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Is There RM300 Seat Belt Fine On PLUS Highway?

Is there a rear seat belt fine of RM300 on the PLUS Highway?

Find out what’s going on, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : RM300 Seat Belt Fine On PLUS Highway!

This is the viral message that has been circulating on SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook since early January 2021, but keeps getting reposted every holiday season.


The North-South Expressway PLUS starts today, and police officers will check every day in the evening~ The passengers in the back seat with no seat belt, will be fined RM300 per person, RM600 for two people”.

👉 Please do update friends & family members to be alert & pay attention in this matter.
👉 Just now a lot of cars have been issued with fines.
👉 Please notify everyone going out to remember to wear a seat belt at the back seat.

南北高速 PLUS 今天开工,警察每天晚上都会检查~后排座位上的乘客没有系安全带,将被罚款。每人 300 令吉,两个人 RM600“.


The North-South Expressway PLUS starting today, PDRM will check vehicles~ Passengers in the rear seats who are not wearing seat belts will be fined. RM300 per person, RM600 for two persons.


The Truth : There Is No RM300 Seat Belt Fine

The truth is there is no RM300 fine for rear passengers who did not wear a seat belt.

Fact #1 : JSPT Refuted Viral Claim

The Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) refuted the claim that they would be checking cars travelling on the PLUS North-South Expressway in the evenings, and issuing a RM300 fine for those caught not wearing a seat belt at the back.

The JSPT Deputy Director SAC Datuk Mohd Nadzri Hussain said, “We at JSPT would like to advise all road users to continue complying with the laws and regulations to ensure the safety of every road user.

In addition, we would also like to urge the public to stop spreading fake information and to always ensure the validity of any viral information shared on social media sites.

Fact #2 : Rear Seat Belt Mandatory Since 1 January 2009

It has been mandatory in Malaysia to wear a seat belt while seated in the back seat of a vehicle since 1 January 2009, except for :

Fact #3 : Seat Belt Fine Is Way More Than RM300

Any driver or passengers, whether seated in the front or rear, caught not wearing a seat belt will be subject to :

Fact #4 : RM300 Seat Belt Fine Ended In June 2009

The RM300 seat belt fine was actually a discounted offer for a 6-month introductory period when the seat belt law came into effect.

For a 6 month period – from 1 January until 30 June 2009 – the police and JPJ only issued a reduced RM300 fine to those who did not wear a seat belt.

That “introductory fine” had long expired, so drivers are now subject to the much higher penalties.

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