Why Did Pfizer Hire 1,800 To Process 158K Vaccine Reports?!

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Find out why Pfizer hired 1,800 extra staff to process over 158,000 vaccine adverse event reports, and if that’s something to worry about!


Pfizer Hired 600 To 1,800 Staff To Process 158K Vaccine Reports?

The Epoch Times joined Children’s Health Defense (CHD) in “revisiting” the bombshell Pfizer document with the infamous 9 pages of adverse events.

This time, they claim to have discovered that Pfizer hired 600 to 1,800 extra full-time employees just to process 158,000 vaccine adverse event reports!

It’s a long post, so feel free to skip to the next section for the truth…

Pfizer Hired 600 Employees Due To ‘Large Increase of Adverse Event Reports’

Pfizer hired 600 employees in the months after its COVID-19 vaccine was authorized in the United States due to the “large increase” of reports of side effects linked to the vaccine, according to a document prepared by the company.

Pfizer has “taken a multiple actions to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports,” according to the document. “This includes significant technology enhancements, and process and workflow solutions, as well as increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues.”

Why Did Pfizer Hire 1,800 To Process 158K Vaccine Reports?!


Pfizer Hired 1,800 To Process 158K Vaccine Reports! Should We Worry?

The Epoch Times tries to frame their coverage as somewhat neutral, but it’s not only somewhat inaccurate, it’s also misleading.

Let’s take a look at the facts…

Fact #1 : FDA Released Document On 17 November 2021

The Epoch Times claimed that the “document was not made public until the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency sued the FDA“.

That’s factually untrue, as the FDA released that particular document on 17 November 2021, in the very first batch of documents released to PHMPT.

Notably, this document was amongst five batches of documents the FDA released to the PHMPT before the court ruling.

Why Did Pfizer Hire 1,800 To Process 158K Vaccine Reports?!

Fact #2 : FDA Could Have Delivered Documents Within 6 Years

All FOIA requests to the FDA are processed by their Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) – a small department with just ten employees, of which only seven people are trained to process FOIA requests.

The FDA has to process 400 other pending requests, not just the PHMPT. So it has a long-standing policy to process FOIA requests in 500-page blocks.

The FDA asked PHMPT to narrow their request by specifying records they don’t require, so they can focus on processing the important documents they need.

The PHMPT, however, insisted that the FDA process and deliver ALL documents related to the approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine – some 329,000 pages!

Their ridiculous request, which included irrelevant documents, would therefore take 75 years IF one assumes that the FDA is capable of only 500 pages a month.

But see – the FDA actually said that they process in blocks of 500 pages, not 500 pages a month. In fact, they were able to deliver 12,000 pages in January 2022 alone.

On average, they were processing close to 5,000 pages per month for the PHMPT, which would mean that they could have finished delivering all 329,000 pages in 5.5 years.

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Did FDA Ask For 75 Years To Release Pfizer Vaccine Data?

Fact #3 : There Were Only Three New Pieces Of Information

Next, I should point out that the FDA only redacted three pieces of information in that “bombshell” Pfizer document (highlighted in red) :

  • To date, Pfizer has onboarded approximately 600 additional full time employees (FTEs).
  • More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021.
  • It is estimated that approximately 126,212,580 doses of BNT162b2 were shipped worldwide from the receipt of the first temporary authorisation for emergency supply on 01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021.

That’s it. Nothing else was redacted in the original release. Not even the 9 pages of 1,291 adverse events of special interest.

Even without the actual figures, you can already tell from the original (redacted) document that Pfizer was increasing manpower to cope with an unexpected amount of adverse event reports.

Fact #4 : Nothing Shocking Hiring 1800 Extra Employees

The Epoch Times seem to think that it’s shocking that Pfizer hired 600 to 1800 extra employees to process the adverse event reports. What exactly is shocking about that?

As Pfizer explained in Page 6, they increased the number of full-time employees to ensure that all adverse events would be expeditiously processed.

What would be really shocking is if Pfizer tried to delay processing these adverse event reports, by refusing to hire more people.

I’m shocked that The Epoch Times was shocked that Pfizer would do the right thing by increasing manpower to expeditiously process these adverse event reports.

Would the CHD really prefer that Pfizer not increase manpower, and slow-walk the adverse event reports? That would be shocking indeed…

Fact #5 : More Shots, More Publicity = More Adverse Events

The Epoch Times stated that adverse event reports to VAERS “spiked since the vaccines were first cleared“, demonstrating their shocking ignorance after more than a year of public vaccinations.

