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These Photos Show What’s Inside The Azovstal Bunkers!

What's Really Inside The Azovstal Bunkers!


Many people claim that Ukraine is hiding NATO’s biological warfare lab and headquarters in the bunkers under Azovstal.

Take a look at the real photos of Azovstal, and find out what’s really inside its bunkers!


Claim : Azovstal Has NATO Bio Warfare Lab + Officers!

Pro-Russian and pro-CCP websites and groups keep claiming that Azovstal conceals a NATO biological warfare lab, which is why the Ukrainians fought so hard to defend Azovstal – they simply cannot let Russia find out that NATO had been developing illegal biological weapons in the bunkers!

They even shared schematics of what they claimed was the NATO biological laboratory hidden under the massive Azovstal metallurgical plant.

If a biological weapons lab is not enough, they also claim that NATO also has a secret headquarters under Azovstal, hosting soldiers who would have attacked Russia…

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Azovstal Photos Show What’s Really Inside Its Bunkers!

When Russia invaded Ukraine, one of the first cities they attacked was Mariupol, which they quickly surrounded in just 3 weeks.

Due to heavy attacks and bombardment, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians retreated to the massive Azovstal metallurgical plant, which had over 30 Soviet-era bunkers.

After almost 3 months of constant bombardment and attacks, civilians were evacuated and the Ukrainian defenders were ordered to surrender.

One Ukrainian soldier, Orest (Орест), had been documenting life at the Azovstal metallurgical plant throughout their ordeal.

On the day he left the massive complex (20 May 2022), he left his photos on a public Google Drive, with this message (and its English translation) :

Ну от і все. Дякую з прихисток Азовсталь – місце моєї смерті і мого життя.

Well, that’s all. Thank you from the shelters of Azovstal – the place of my death and my life.

Доречі, поки я буду в полоні, залишу вам фото в найкращій якості, відправляйте їх на всі журналістські премії і фотоконкурси, якщо щось виграю, після виходу буде дуже приємно. Дякую всім за підтримку. До зустрічі ❤️

By the way, while I am in captivity, I will leave you photos in the best quality, send them to all journalistic awards and photo contests, if I win something, it will be very nice after the release. Thank you all for your support. See ❤️

These 24 photos will show you what it was really like inside the tunnels and bunkers, and prove once and for all just how absurd and false those claims of NATO facilities under Azovstal really are.

The extent of the devastation is clear in this photo of a Ukrainian soldier standing inside one of the many Azovstal factory buildings.

The Soviet-era bunkers may have been hardened against a nuclear attack, but Russian forces cut electricity and water supply to the complex. So most of the bunkers were dark or lit only by lamps powered by car batteries.

Most of the bunkers were not only dark and damp, they were cold and heated by wood fire. Hardly what you would expect from a “NATO biological warfare lab”, right?

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More Photos From The Azovstal Bunkers!

Many of the photos show what the sheltering Ukrainian soldiers were doing while off-duty.

What’s notable is how dreary and low tech the bunkers look – all concrete, with dirt floors and minimal lighting.

It’s amazing that these soldiers and the civilians sheltering in these same bunkers managed to hold out for so long!

Many of the Ukrainian soldiers can also be seen with various injuries, or getting treated for their wounds.

But what’s obvious from these photos are the lack of medical supplies, sanitation or even proper light.

You have to wonder – is this how a NATO biological warfare laboratory looks like?

And where are the NATO officers that so many people claim were hiding in the bunkers?

Will people stop creating and spreading fake news about the Azovstal tunnels and bunkers? I seriously doubt it.

They will just jump to the next fake news… and the next Azovstal…

Despite their injuries, the Ukrainian soldiers seem to be in remarkably high spirits, for people who have had to endure daily bombardments and attempts by Russian soldiers to root them out from the Azovstal bunkers.

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