Robber Loses Own Phone In Taman Mayang Robbery!

At 7 am in the morning of the 19th of January, Jason Tan was attacked by two men in SS 25/32 (Taman Mayang) in Petaling Jaya. Armed with a knife and a rod, they relieved him of his wallet and mobile phone, before escaping on a motorcycle.

The robbery was caught in this CCTV footage, which we have enhanced and added commentary. Check it out :

As they made their escape, Jason’s friend attempted to stop them, and was cut on his waist for his trouble. During the short altercation, Jason managed to snatch one of the robber’s mobile phone. Inside, they found a photo of the suspect!


The Suspected Robber

This is the photo taken from the suspect’s mobile phone. He is the one on the right (topless). At the moment, it does not appear that his friend is the other culprit in the robbery.

Robber Loses Own Phone In Taman Mayang Robbery!

He has been identified as the robbery who used a knife to intimidate Jason during the robbery. However, no one has been able to identify him or the other robber.

If you recognise him or his friend, please inform the PDRM immediately. Although his friend may not be involved, his identity can help lead the police to the suspect himself.


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  1. Norman Tan

    Is the robber get caught already or not yet? I travelled frequently to Malaysia and its scary that action taken by the authority is so slow. Maybe Malaysia is too big a country with a huge population. So identifying and catching someone is not easy. Travellers going there must be careful.


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