Princeton University Fridge Magnets Cancer Hoax Debunked!

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The Princeton University warning about the cancer risk from fridge magnets keeps popping up, so let’s debunk the hoax once again!


The Princeton University Fridge Magnets Cancer Hoax

We first debunked this warning by Princeton University on the cancer risk from fridge magnets on the Tech ARP Forums years ago, but it keeps popping back up on social media, and even messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Princeton University Warns Of Cancer Risk From Fridge Magnets

If you haven’t read it yet (impossible!), here it is again :

A number of researchers at Princeton’s University have discovered something scary!.

For several months, they were feeding two groups of mice: the first group with food kept in a refrigerator, and the second group with food kept in a refrigerator as well but with several decorative magnets on the door.

The objective of this experiment was to see how electromagnetic radiation (that coming out from the decorative magnets on the door) affect food items. Amazingly, rigorous clinical studies stated that the group of mice that consumed the “radiated” food had as much as 87% higher probability to get cancer than the other group of mice.

Inexplicably no Governments or health associations/institutions have given any statement on this regard. However and just in case, is recommendable to remove any decorative magnet from refrigerators, and put it far away from any food.

Now, let’s debunk this fake Princeton warning…


Debunking The Princeton University Fridge Magnets Cancer Hoax

  1. There is NO SUCH STUDY by Princeton University, or any other university for the matter.
  2. Magnets do NOT produce radiation, only a magnetic field.
  3. Magnets can actually protect AGAINST radiation. In fact, the Earth is protected against solar and cosmic radiation by a giant magnetic field.

Earth's magnetic field protects against solar and cosmic radiation

  1. Decorative magnets are permanent magnets with rather weak magnetic fields. If you slam your fridge’s door hard enough, many will fall off. That’s how weak they generally are.


Don’t Sweat The Fridge Magnets!

Reason #1 : Remember The Fridge Door?

The strength of magnetic fields decreases very rapidly with distance. In fact, placing a piece of cardboard between the magnet and the fridge door is usually enough to prevent the magnet from sticking to the door.

Therefore, how can decorative magnets have ANY effect on food stored in the refrigerator? Their weak magnetic fields (NOT radiation) would be completely blocked by the fridge door.

Even if you attach a really strong magnet to the fridge door, the magnetic field will not extend far enough into the fridge to affect any food stored inside.

Reason #2 : We Use MUCH LARGER Magnets!

Also, magnetic fields have no discernable or permanent effects on the human body. We use extremely large and powerful magnets in MRI machines and barring the presence of magnetic substances in the body (implants, tattoo inks), it’s extremely safe to use.

MRI machine

Reason #3 : There Are Magnets In Every Fridge!

Interestingly, refrigerators use magnets to keep the doors closed, and their electric motors have magnets that generate electromagnetic fields.

These magnets are not only closer in distance to the stored food, they are much stronger than any decorative magnet you will ever come across!

Reason #4 : Fridge Magnets Are Not Banned

If fridge magnets are so dangerous, they would have been banned by governments and health authorities worldwide.

Other than this fake Princeton University warning, have you ever seen any country ban fridge magnets?

Of course, not! Because there is NO SUCH DANGER!

Don’t let this hoax about the cancer risk from fridge magnets put a dent in your creativity. Have fun decorating your fridge door with decorative magnets!


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  1. Rhianon

    Hi, the idea that fridge magnets could cause cancer THRU the fridge seems pretty silly to me! Plus, they use magnets in food production to separate out flakes of metal that may contaminate the food… It seems like they wouldn’t use magnets in food production if they caused cancer?

    1. techarp

      Magnets definitely won’t cause cancer. But some people believe it because it was shared by a family member or a friend. 😀

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