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National Recovery Plan Phase 3 SOP : 7 November Edition!

Here is the latest SOP for Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) for Malaysia!

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For Phase 1 SOP, please see National Recovery Phase 1 SOP : 3 August Edition!
For Phase 2 SOP, please see National Recovery Phase 2 SOP : 11 October Edition!
For Phase 4 SOP, please see National Recovery Phase 4 SOP : 7 November Edition!


National Recovery Plan Phase 3 SOP : Where Does It Apply?

This Phase 3 SOP currently applies to Sarawak and Kelantan.


National Recovery Plan Phase 3 SOP : 7 November Edition!

This is the new National Recovery Plan Phase 3 SOP that was released on 7 November 2021.

Fully Vaccinated Definition

Under this SOP, you are only considered fully-vaccinated if you meet these requirements :

For individuals who cannot be vaccinated on medical reasons, they must produce a medical report that has been verified by a registered medical practitioner.

General Health Protocol In Phase 3 Areas

Benefits For Fully Vaccinated People In Phase 3 Areas

Interstate Travel

Overseas Travellers

Monitoring For Close Contacts

Test & Release (R&T) Protocol


Sports + Recreation

Recreational Fishing

Picnic + Camping


Cruise Ships

Manufacturing, Construction, Mining + Quarrying

Trade + Distribution

Spa, Wellness + Massage Parlours

Driving School

Creative + Entertainment Industry

Government + Private Official Events


Travel Restrictions In Phase 3 Areas

Civil Service

Private Sector


Business Activities In Phase 3 Areas

Education In Phase 3 Areas


Sports + Recreation (for partially-vaccinated / unvaccinated)


National Recovery Plan Phase 3 SOP : NEGATIVE LIST

These activities are FORBIDDEN using the National Recovery Plan Recovery Phase 3 SOP.


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