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US Protestors Breaking Into White House : Hoax Debunked!

A video showing protestors breaking into the White House is going viral. Is that why US President Donald Trump ran to his bunker?

Find out what the video showed, and what the facts really are!


US Protestors Breaking Into White House???

The video showed George Floyd protestors in the US apparently breaking into the White House, and was accompanied by this message :

Protestors already broke inside White House for the first time in American history, gun fire at east gate and some sources said Trump fleed with his family to Kanzas, CIA have emergency meeting in an hour!

We won’t be sharing the video, but here are four screenshots from the video :

Take note of the signboards of the two high-rise building on the left – KeyBank and Chase. This will be important later…


US Protestors Breaking Into White House : Hoax Debunked!

The video is genuine, but the post and story are fake. And here are the facts…

Fact #1 : That’s Not The White House

The building in the video is NOT the White House, which doesn’t even have a rotunda – the round dome-like structure at the top of the building shown in the video.

This is what the real White House looks like. Compare it to the building in the screenshots above.

Fact #2 : The Protestors Never Got Onto The White House Grounds

It is true that US President Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Barron Trump, were evacuated to the White House bunker.

However, none of the protestors that gathered near the White House actually attempted to get past the barricades, much less attack the White House itself.

From what we can tell, the protestors have so far been restricted to Lafayette Square, across Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fact #3 : That Building Is The Ohio Statehouse

The building in the video is the Ohio Statehouse. Note the two high-rise building to its left – KeyBank and Chase. You will see their signboards in the video screenshots above.

Fact #4 : That Video Was Taken On 28 May 2020

The video was taken on 28 May 2020, showing protestors vandalising the Ohio Statehouse.

Despite being recorded days ago, no mainstream media had reported an invasion of the White House.

You would think that something like this would be major international news… right?

Fact #5 : Trump Didn’t And Wouldn’t Flee To Kansas

Why would US President Donald Trump flee to Kansas, when he loves staying and golfing at his estate in Mar-a-Lago in Florida?

Trump, Melania and Barron ended up hiding in the White House bunker, which would certainly withstand more than a few protestors.

Fact #6 : The CIA Does Not Involve Itself With American Protestors

This is the most idiotic part of the claim – that the CIA has an emergency meeting. Why would the CIA be involved with protestors in the United States?

The CIA is a foreign intelligence service that focuses on gathering, processing and analysing intelligence of foreign entities.

The FBI would be the right federal agency to look into crimes committed by these protestors. But generally, they will be handled by state police, not federal law enforcement.


Watch Out For Other Fake US Protest Pictures + Videos!

This fake post about the White House is part of a slew of similar fake news about the George Floyd protests in the US :

So beware of similar fake posts, because they appear to be part of some disinformation campaign.


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