Penang Smart Parking RM4.40 Glitch Has Been Fixed!

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The Penang Smart Parking glitch that reduced everyone’s account balance to just RM4.40 has been FIXED!

Here is what you need to know…


Penang Smart Parking Glitch Reduced Balance To RM4.40!

On 19 January 2022, drivers in Penang received a surprise when their Penang Smart Parking app showed a balance of just RM 4.40.

Many took to social media to ask if their accounts were hacked, or claim that the Penang Smart Parking app was hacked.

Currently, it does NOT appear to be a hack, as everyone reported the same RM4.40 balance in their account.

Penang Smart Parking Glitch Reduces Balance To RM4.40!


Penang Smart Parking Glitch Fixed, Balances Synced By Tomorrow!

When the problem first cropped up, the Penang Smart Parking team asked the public not to worry if their account balance shows RM4.40, as their eWallet balances remain secure and intact.

At 5:51 PM, the PSP team announced that they successfully fixed the problem, and restored the correct eWallet record.

All transactions will be synchronised after operating hours today at 6:00 PM, and is expected to be completed by 6 AM on 20 January 2022.


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