How To Register For Your PADU Account!

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Find out how to register for your PADU Central Database Hub account, so you can check and update your information!


PADU Central Database Hub : What Is It?

Malaysia introduced the PADU Central Database Hub – on Tuesday, 2 January 2024. Developed in just 7 months, PADU is designed to give the government a better way to distribute subsidies, and make other policy decisions going forward.

PADU accomplishes this by combining data from over 400 government agencies, and related organisations, into one central database, hence its name – Pangkalan Data Utama (PADU), or Central Database Hub in English.

The Malaysian government has currently made PADU open to Malaysian citizens and permanent residents, who are 18 years and older. However, it is not mandatory for anyone to register for a PADU account.

Registering for a PADU account will allow you to check and update your information in the system. But even if you do not register for an account – PADU will automatically consolidate your data from multiple government agencies.

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PADU Central Database Hub : What You Need To Know!


How To Register For Your PADU Account!

It is pretty easy to register for your PADU account, but you will need to at least have a smartphone. Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1 : Register for a new account at the official PADU website at

Step 2 : Key in your basic information in the registration form:

  • Nama Penuh / Full Name
  • No. Kad Pengenalan / Identity Card Number
  • Poskod / Postcode
  • No. Telefon Bimbit / Mobile Telephone Number
  • E-mel / Email address

Then click on the Seterusnya / Next button.

How To Register For Your PADU Account!

Step 3 : The PADU system will send your mobile number a One-Time Password (OTP). Key in the OTP number, and click on the Seterusnya / Next button.

How To Register For Your PADU Account!

Step 4 : You will now be asked to create a password for your PADU account. Make sure your password meets these minimum requirements:

  • it must have at least 8 characters
  • there must be a combination of capital and small letters
  • you must include at least one special character like @$!%*$?&

Step 5 : Key in the same password to make sure it’s correct. You can click on the eye button to view the password. Then click on the Seterusnya / Next button.

How To Register For Your PADU Account!

Step 6 : The PADU system will generate a QR code, which changes over time. Open your smartphone camera app, and aim it at the QR code.

Alternatively, you can use a QR code reader on your smartphone to read the generated QR code.

Step 7 : When the link pops-up in your smartphone’s camera app or QR code reader, click on it to launch the e-KYC (electronic Know Your Customer) process.

How To Register For Your PADU Account!

Step 8 : You will now be asked to take and upload photos of both the front and back of your MyKad identity card.

  • Please make sure you do this in a bright area, as you should not use a flash.
  • You need to avoid glare – light reflecting off the plastic MyKad.
  • You need to make sure the MyKad is within the dotted-line frame, when you take the photos.
  • You also need to make sure the MyKad is in focus when you take the photos.

Note that there is a magnification feature at the upper right corner, that allows you to zoom in at up to 2.5X. This is actually a very useful feature.

After trying it out, I found that the best way to avoid shadows is to use the maximum 2.5X magnification feature to take the photo of the MyKad from a distance.

Reflections on the plastic MyKad is a problem. But you can avoid the glare by taking the photos at a slight angle.

Step 9 : Next, you will be asked to take a selfie using your smartphone, and upload it.

Even though there is the same option to zoom in with a magnification of up to 2.5X, don’t use it. Keep it at 1X.

There is no requirement to take the photo with a white background. You just need to make sure you take the selfie in a bright area, so there is no need to use a flash (to avoid glare).

You will need to make sure your face is within the dotted line frame, before you take the photo. Make sure you are looking forward, with your eyes opened. If you are wearing glasses, please take them off to avoid glare.

Note : Samsung smartphone users may notice that the system hangs with the “Trying to access lens” message. You can either wait a few minutes, or click on the Tukar Lens (Change Lens) option at the top left corner of the screen.

That’s it! After you upload photos of your identity card, and your selfie, you will receive a message stating that PADU will need up to 3 days to verify your identity, and will inform you when your account has been successfully created.

All you need to do is wait for the email or SMS notification. Once you receive the notification, you can proceed to log into your PADU account using the password you registered at

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