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Pro Evolution Soccer Anti-Arab Slurs Debunked

Pro Evolution Soccer Anti-Arab Slurs Debunked

A video of anti-Arab slurs on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is going viral, with people accusing Konami of inserting pro-Israeli and anti-Arab subliminal messages. The video was apparently recorded using a smartphone camera and shows a Pro Evolution Soccer game on PlayStation. In the video, you can see several slurs in the blue banners – “Fuck Arab“, “Kill Arabs” and “Fuck Palistein” [sic].


Needless to say, everyone was outraged about these banners. That’s what made the post viral. How dare Konami insert such racist and derogatory messages in a game???


It’s A Conspiracy!

Some believe it’s part of the Jewish / Zionist / Israeli conspiracy to influence the world into being anti-Arab, anti-Palestine and pro-Israel. How? By using games to subliminally plant those ideas into the minds of gullible gamers!

This joker even believes that Sony is an Israeli company. Never mind the fact that the PlayStation is the gaming console, not the game itself…

Of course, it starts a call for Arabs to boycott PlayStation. Hopefully, there is no Chinese rip-off called PlayerStation. Wouldn’t want them to boycott the wrong product! 😀

Of course, it’s always a Zionist conspiracy. Football is tainted forever… 🙁


Sue! Sue! Sue!

Other than an innate inability to verify facts, the Internet mob also has a penchant to call for lawsuits. Never mind any half-decent lawyer will tell them that they need evidence that Konami actually added those banners to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.


The Truth

Keep that lawsuit wand in its case. The truth is those banners are not part of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. They are custom adboards added by one of the players. Yes, Pro Evolution Soccer is moddable. In fact, there is a rather large community that focuses on PES 2016 mods and patches. Check out some examples :

And here are some of the many adboard patches players can use to change the adboards (banners) displayed in their games :

So the question is – who added those adboards or banners? There are only two possibilities :

  1. It was the person recording the video.
  2. It was the opposing player (PES 2016 has an online multiplayer mode).

According to someone who understood what the video creator was saying…

The guy in the video lives in the occupied lands of Palestine, so when he plays online, it connects to the network within Israel. He’s trying to explain that this is what the Israelis players mood their games with.

If that’s true, then the adboards were added by an Israeli player. Of course, we can not confirm this. But one thing is for sure – this has nothing to do with Sony or Konami. You can check it out for yourself in this video :


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