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Peniaga Sekendhend or Peniaga Barang Terpakai?

Which do you think is the CORRECT term – Peniaga Sekendhend or Peniaga Barang Terpakai?


Peniaga Sekendhend or Peniaga Barang Terpakai?

This renewal application form for a business licence to sell used or second hand goods has gone viral.

It used the loanword “sekendhend” instead of the usual “barang terpakai”.

Elton Tan, who spotted it, had this to say about this odd use of the word sekendhend :

Hoi!!! Peniaga Barangan Terpakai lah… And you fellas have the guts to scold we cinapeks don’t know how to use proper Bahasa Malaysia. Piiiiii lah!! Please don’t memalukan we Malaysians can or not? You don’t even know how to use proper Bahasa words. Buat malu aje!

So which is the correct Bahasa Melayu term for a second hand goods dealer?

a) Peniaga Sekendhend?
b) Peniaga Barang Terpakai?


Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka : Sekendhend Is Not Legit, But Sekenhen Is

According to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, the word sekendhend does not exist, but sekenhen exists and is an actual, accepted word in Bahasa Melayu!


[sé.kén.hén] | سيکينهين

Definisi : (sékénhén) bp sudah dipakai (dimiliki orang dsb) sebelumnya, bukan baru atau pertama kali digunakan (dimiliki) oleh sese-orang: basikal ~. (Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat)

In other words, sekendhend is wrong, but sekenhen is correct.


Sekendhend : A Historical Loan Word?

Akta 189 (Act 189) is actually called Second-Hand Dealers Act 1946.

It appears to have been directly translated in 1946 to Akta Peniaga Sekenhend 1946, although newer editions appear to use the title, Akta Peniaga Barang-Barang Terpakai 1946.

So, the word itself has likely been used as far back as the 1940s, albeit as sekenhend, and not sekendhend.


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