Did Plaza Low Yat Close Down For Red Shirt Rally?

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Two days ago, the Boikot PLAZA LOW YATT group embarrassed themselves when they falsely claimed that the management of Plaza Low Yat ordered the mall closed for the Red Shirt Rally (Himpunan Maruah Melayu) earlier today.

It was not like they made it up. They actually thought it was true. Their only mistake? Not learning enough English to understand that “working closely” meant “working together with“, not “work closed“. 😀

Despite being lambasted for their poor command of the English language, and basically turned into the laughingstock of the day, they refused to apologise for their faux pas. Instead, they insisted that it was done intentionally to troll supporters of the mall.


Did Plaza Low Yat Close Down For Red Shirt Rally?

Today, they triumphantly posted a picture taken inside Plaza Low Yat, with the following statement in pidgin Malay :

loyat hari ni tutup! gmbr terbaru dr kawan admin disana,

siapa setuju tekan like! siapa suka kasi lah share,

Did Plaza Low Yat Close Down For Red Shirt Rally?

Here is the English translation :

Plaza Low Yat closed today! Latest photo from the admin’s friend over there.

Whoever agrees press Like! Whoever likes this, please Share.

In other words, they are proclaiming this photo as evidence that they were right – that Plaza Low Yat was closed today, on the day of the Red Shirt Rally (Himpunan Maruah Melayu).


Use A Little Common Sense

Did Plaza Low Yat close down for the Red Shirt Rally? Of course, not. The picture itself is proof that the mall isn’t closed. If it’s closed, how could the photographer have gotten inside Plaza Low Yat to take that picture?

If you take a closer look at the picture, you can see that the mall is actually open – the light from the opened entrance can be seen, and the lights have all been turned on.

Many of the shops in the photo are obviously closed. But that’s likely because their owners decided not to take any risks and sent their employees home for the day. Besides, it’s a public holiday.

You can also see that some people actually came to shop at Plaza Low Yat at the time. In the picture alone, at least 17 people can be seen.


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