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Warning : RM1K Fine If You Stand Too Close In A Queue!

Be warned – you can get a RM1K fine for standing too close in a queue, even if you are standing inside a marked box!

Find out what happened to Bernard He, and why you should learn from his experience!


Warning : RM1K Fine If You Stand Too Close In A Queue!

On 4 February, Bernard He Linjun was queuing up at a bank to use the cash deposit machine, when the police came to check for compliance with the MCO SOP.

Bernard thought he was safe because he logged his visit using MySejahtera, and had queued up properly – standing inside the designated queue box.

But when his turn came, he was issued a RM1,000 fine for standing too close in the queue!

He was told that, even though he was standing inside the marked box, they were all less than 1 metre apart.

According to the police, the boxes were only 0.8 metres apart, and the bank did not adjust their spacing even after being warned about this earlier.

They also fined the bank for violating the SOP.


RM1K Fine For Standing Too Close In A Queue : The Facts

Some netizens have suggested that he may not be telling the truth. After all, similar claims have proven to be false in the past.

Others also suggested that he was complaining on Facebook to gain sympathy, fame or attention.

However, Bernard was telling the truth, and here are the reasons why….

Fact #1 : He Posted A Picture Of His Compound

On 5 February 2021, Bernard posted a picture of the police compound he received.

It showed that he really was fined RM1,000 on 4 February 2021, for not complying with the social distancing SOP.

Fact #2 : There Is A 1 Metre Social Distancing Requirement In Public

There is a 1 metre social distancing requirement in public, including businesses like banks and shopping malls.

This applies throughout Malaysia, irrespective of whether the area is under RMCO, CMCO or MCO restrictions.

It is hard for anyone to visually differentiate between 0.8 metre and a full metre, but the police are technically correct that standing 0.8 metre from someone else is breaking the law.

To be safe, try to stand further away (1.5 to 2 metres) from other people. If they complain, use Bernard’s example as evidence that this is no joke.

Do also note that the social distancing rule is extended to a minimum of 3 metres for dynamic sporting activities.

Fact #3 : You Can Appeal The Decision

If you feel that the police wrongly issued the MCO fine, you can appeal it.

In Bernard’s case, he was relying on the bank to accurately space out their “social distancing boxes” for their customers.

He may not necessarily win his appeal, but he has a good reason to appeal.

After all, no one brings a measuring tape to ensure social distancing, and we all rely on marked boxes to comply with the SOP.


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