Is Prince William Violently Abusing Kate Middleton?!

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Is Prince William violently abusing Kate Middleton, because he has always been a violent man?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Prince William Is Violently Abusing Kate Middleton!

People are sharing a Music Mundial article which claims that Prince William is violently abusing Kate Middleton!

Here is the viral Music Mundial article. Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Kate Middleton has been suffering from severe mistreatment by her husband, Prince William

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Is Prince William Violently Abusing Kate Middleton?!


No Evidence Prince William Is Violently Abusing Kate Middleton!

This is yet another example of celebrity FAKE NEWS created by Music Mundial to generate page views, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : They Are Prince + Princess Of Wales

Music Mundial falsely called Prince William and Kate Middleton the Duke and Duchess of Wales. Wales is a country, not a dukedom. So there is no Duke or Duchess of Wales.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are, respectively, the Prince and Princess of Wales, not the Duke and Duchess of Wales.

If Music Mundial cannot even get this simple fact right, just how much can you really trust their articles?

Fact #2 : Kate Middleton Did Not Say She Was Being Abused

Music Mundial claimed that the Princess of Wales warned that “she has been suffering strong mistreatment by her husband, Prince William.

That’s utter nonsense. There has been NO REPORT of Kate Middleton ever claiming that Prince William was abusing her.

Fact #3 : MARCA Only Claimed Verbal + Emotional Abuse 

Music Mundial claimed that “it has been reported that Prince William is allegedly carrying out violent acts against the mother of his three children.” It then claims that it was not the first time, before quoting MARCA as the source of Prince William’s prior violent abuse against Kate Middleton.

The trouble is – MARCA – a Spanish sports newspaper, only reported that a palace staff member claimed that Kate Middleton was being “subjected to emotional and verbal abuse” by Prince William. There was no mention of Prince William committing physical violence on Kate Middleton.

[A] staff member has come forward with some truly shocking allegations. This person claims that Kate Middleton has been subjected to emotional and verbal abuse by her husband, Prince William.

According to the source, the alleged mistreatment has taken a toll on Kate Middleton‘s mental health, leaving her struggling to cope with the constant pressures of her royal duties and the challenges of maintaining a harmonious marriage.

“Kate’s really been through the wringer lately,” the source shared. “The way William treats her is just awful, and it’s been really hard on her. She’s such a strong person, but even she has her breaking point.”

Interestingly, MARCA quotes a Twitter post that refers to a Music Mundial article in its post! Do they have some kind of connection, I wonder…

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Is Prince William Violently Abusing Kate Middleton?!

Fact #3 : Neither Websites Offered Any Evidence

Neither MARCA, not Music Mundial, offered no actual evidence Prince William was physically, emotionally, or verbally abusing Kate Middleton. No photo, no video, no audio recording, nothing.

Now, we certainly do not know what goes on in private, behind closed doors. Perhaps Prince William is physically, emotionally, or verbally abusing Kate Middleton. But it could just as well be the complete opposite, or absolutely bogus.

It does not appear that MARCA corroborated its source’s claims of emotional and verbal abuse with other palace staff members. As for Music Mundial, it certainly did nothing to verify anything in its article. Heck, it couldn’t even get their titles right!

Fact #4 : No Evidence Of Rose Hanbury Affair

Music Mundial has been “reporting” on the Rose Hanbury affair with Prince William for a long time. But we have consistently debunked its claims:

Fact #5 : Prince Louis Photo Was From June 2022

Music Mundial posted a photo of Prince Louis covering up Kate Middleton’s mouth, as evidence that he was trying to protect his mother from his father’s “abuse”.

That was a screenshot from a video taken on June 5, 2022 – during the Platinum Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne.

At that time, Prince Louis was making funny faces in front of the cameras, which led Kate Middleton to apparently admonish him. He wasn’t having any of it, so he attempted to cover her mouth twice to stop her interruption.

He then proceeds to stick out his tongue and waggle his fingers at her. His uncle, Mike Tindall, who was just sitting behind him, also tried to calm him down, giving him the “I’m watching you” gesture.

From what we can all see – Prince Louis, like other children, were acting out because they were bored sitting down during the Platinum Jubilee. It’s not because he was trying to protect his mother from his father’s “violent acts”. That’s patently absurd!

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Is Prince William Violently Abusing Kate Middleton?!

Fact #5 : This Is Just Music Mundial Fake News

This appears to be nothing more than yet another example of celebrity fake news posted by Music Mundial. Here are examples of Music Mundial fake news that I looked into recently:

Everything Music Mundial posts should be considered as FAKE NEWS, until proven otherwise.

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