Did Pfizer Try To Hide 158K Vax Adverse Events For 75 Years?

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Did Pfizer try to hide 158K adverse events from their COVID-19 vaccine for 75 years?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Pfizer Tried To Hide 158K Vaccine Adverse Events For 75 Years!

People are sharing messages and articles claiming that Pfizer tried to hide 158K adverse events from the public, for 75 years!

One notable example is this article by The Daily Express – a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom.

It’s a long read, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Pfizer vaccine: New documents uncover a shocking 158,000 adverse events
by Jessica Knibbs

PFIZER have included the common gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue and brain fog as potential adverse events of the jab. New documents have been released after a federal judge ordered the data to be made public.

Did Pfizer Try To Hide 158K Vax Adverse Events For 75 Years?


Truth : Pfizer Did NOT Try To Hide Vaccine Adverse Events For 75 Years!

The truth is tabloid newspapers, and fake news media, created this fake story to get more page views and clicks… for the money.

Here are the reasons why this is FAKE NEWS, and you are being taken for fools by these fake news creators.

Fact #1 : Judge Did Not Order Release Of Pfizer Documents

The PHMPT (Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency) group filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to receive the documents that the FDA used to licence the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA duly processed their request, asking them to prioritise what they wanted released first, as the process could take years.

The PHMPT then sued the FDA in a Texas court to force them to release all 329,000 pages in just 108 days.

The lawsuit was not about the release of the Pfizer documents, but the SPEED at which the FDA should process and release them.

The judge most definitely did NOT order the release of the Pfizer documents.

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Fact #2 : FDA Started Release Pfizer Documents Months Ago

These false claims are based on a Pfizer document called “5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf“, which is one of first documents the FDA released to the PHMPT:

  • 17 November 2021 : 5 documents
  • 1 December 2021 : 2 documents
  • 13 December 2021 : 14 documents
  • 22 December : 1 document
  • 30 December : 1 document

23 documents were released in the months before US District Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to speed up their processing of those documents on 6 January 2022.

Fact #3 : Pfizer Did Not Ask For Documents To Be Sealed For 75 Years

Pfizer did not ask for their documents to be sealed for 75 years. Once they submitted those documents to the FDA, the FDA has custody of those documents.

It was up to the FDA to process and release those Pfizer documents, which they had already started as early as 17 November 2021, as shared above.

By 31 January 2022, the FDA released more than 12,000 additional pages of the requested 329,000 pages, and was on track to deliver the remaining documents over the next 5 years.

The time frame of 55 years or 75 years was never mentioned by anyone but the PHMPT. There were also NO ATTEMPTS to seal the documents for 55 years, or 75 years.

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Fact #4 : Pfizer Document Did Not Reveal 1,291 Side Effects

The “List of Adverse Events of Special Interest” (AESI) is NOT a list of side effects caused by the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Rather, that was a list of 1,291 potential adverse events that Pfizer was specifically looking for when vaccinated people send in their reports through VAERS or the Yellow Card systems.

Think of it as a shopping list of generic adverse events that Pfizer wanted their post-authorisation safety teams to look out for.

Even if these adverse events did occur, researchers still need to find out if they actually occurred because of the vaccine, or some other causes.

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Fact #5 : Adverse Events Are Not Side Effects

I should now point out that adverse events are not side effects.

Adverse events are “unfavourable” or “unintended” events that happen after vaccination or taking a drug, like having an anaphylactic reaction or getting into a car accident.

All reported adverse events have to be investigated to find out if they are related (anaphylactic reaction) or not (getting into a car accident) to the vaccine or drug that was taken.

Even if an adverse event was “possibly caused” by the vaccine, it must still be confirmed that the vaccine directly caused it, because an anaphylactic reaction (for example) can also occur from a bee sting, or an existing peanut allergy.

Only once an adverse event is confirmed to be caused by the vaccine, is it then a vaccine side effect. Otherwise, it is merely an adverse event, not a side effect.

Fact #6 : AESI List Not Specific To Pfizer Vaccine

The Adverse Events of Special Interest list is not specific to the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. It’s actually stated on Page 16 of the document.

The company’s AESI list takes into consideration the lists of AESIs from the following expert groups and regulatory authorities: Brighton Collaboration (SPEAC), ACCESS protocol, US CDC (preliminary list of AESI for VAERS surveillance), MHRA (unpublished guideline).

The AESI terms are incorporated into a TME list and include events of interest due to their association with severe COVID-19 and events of interest for vaccines in general.

These AESIs are usually specified before clinical trials even begin, although new ones may be added later. Hence, a generic list is used.

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Why Adverse Events of Special Interest Are Not Side Effects!

Fact #7 : AESI List Includes Irrelevant Adverse Events

We know that this is a generic AESI list, because it included diseases involving other viruses – Herpes, MERS, Varicella; as well as “exposure to SARS-CoV-2” and other “communicable disease”.

The list also included manufacturing and lab test issues, like “Manufacturing laboratory analytical testing issue, Manufacturing materials issue, Manufacturing production issue“.

Even product supply issues were included – “Product availability issue, Product distribution issue, Product supply issue“.

Fact #8 : Pfizer Document Showed No New Safety Concerns

The document actually showed that despite monitoring for 1,291 adverse events of special interest, Pfizer found no new risks from the vaccine.

If you read the Discussion and Summary + Conclusion sections, you will see that the data :

  • did not reveal any “novel safety concerns or risks”
  • support “a favourable benefit risk profile” of the vaccine

In other words – Pfizer looked for “1,291 potential dangers” associated with vaccines in general, and found NO NEW SAFETY CONCERNS / RISKS.

Don’t risk your life or your family’s lives on the bad science and misinformation promoted by anti-vaccination activists.

Please help me fight fake news, by sharing this fact check with your family and friends!


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    What drivel. All straw men. We understand the court case was about the how fast the documents were to be released, and yes the judge ordered them released faster. So we can see the author is more interested in blowing smoke than addressing the 158, 000 adverse events, which he never does.


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