You Can Soon Renew Licence + Road Tax Via MyJPJ App!

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Motorists in Malaysia can soon digitally renew their driving licence and road tax through the MyJPJ app… with a discount too!


Motorists Can Renew Licence + Road Tax Via MyJPJ App!

On Tuesday, 2 January 2024, Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that, effective 1 February 2024, motorists will be able to digitally renew their driving licence and motor vehicle licence (Lesen Kenderaan Motor, or LKM for short), which is colloquially known as the “road tax”.

The digital renewal of driving licence and road tax through the MyJPJ app will be carried out in stages. Initially, this feature will only be available to privately-owned vehicles belonging to Malaysian citizens.

These new features will make it easier for motorists in Malaysia to renew their driving licence and road tax digitally, saving time and costs, as well as reduce traffic and congestion at JPJ counters.

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You Still Need Physical Driving Licence Overseas!


RM5 Discount If You Renew Digital Driving Licence!

On top of that, Anthony Loke also announced that for the year 2024, motorists who opt for the digital driving licence will receive a RM5 discount!

This RM5 discount or rebate applies to those who renew their digital driving licence, from 1 February until 31 December 2024, through:

  • the JPJ counter,
  • the mySIKAP portal,
  • the MyJPJ app, or
  • JPJ partners like Pos Malaysia or MyEG

However, this initiative to promote the use of digital driving licence is limited to Malaysian citizens. Foreigners, or pass holders, long-term permit holders, or people with MyKAS or MyPR cards will not receive this RM5 discount / rebate.

This initiative is only for Malaysians, and is not extended to to foreign nationals on any pass, long-term permit, MyKAS Card, MyPR Card holders.

– Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke

As nice as this discount is, I should point out that motorists who plan to drive overseas should still request for a physical driving licence. Otherwise, you may face issues with foreign law enforcement officials!

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You Can Soon Renew Licence + Road Tax Via MyJPJ App!


Physical Licence + Road Tax Still Available For Those Who Renew In 2024

Anthony Lok also announced that the physical driving licence and road tax will still be available for motorists who renew them in 2024.

However, JPJ will no longer provide them in their previous plastic forms. Instead, they will be printed on security paper, for those who prefer a physical copy.

As announced earlier, motorists are no longer required to display the road tax sticker on their vehicles. This applies to the new paper road tax.


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