The Rompin Children Kidnapping Hoax Debunked!

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Malaysians LOVE creating fake stories about organ traffickers, like this viral story about Rompin children being kidnapped and harvested for their organs.

Let us debunk yet another fake story about children being kidnapped for their organs, and remind you once again why such crimes are not possible…

The Rompin Children Kidnapping Hoax Debunked!


The Rompin Children Kidnapping Hoax

The Rompin children kidnapping hoax went viral on WhatsApp in September 2018, but still continues to be shared again and again… even today!

But we have to admit – they put in more effort into this fake story, improving it in 2019 by adding a second “witness” to make it look genuine.

For those who cannot understand Bahasa Melayu, here is our English translated summary :

Voice #1 :

Please warn everyone that sixteen children (12 to 20 years old) have been kidnapped in Rompin. They have had their heads, livers, hands and legs removed.

The kidnappers are now active in Kahang, Kluang and Mersing. So please take care of your children when they are outside. Watch out for men on motorcycles or in cars monitoring your children.

Voice #2 :

I’m Mr. Hassan bin Ali, Chairman of the JKKP Security Bureau, Nusa Damai, and I would like to confirm that the incidents that went viral are true.

Inspector Pn. Fazilah from the Masai Police Station verified to me and two other witnesses, Mr. Azmi and Mr. Fauzi, that those incidences happened.

So please watch your children when they go to and come back from school, and remind them not to approach strangers. They are now active in Nusa Damai, which is very frightening.

I hope parents will work together with their school bus and van drivers to make sure that they deliver their children properly.

I would like to express my condolences to Pn. Zakar Zainun whose child was one of the victims. Let us pray to God that no other child will be kidnapped.

We will tighten our security during the day, but please make this message go viral because this is a genuine case.


Debunking The Rompin Children Kidnapping Hoax

Two Fake Stories In One

That video is a combination of two fake stories – one from September 2018, and the second from January 2018.

Fake Story #1 : 16 Rompin Children Were Kidnapped

The September 2018 fake story about Rompin children being kidnapped was itself an “enhanced” version of the earlier fake story in January about three children being kidnapped in Rompin.

Both stories have been refuted by the Rompin police chief DSP Azli Mohd Noor on 8 January 2018, and 17 September 2018 respectively.

Fake Story #2 : This Was Confirmed In Nusa Damai

The second voice recording was from January 2019, claiming that a child was kidnapped from Nusa Damai, and that the Rompin police station confirmed all these cases.

This was refuted by the Seri Alam District Police Chief Superintendent Norazam Shaari, on 31 January 2019. He pointed out that the same individual has made multiple fake voice messages on social media.

He also reminded everyone that anyone who shared such fake news can be charged under Section 233 of the Multimedia and Communications Act 1998.


Why It’s NOT Possible For Children To Be Kidnapped For Their Organs

Human organs are not Legos. You can take Legos from one set and use them in another set, but you can’t take organs from someone and just plunk them into another person.

Harvested or donated organs need to be matched to their recipients, or they will be rejected by the body and fail.

Every donor and recipient needs to undergo three tests to ensure compatibility – blood type, blood cross-matching, and HLA typing. If this is not done, organ rejection is almost a certainty.

This is why it is very unlikely for the kidnappers to just kidnap anyone, children or adults, to harvest their organs. They will want to match the donors to the recipients BEFORE they kidnap them.

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