaging her about these non-existent dogs :

Dear friends,

Kindly help to widely spread this post. I have lodged police report cum complaint to MULTI MEDIA COMM DEPT on receiving thousand calls, sms, wechat,.whatsapps which spreaded gake news n had caused inconveniences in my life.

Those who spreaded the post or keep calling me may be questioned by police. PLEASE STOP CALLING OR SENDING MESSAGES TO MY HP….

Suzanne was targeted AGAIN in 2017, with a new fake message, with a more generic dateline. Needless to say, it went viral again :

Who is willing to adopt a dog? It’s free! There are rottweilers, golden hair, German Shepherd, VIP, Chihuahua, local dog, etc. There’s a dog farm which will be demolished, thousands of dogs will be left stranded. If no adoption, they will starve to death.

Next month on the 28th is the due date, if you cannot adopt, forward this message to save these poor dogs, but if you wanna adopt, please contact Ms. Liu on WeChat: eee1181 or can also contact Miss Suzanne +60124926060

Your copy and paste will save the lives of countless dogs!


下月28日截至,如果您领养不了,就麻烦大家转发一下,救救这些可怜的狗狗,有要领养的请联系刘女士,微信 eee1181,也可以联Miss Suzanne 0124926060

# 谢绝领养后虐待狗狗 #


The Second Victim Of The Pedigree Dog Adoption Hoax

In May 2016, a new version of the pedigree dog adoption hoax appeared, targeting a man called Bryan :

Who wants to adopt a dog ? Free. Rottweiler , Golden Retriever, German Shepherd , VIP , Chihuahua , etc….There is a kennel to be demolished , there are thousands of dogs, without  adoption they would starve to death .

Last day of adoption 28th May, if you are not interested in adoption , pls help to share this message and help these poor dogs , have to be adopted , please contact Mr. Bryan, at 0129109393


The Third Victim Of The Pedigree Dog Adoption Hoax

The third victim, Ms. Li Ling, was targeted on 10 October 2017, and targeted again on 11 December 2017.

This was the same fake pedigree dog adoption message that caused the other victims so much grief, just with her telephone number.

The Pedigree Dog Adoption Is A Hoax! Read & SHARE!

She wrote to us, asking that we share her message to everyone on the Internet. Please help to share this out!

I’m the latest victim. People have been sharing the same message on social media and now I’m bombarded with at least 250 calls + message (still counting).

It happened one round on 10 October and it died down after a week. This week, it surfaced again on social media & WhatsApp and I started getting phone calls again on 11 Dec.

Although I understand it’s for the love of dogs, some of them got really ridiculous to call at 11pm and even 2am and 6am (when I have young toddlers sleeping with me). I was really harassed, disturbed and even feeling exhausted in replying every single call and message that I am not Ms Liu.

Thank you for understanding.

People have such a short memory. Seriously… we debunked this THREE TIMES SO FAR, and they keep forgetting??? Please STOP sharing this hoax!


Mobbing? Moxxing?

The term “Swatting” is used to describe the act of tricking the police or SWAT team (hence the name) into raiding the home of unsuspecting (and totally innocent) victims. Sometimes, this results in the injury of the innocent victims.

This intentional targeting of Suzanne and Bryan is not so ghastly, but no less malicious. This isn’t the first time people have done this, but it has been relatively rare. Maybe that’s why there is no term for it.

When I think about it, swatting refers to the SWAT team being used to intimidate or “prank” the victim. In this case, a mob of well-meaning people was used to disturb Suzanne and Bryan.

Since this is also a hoax, perhaps such a malicious act should be called “moxxing“. This is also a nod to “doxing” or “doxxing” – the research and publication of an individual’s personal information for the purpose of harassment.


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