Was Prince William Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern?!

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Was Prince William just caught seducing Jacinda Ardern, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Prince William Was Just Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern!

People are sharing a Music Mundial article which claims that Prince William was just caught seducing Jacinda Ardern, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand!

Here is the viral Music Mundial article. Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Prince William is caught seducing a woman who was close friend of Meghan Markle in New Zealand

In a masterstroke, 40-year-old Prince William has just dealt a blow to Meghan Markle’s heart by assigning a seat on the board of one of his favorite organizations to 42-year-old Jacinda Ardern, the former prime minister of New Zealand, a former friend of the Sussex couple.

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Was Prince William Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern?!


Truth : Prince William Was NOT Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern!

This is yet another example of celebrity FAKE NEWS created to generate page views, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : That Is An Old Photo

First, let me just point out that the photo that Music Mundial used to “prove” that Prince William was recently caught seducing Jacinda Ardern is almost 4 years old!

It was taken on Thursday, 25 April 2019 at the ANZAC commemorations in New Zealand, just after the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Fact #2 : The Photo Was Cropped

The photo appears to have been cropped to convey the perception that Prince William was having an intimate moment with Jacinda Ardern.

The actual photo was taken by Australian Associated Press photographer, David Rowlands, and is larger – showing them with other people right next to them.

Fact #3 : Prince William Was Not Seducing Jacinda Ardern

Music Mundial claims that Prince William was “captured having a seductive conversation” with Jacinda Ardern.

The truth is – Jacinda Ardern greeted Prince William with a traditional Māori hongi (nose press) when he arrived to attend a service in Auckland. They then travelled to Christchurch to meet with survivors of the two mosque attacks.

Prince William didn’t just share the intimate hongi with Jacinda Ardern. He also greeted other people with the hongi, including this former ANZAC serviceman.

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Was Prince William Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern?!

Fact #4 : No Evidence Jacinda Ardern + Meghan Markle Are Close Friends

There is no basis for the claim that Jacinda Ardern and Meghan Markle are close friends.

Jacinda Ardern first met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they toured New Zealand in 2018, and appeared to have forged a friendship, or at least, an appreciated of one another.

They then met on several occasions, including a private meeting at Kensington Palace in 2019. However, there is no evidence that they are particularly “close friends”.

In fact, when Harry and Meghan released their “Live to Lead” Netflix docuseries in December 2022, the New Jacinda Ardern distanced herself from their project, to the extent of issuing a statement that she was not aware of their involvement when her interview was shot.

Fact #5 : Jacinda Ardern Advised Prince William Before He Founded Earthshot Prize

There is no evidence that Prince William appointed Jacinda Ardern to the board of trustees for his Earthshot Prize charity, in order to drive her away from Meghan Markle.

After all, Jacinda Ardern already appeared to have distanced herself from Harry and Meghan after they released their Netflix docuseries in December 2022.

In fact, Prince William pointed out that she was well-suited to the board of trustees, as she was one of the first people he spoke to, and it was her advice and encouragement that led him to establish the charity.

It is an honour to welcome Jacinda to The Earthshot Prize team. Her life-long commitment to supporting sustainable and environmental solutions, along with her experience as Prime Minister of New Zealand, will bring a rich infusion of new thinking to our mission.

Four years ago, before The Earthshot Prize even had a name, Jacinda was one of the first people I spoke to, and her encouragement and advice was crucial to the prize’s early success. I am hugely grateful to her for joining us as she takes the next steps in her career.

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Was Prince William Caught Seducing Jacinda Ardern?!

Fact #6 : This Is Just Music Mundial Fake News

As usual, Music Mundial offered ZERO evidence to back up its claims that Prince William had a seductive conversation with Jacinda Ardern, or that her appointed was to drive a wedge between Jacinda and Meghan.

This appears to be nothing more than yet another example of celebrity fake news posted by Music Mundial. Here are examples of Music Mundial fake news that I looked into:

Everything Music Mundial posts should be considered as fake news, until proven otherwise.

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