The Real Men Don’t Support IsraHell Hoax Debunked!

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The Real Men Don’t Support IsraHell campaign is another example of the STUPIDITY of some Palestinian supporters.

They basically demonstrated not only their stupidity, but also their lack of morality. Take a look at how juvenile they are..

Updated @ 2015-10-18 : I just added a new section called “Who Cares If It’s Fake? It’s To Support Palestine!” in response to those who think it’s perfectly fine to lie in support of the cause they believe in.


Real Men Don’t Support IsraHell?

No shit. Apparently Sean Penn, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper think that Israel is hell, and real men don’t support IsraHell. If they are REAL MEN.

The Real Men Don't Support IsraHell Hoax Debunked!

If you don’t realise it immediately, this collage of pictures is a HOAX.

The signboards that those men are holding up have been Photoshopped. In fact, it was a truly HORRENDOUS Photoshop job. Like something a primary (elementary) school student might accomplish.


The Truth About The IsraHell Hoax

In reality, these pictures were taken from the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign, that was launched by the Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA) in 2011.

All they did was erase “Buy Girls” and crudely replace that with “Support IsraHell“.

Real Men Don't Buy Girls - Sean Penn
Real Men Don’t Buy Girls – Sean Penn
Real Men Don't Buy Girls - Ashton Kutcher
Real Men Don’t Buy Girls – Ashton Kutcher
Real Men Don't Buy Girls - Justin Timberlake
Real Men Don’t Buy Girls – Justin Timberlake
Real Men Don't Buy Girls - Bradley Cooper
Real Men Don’t Buy Girls – Bradley Cooper

So there you go – another pathetic juvenile attempt at defeating Israel with Photoshopped images. On the bright side, at least this does not involve killing anyone. I guess we should be grateful for small blessings…


The IsraHell Hoax Is So Lame!

You would think so. Yet, quite a number of people actually believe it’s true… or at least plausible.

In less than a day, thousands shared this fake post on their Facebook wall. They have basically declared how gullible they are to such an obvious hoax.


Who Cares If It’s Fake? It’s To Support Palestine!

There are some who have no issue with juvenile antics like this. In fact, they think it’s okay to lie as long as the purpose is to get people to support the Palestinian cause, or to abandon the Israeli cause.

To them, I say – No, it is wrong to lie, even if it’s for a good cause. After all, is lying not a sin in your religion?

More importantly – how does this IsraHell hoax help the Palestinian cause? It doesn’t.

You have now made other Palestinian supporters look like juvenile idiots.

I really pity the Palestinians. Not only do they get bullied on a regular basis by the Israelis, they have the great misfortune of being saddled by some truly imbecilic supporters.

Frankly, I would be very embarrassed to be associated with idiots like the fool who created this pathetic piece of work, and the thousands who shared it in support.

Finally, please have some pride in your work. When you do something, do your best. This crude Photoshop effort is childish at best. It is not worthy of being called a Photoshopped image actually…

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