Is A Riot Brewing At Low Yat Plaza?

Looks like things have taken a turn for the worse at Low Yat Plaza after the attack on the OPPO outlet. A large crowd of about 200 people gathered outside Low Yat Plaza at around 8 pm. They claimed to be from Malay NGOs, such as Persatuan Kebajikan Islam dan Dakwah Islamiah (PEKIDA) at a press conference outside Low Yat Plaza. Is there going to be a riot at Low Yat Plaza?


Is A Riot Brewing At Low Yat Plaza?

The crowd gathering outside Low Yat Plaza
The crowd gathering outside Low Yat Plaza
The crowd gathering outside Low Yat Plaza
The crowd gathering outside Low Yat Plaza

Update : In this video, you can see one of them inciting the Malays to “defend Malay honour”, and for some reason, calling them “ungrateful DAP Chinese” (orang-orang Cina DAP yang kurang ajar!).

They later went into Low Yat Plaza, shouting and chanting. The police cordoned off the area and tried to stop them, but as you can see from this video of the ruckus at the ground floor, quite a few of them made it into Low Yat Plaza :

According to Malaysiakini, these NGO members who went into Low Yat Plaza to cause this scene were arrested by the police, and Low Yat Plaza closed up by 9 pm.

Update : After the mob was kicked out of Low Yat Plaza, there were reports that they were randomly attacking people in the area. FIVE people, including 3 members of the media, were reportedly injured badly enough to require medical attention. Read all about it here.

Obviously, these Malay NGOs and their supporters believe that the crime was racially-motivated, but is there any reason to believe so? Let’s take a look at the latest updates.


The Police Issued A Statement

The police had earlier issued a statement that this was merely a case of property damage by the friends of a thief who was arrested earlier at that OPPO outlet, and thus had nothing to do with any counterfeit OPPO product.

The commotion began earlier in the day when the mall’s security guard caught one of the thugs shoplifting in the smartphone store and turned him over to the police.

“His friend was not happy and called other people to go to the shop to damage products,” he told reporters.

You can read the full statement here.


Witnesses Have Started To Speak Up

We have two separate sources who were there in Low Yat Plaza, either during the event, or close enough to the investigation. They confirmed that there was no basis to the original story of a counterfeit / cloned OPPO smartphone.

The case began with the attempted theft of an OPPO smartphone that was caught by an OPPO staff member. According to Farah Liana, a secretary working in the Management office of Low Yat Plaza, there were TWO thieves who were caught for that theft. The theft was also caught on CCTV, according to the other two sources.

Farah Liana reveals what really happened
Farah Liana reveals what really happened

After they were caught, their friends then came to look for the guy who caught their friends stealing the smartphone. That’s when the “trashing” began.

Farah Liana also pointed out that the reason why only Chinese staff members were seen in the videos of the attack and subsequent fighting was because the incident happened while the Malay staff members were out breaking their fast. So it was not an issue of Chinese boys beating Malay boys.

Nur Hazirah II, who was an OPPO Malaysia staff member has this to say about the whole incident (translated into English) :

If you don’t know the true story, please don’t make up stories. I’m an OPPO staff member and I know the story.

The story is that the Malay guy stole a Lenovo phone from a store upstairs, and he fell in front of the OPPO Concept Store while running away. The OPPO staff members caught the thief.

After the thief got out of the police station in the afternoon, he came to beat up the OPPO staff members who caught him when he fell in front of their store.

So this has nothing to do with original or counterfeit phones. Those who don’t know the truth please keep quiet and stop listening to other people. Thank you!

Nur Hazirah reveals what really happened
Nur Hazirah reveals what really happened

The Star managed to interview the salesman at the heart of this case :

Salesman See Ming Ho, 27, claimed that the man who started the fight was detained earlier Saturday by the mall’s security guards for allegedly stealing a smartphone from his kiosk.

“He came earlier on the pretence of looking at phones.

“We were negotiating and when I then turned away to get a free gift for him, he was gone,” said See.

 See claims that the stolen phone, a Lenovo S860 worth RM799 was not found on the man after he was caught.

He lodged a police report on the theft at the Dang Wangi police station.

See said that it was the workers from the Oppo store who helped him apprehend the man.

“Many are saying the dispute started because the Oppo salespeople sold a fake phone to the man, but that’s not true.

“They only helped me catch him – he was stealing from my kiosk,” he claimed.

He claimed that the man later returned in the evening with a group of friends to beat up the Oppo salespeople who helped catch him – a fight that was caught on video which went viral overnight.


Stop Making It About Race

Racist NGOs like Persatuan Kebajikan Islam dan Dakwah Islamiah (PEKIDA) are trying to use this incident to create the perception that the Chinese are always cheating the Malays. Are they trying to spark a race riot? I think the answer is quite clear.

We Malaysians need to stand up and say NO to these racist organisations. This is not OUR Malaysia. This is not the Malaysia our forefathers fought so hard to build, and this is not the Malaysia we want to leave to our children.

So please spread word far and wide about these key points :

  • This case has NOTHING to do with a counterfeit OPPO smartphone. The story was just an excuse by the thief to avoid responsibility.
  • No Chinese shopkeeper cheated anyone of an OPPO smartphone. The thief was caught trying to steal a Lenovo S860.
  • This case has NOTHING to do with race. A Chinese staff member caught this thief because his Malay co-workers were out breaking their fast.

Enough with these racist people trying to divide us by race. We are Malaysians, and we say NO to racism!


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  1. ATDEE

    Let the police investigate to determine who is guilty. Don’t jump to conclusion and fall into this Malay boy trap to escape from his criminal act if he is found guilty. The guilty person must pay the damage done. Racism cannot be condoned or compromised as it is detrimental to Malaysia interracial harmony.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Hi ATDEE,

      You are absolutely correct. The truth is gradually coming to light, and we can see that this is nothing more than an ordinary crime.

      There was NOTHING racist, although I’m very sad to see the Malay NGOs like Pekida inciting the mob to actually attack people.

  2. Adam Yahya

    As long as the news been reported or blogs been written mentioning ‘Chinese Boy’, ‘Malay Boy’, or even ‘Indian Boy’ not forgetting their female counterparts then it will always be seen as a racial issue, even when what actually happened proves otherwise.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      I think this has nothing to do with what blogs or the media write about the incident. Most of them have been quite even-handed in their coverage.

      The “problem” really is the ready availability of video clips and photos that allow people to view and make their own conclusions, which may be wrong.

      If you watch the video of the Pekida leader @ you will see him refer to the beating of one of the thugs with a stick as one of the reasons why they need to teach the Chinese a lesson.

      That was never mentioned in any news report or blog. That was what he saw in one of the video clips that have been circulating around.

      How that act appears to us depends very much on our perspective. I would perceive it as a very scared boy trying to help subdue a crazed person. The Pekida leader obviously feels it’s an insult to Malay honour.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Who is spreading this issue? We are merely reporting on it so that people understand that this is NOTHING MORE than a case of theft blown up beyond recognition.

      Obviously, it’s being used to divert attention. I said as much in the “A Diversion?” section of

      But ignoring this won’t make it go away, because Pekida and their ilk will continue to lie that this is a case of greedy, unethical Chinese traders cheating the Malays again.

      We have to fight misinformation with the truth, and that is why I am devoting so much time into debunking the original story that he was sold a counterfeit OPPO smartphone.

      As for 1MDB, the day of reckoning will come. We are merely pawns and observers, to be frank. No matter what we say or do, Najib is going down. It is just a matter of when he folds, and it will have nothing to do with us.

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