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Are Prince William + Kate Middleton Getting A Divorce?!

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton getting a divorce on a very important date?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Prince William + Kate Middleton Are Getting A Divorce!

People are sharing a photo or link to a MusicMundial article which claims that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting a divorce on a very important date!

Here is an except from that viral article. Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Prince William and Kate Middleton to announce their divorce on scheduled date

Amid rumors that Prince William and Kate Middleton are divorcing because of an infidelity committed by the heir to the British crown, the media are claiming that the couple already have a definite date to announce their formal separation. The impressive thing about all this is that they will do it on a very important date for the royals.

After that article went viral, MusicMundial then posted another article. This time, it claimed that Kate Middleton just formalised her divorce with Prince William, and left Buckingham Palace!

Kate Middleton formalizes her divorce with Prince William and leaves Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton is reportedly sorting out the final details to make her divorce from Prince William official. The royal couple would split by May and according to sources close to the royal family, this situation is causing a commotion inside Buckingham Palace.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been in the eye of the hurricane for the past year due to the cheating scandals. William has supposedly been having an affair with Rose Hanbury, a British model, since 2019. However, this was not public knowledge until recently when a set of controversial photos were leaked.

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No Evidence Prince William + Kate Middleton Are Getting A Divorce!

This is yet another example of celebrity FAKE NEWS created to generate page views, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Rose Hanbury Affair Rumour Started In 2019

For those who are trying to figure out what’s going on, here’s a quick recap.

Rumours of an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury started in April 2019, after American magazine In Touch claimed that Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton during her pregnancy with their third child, Prince Louis. Allegedly, Kate confronted William, who apparently “laughed it off saying there was nothing to it“.

British socialite and Times food critic, Giles Coren, also tweeted about the affair, claiming that it was an open secret:

Yes. it is an affair. i haven’t read thee piece but i know about the affair. everyone knows about the affair, darling. even us jews. (although admittedly i’m quite a posh jew – if such a thing exists.

Fact #2 : No Evidence Of Rose Hanbury Affair With Prince William

While it is possible that Prince William was or is still having an affair with Rose Hanbury (anything is possible, after all), there was no actual evidence to back up those claims.

In fact, Daily Mail’s royal reporter, Richard Kay, called the In Touch claims fake news back then, and said that both Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton considered taking legal action.

Both sides have considered legal action, but because none of the reports have been able to offer any evidence about what the so-called dispute is about, they have chosen to ignore it….These hurtful rumors of a fallout are simply false.

Giles Cohen himself quickly deleted his infamous tweet, and later insisted on January 3, 2022 that he was drunk tweeting in jest!

Fake news

Every time the story of Prince William’s supposed affair with Rose Hanbury comes round again in the American press, as it has this week, the first source quoted is always a 2019 tweet from “British royal reporter Giles Coren”.

So can I please just say that, while it was far from being the worst thing I have ever tweeted, I was JOKING.

I know nothing about the royal family! I’d had a boozy lunch talking to fellow hacks about the story and in the cab home went online to blurt: “Yes. it is an affair. i haven’t read thee piece but i know about the affair. everyone knows about the affair, darling. even us jews.”

Just look at it. Look at the spelling. The non-capitalisation. The grizzly ethnic self-identification. It’s hardly Chips bloody Channon, now, is it?

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Fact #3 : MusicMundial Offered No Evidence

For its part, MusicMundial offered ZERO evidence to back up its claims that Kate Middleton had already finalised her divorce with Prince William, and actually moved out of Buckingham Palace!

Fact #4 : No British Media Claimed Kate Middleton Divorced Prince William

MusicMundial claimed that British media said that Kate Middleton is planning to announce her divorce from Prince William on May 5 – one day before the coronation of King Charles III.

Yes, the tabloids are reporting on possible marital troubles brewing between Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales. But I can find no legitimate media, not even a tabloid, claiming that Kate Middleton had already decided to divorce Prince William, whether on May 5 or any other day before the coronation of King Charles III.

Fact #5 : Prince William + Kate Middleton Do NOT Live In Buckingham Palace

The claim that Kate Middleton moved out of Buckingham Palace is easily dismissed, because she doesn’t even live there.

When in London, Prince William and Kate Middleton live in Apartment 1A in the Kensington Palace. But in June 2022, they moved to the Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, to be closer to their children’s school in Berkshire.

They still maintain their home and offices in the Kensington Palace for whenever they are in London, but for most parts, they now live in Windsor.

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