The number of reported adverse events increases with the number of vaccine doses administered, and with the amount of publicity about potential side effects.

In fact, the adverse event reports are far more likely to be exaggerated, due to the overwhelming amount of public misinformation on the Internet.

In Page 5 of the document, Pfizer themselves pointed out that “the spontaneous reporting system yields reporting proportions not incidence rate“, and is influenced by “awareness” and “litigation“.

In other words, the high number of adverse event reports is likely due to the overwhelming amount of trepidation (and potentially abuse) driven by public misinformation.

Due to greater “awareness”, more people are reporting adverse events to open reporting systems like VAERS and Yellow Card, even if they are unrelated to the vaccine.

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Fact #6 : 42,000 Adverse Event Reports Are Not Shocking

While Pfizer may have been caught off-guard by the number of reported adverse events, having 42,000 people reporting some sort of adverse event to open reporting systems isn’t shocking.

The same Pfizer document pointed out that 126 million doses were delivered. Even if just half were administered, that would mean that only 0.068% of vaccine recipients reported any adverse event.

Because vaccines, by nature, trigger our immune system to react to antigens and produce antibodies, they cause side effects like fever, muscle ache, headache, etc. in almost everyone.

You would expect millions of people to report them as as adverse events. But only 42,086 people actually did.

Even if we assume all of those 42,086 reports were genuine, and not falsely reported, that’s hardly shocking.

Fact #7 : Adverse Events Are Not Vaccine Side Effects

As Pfizer noted in Page 6, the large number of adverse event reports (AERs) do not necessarily mean that they are actually caused by the vaccine.

In fact, open reporting systems like VAERS and Yellow Card are notably open to abuse, and false reporting.

That’s why all reported adverse events must be investigated to find out if they are caused by the vaccine (anaphylactic reaction), or not (getting into a car accident).

Even if an adverse event could “potentially” be caused by the vaccine, it must still be confirmed that the vaccine directly caused it, because an anaphylactic reaction (for example) can also occur from a bee sting, or an existing peanut allergy.

Only once an adverse event is confirmed to be caused by the vaccine, is it then a vaccine side effect. Otherwise, it is merely an adverse event, not a side effect.

In other words – the adverse events in the Pfizer vaccine document are not vaccine side effects, until proven otherwise.

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Fact #8 : Majority Of Adverse Events Were Not Serious

What the Epoch Times did not mention is that the majority of reported adverse events were not serious. In fact, they were what you would expect from ANY vaccination :

  • Headache : 24.1%
  • Fever : 18.2%
  • Fatigue : 17.4%
  • Chills : 13.1%
  • Vaccination site pain : 12.3%
  • Nausea : 12.3%
  • Myalgia (muscle pain) : 11.7%

And that’s before any effort was even made to determine if they were actually caused by the vaccine, and not caused by a concomitant infection or pre-existing disease, for example.

Fact #9 : No New Safety Concerns Despite 158K Adverse Event Reports

Despite 42,086 people reporting over 158 thousand adverse events, Pfizer’s investigation showed that the “data do not reveal any novel safety concerns or risks“.

Pfizer could only confirm that anaphylaxis is an important risk of the COMIRNATY vaccine.

In other words – the 158K adverse events were weighed, measured… and found wanting. There was NO NEW SAFETY CONCERN with the vaccine!

The Epoch Times is correct in pointing out that heart inflammation, blood clots and anaphylaxis have been linked to COVID-19 vaccines, but interestingly, did not mention that :

  • those risks apply to different vaccines
  • those risks differ according to age groups
  • those risks are rare
  • those risks can be mitigated or treated
  • those risks are far MORE COMMON with COVID-19 infections

Fact #10 : 10K New Pages Were Released

What’s really shocking is that both The Epoch Times and the CHD had to “recycle” this document which was released in the very first batch back in November 2021.

Could they not find anything new to gripe about after digging through the latest batch of 10,000 new pages released by the FDA?

Perhaps actual evidence of Pfizer bribing the FDA with $2.8 million?

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Did Pfizer Vaccine Documents Reveal 1,291 Side Effects?!

Please don’t risk your life, and your family’s lives, on misinformation created and peddled by The Epoch Times.

And please help us FIGHT FAKE NEWS by sharing this fact check out!


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