Putri Nur Fauziah – Tragedy Of The Cardboard Box Girl

Everyone knows her as the cardboard box girl, due to the way her killer attempted to hide her body. But she has a name – Putri Nur Fauziah, and she is the daughter of Asep Syaifullah and Ida Fitriani of West Jakarta, Indonesia. Let us not dehumanise her, because her death was tragic enough.

Today, we will detail the event surrounding her tragic death, so that people will stop making up stories about her. But be warned that her story and the pictures below are disturbing. Please do NOT continue unless you have the stomach for it. Read this expose of an Internet hoax about her death instead.



The Disappearance & Discovery Of Putri Nur Fauziah

On the 1st of October 2015, the Indonesian police received a missing person’s report. Asep Syaifullah and Ida Fitriani of West Jakarta had earlier gave their 9 year old daughter, Putri Nur Fauziah, permission to join a group study with her friends. However, when she didn’t come back by nightfall, they lodged a police report and launched a search with their neighbours.

Putri Nur Fauziah - Tragedy Of The Cardboard Box Girl

Unfortunately, her body was discovered the next day at around 10:30 pm in an illegal rubbish dump near her home. Her killer wrapped her naked body with cardboard and duct tape, before disposing it at the rubbish dump. Only after the police cut into the package did they make the gruesome find.

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Her autopsy later revealed that she was raped vaginally and anally before she was asphyxiated with a blunt object. Fortunately, her killer left his semen on her genitals, which allowed the Indonesian police to correctly identify him. This may later prove to be critical in ensuring that the right man is apprehended.


False Leads

Thanks to the “unique” disposal method, this case went viral in the Indonesian media. The Indonesian police, therefore, poured considerable resources into quickly finding the killer. They had 6 teams working on her case, in an effort to quickly crack the case. Unfortunately, their haste led to at least two wrong arrests.

When the Indonesian police despatched a K9 team, their dog, Tina, traced the scent from Putri’s body to the home of this 23-year old unemployed man, Fajar. He was almost mobbed by those who were watching the police work the scene. He was later cleared by the police, and the public warned against seeking revenge against him.

Putri Nur Fauziah - Tragedy Of The Cardboard Box Girl
This young man was WRONGLY assumed to be Nur Fitri Fauziah’s killer

They then apprehended a 48-year old man, Asmani (alias Pelor), because plainclothes officers “heard” him mumbling about the murder. The chase attracted hundreds of local residents who laughed when they discovered it was Asmani who was arrested. Apparently, Asmani is the local loon who lived next door to Putri, and often sits at the cemetery talking to himself. He was later also cleared by the police.


Finally A Real Suspect

A week after her body was found, the Indonesian police finally named a real suspect – Agus Darmawan, also known as Agus Pea. Agus is a 39 years old ex-convict who lives near Putri Nur Fauziah. In fact, he was one of the two witnesses in her case. Their investigations lead to some troubling discoveries :

  • He was tested positive for drug use after he was arrested.
  • He had earlier sexually assaulted 13 teenagers – 3 girls and 10 boys
  • One of the girls, T, was locked up and sexually assaulted 3 times.
  • Another victim, Y, became pregnant and had an abortion.
  • Teenagers often frequent his house to partake in drugs.
  • Dried blood was initially found on his bed sheets, and elsewhere in his house.
  • The blood samples were tested at the Jakarta Police’s forensic laboratory and at a hospital in Singapore.
  • Agus’ DNA was found on a sample of epithelial (skin) cells from Putri’s sock, which was discovered near her body.
  • The DNA of the blood on his bed sheets were confirmed to be from Putri Nur Fauziah.
  • Burnt remains of Putri’s schoolbooks were found at the back of his house.

On the 20th of October, 2015, Krishna Murti, the Director of the Jakarta General Crimes unit, announced that Agus confessed to the murder. In the reconstruction of the case, Agus revealed that he tried to rape Putri several times but failed. He ended up masturbating on her instead.

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Agus Darmawan has been charged with murder and sexual assault against Putri Nur Fauziah. He was also charged in additional separate cases of sexual assault against the 13 teenagers identified by the Indonesian police in their interrogation. If convicted of Putri’s murder, he will likely face the death sentence.


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