BIG @ Publika : 5th Employee Positive For COVID-19!

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BIG – Ben’s Independent Grocer – just announced that a fifth employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

Find out what happened, and if you should be concerned!


BIG @ Publika : Third Employee Positive For COVID-19!

On 8 January 2021, BIG announced that an employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

On 12 January 2021, BIG announced that a second employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

On 14 January 2021, BIG announced that a third employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

On 8 July 2021, BIG announced that a fourth employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

On 19 July 2021, BIG announced that a fifth employee at their Publika store tested positive for COVID-19.

This employee worked as a cashier, and was last at work on 16 July 2021.

The BIG @ Publika staff will undergo a swab test tonight, while the store undergoes deep cleaning and sanitisation.

BIG @ Publika : One Employee Positive For COVID-19!


BIG @ Publika COVID-19 Exposure : Official Statement

Here is the latest official statement by BIG on the fifth COVID-19 exposure at their Publika store.

BIG, Publika, 19 July 2021

Please be aware we were informed today, one of our staff from cashier department in Publika outlet is confirmed Covid-19 positive, last reported to work 16 July 2021.

B.I.G. Publika outlet will arrange for all staff to undergo swab test tonight and the store to undergo deep cleaning and sanitization for the safety of our staff and customer.

Kindly refer to information release by MOH only for verification. For more information, please call MOH’s Crisis Preparedness and Response Center’s (CPRC) hotline: 03-8881 0200/0600/0700.

This notice is part of our commitment to full transparency to customers to assist in their own precautionary measures to protect from Covid-19.

Yours sincerely,
The management, Ben’s Independent Grocer


BIG @ Publika COVID-19 Exposure : What’s The Risk?

The Malaysia Ministry of Health will be conducting close contact tracing.

If you frequented BIG Publika on or before 16 July 2021, you should self-quarantine and wait to see if you have been identified as a close contact. You may then be required to get tested.

The risk will be low if both the affected employee and all customers wore face masks, and maintained physical distance.

COVID-19 is easily destroyed by soap, so even a simple cleaning operation will definitely clean the store of any infectious particles, albeit temporarily.

It is critical that we wear a face mask in public at all times, as it greatly reduces the risk of infection.

We should also maintain good hand hygiene by cleaning with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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