Did Russia Capture Canadian General Cadieu In Azovstal?!

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Did Russian forces capture Canadian Lieutenant General Trevor Cadieu who was trying to escape the Azovstal bunkers, in Mariupol, Ukraine?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Russia Captured Canadian General Cadieu In Azovstal!

Pro-Russian websites, Chinese netizens and the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) are claiming that Russia just captured a high-ranking Canadian general.

According to “rumours”, Lieutenant General Trevor John Cadieu was captured while he was trying to escape from the besieged Azovstal metalworks in Mariupol, Ukraine.

General Trevor Cadieu (Trevor John Cadieu), captured by Russian troops while trying to escape from the cellars of Azovstal, was the commander of the Canadian Ground Forces, APA reports citing Mailbd.

Seated in the catacombs under the Mariupol steel plant “Azovstal” nationalists staged a provocation, trying to hide the Canadian general’s attempt to escape. After the capture of a high-ranking foreign soldier by units of the RF Armed Forces, it became clear why so many efforts were made to save him.

A high-ranking mercenary tried to break out of the encirclement at Azovstal several times. It was for this that the West insisted on humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians: among them, foreign specialists had to leave the catacombs.

Did Russia Capture Canadian General Cadieu In Azovstal?!

This Chinese example even claimed that NATO lost 5-6 helicopters and a ship trying to get General Cadieu out of Azovstal.

A lot of rumors that Russia has captured a Canadian general trying to escape thru sewer tunnels. Could be a few more NATO military advisers still in the plant

They have spent losing 5 or 6 helicopters and 1 ship trying to get the VVIP out.


No Evidence Russia Captured Canadian General Cadieu In Azovstal!

Bearing in mind that it is impossible to prove that something does not exist (Russell’s teapot), I can safely say that there is NO EVIDENCE that Russian forces actually captured Canadian general Trevor Cadieu in Azovstal.

In fact, here are the reasons why it is virtually impossible for Russia to have captured him in the Azovstal metalworks in the besieged city of Mariupol.

Fact #1 : Trevor Cadieu Retired From Canadian Armed Forces

Trevor Cadieu was originally slated to take command of the Canadian army in September 2021, but his appointment was suspended amidst “historical allegations” of sexual misconduct at the Royal Military College in 1994.

He then resigned and left the Canadian armed forces on 5 April 2022, stating :

I have opted to release (from the Canadian military) and am exploring other opportunities to contribute to the greater good.

Fact #2 : He Volunteered In Ukraine As A Private Citizen

After his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), several defence sources say that Cadieu travelled to Ukraine to volunteer against the Russian invasion.

This was in his personal capacity, as he had already retired from the CAF, and was now a private citizen.

Defence Department spokesman Daniel Le Bouthillier said, in a statement :

There has been no CAF support, material or otherwise, given to Cadieu since his departure as it pertains to his personal endeavours.

As he is now a private citizen, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on his personal plans.

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Did Russia Capture Canadian General Cadieu In Azovstal?!
Warrant Officer Terry Vandenberghe discusses observation and reporting positions with Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu (right) in Williams Lake, B.C., during Operation LENTUS 17-04 on August 3, 2017. (Photo: Master Corporal Malcolm Byers, Wainwright Garrison Imaging)

Fact #3 : Russia Surrounded Mariupol Since 17 March 2022

While no one really knows where Cadieu is right now, it would be quite impossible for him to enter Mariupol, after his retirement on 5 April 2022.

That’s because Mariupol was amongst the first Ukrainian cities to be attacked by Russian forces that completely surrounded it three weeks into the war.

There was no way for Ukrainian civilians and soldiers to leave Mariupol, and no way for anyone to get into the city after it was completely surrounded on 17 March 2022.

By the time Cadieu resigned, the Russians had already captured most of Mariupol, except the massive Azovstal steel plant. It would literally take a miracle for Cadieu to get into the Azovstal plant.

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How Russian forces besieged Mariupol. Credit : BBC
How Russian forces besieged Mariupol. Credit : BBC

Fact #4 : Cadieu Would Be Useless In Mariupol

Even if it was possible to smuggle him into Mariupol in early April, it would also be illogical to insert Cadieu into a besieged city where he can do little good.

Cadieu is a retired general whose days of firing guns from the trenches are long past. In fact, he would be more of an impediment in the defence of the Azovstal steel plant.

He would be far more useful strategising Ukraine’s defence, or acting as a military liaison with the Canadian government.

Fact #5 : Russians Would Have Paraded Captured Cadieu

If Russian forces did indeed capture Cadieu, they would have paraded him on Russian TV, just like they did with two British volunteers they captured – Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin.

Yet the Russians did no such thing. In fact, the only “sources” of these claims are no-name blogs in Russia, China and Azerbaijan, as well as WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

There is simply no evidence of Cadieu being captured by Russian forces, not even a picture.

Shaun Pinner and Aiden Aslin

Fact #6 : DPR Rep Claims Cadieu Still Holed Up In Azovstal

Official Russian news agency, TASS, reported on 28 April 2022 that Cadieu “may be holed up” in the Azovstal steel plant.

Their source was Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), who gave no evidence for his claim.

In fact, Basurin appeared to be making up that claim based on the Canadian Defense Ministry announcing that Cadieu was resigning.

Information appeared now and then that one of former Canadian army generals may be holed up there [in the Azovstal steel complex].

He first seemed to get out of sight and then the Canadian Defense Ministry issued a statement that this general gave a notice that he was resigning from the army and moving to Ukraine. Perhaps, it [the UN] is trying to rescue him.

As I pointed out earlier, it would be impossible for Cadieu to be present in Azovstal, unless he went AWOL from the Canadian Armed Forces and entered Mariupol before 17 March 2022.

Also, there were several ceasefires during which civilians managed to escape. Cadieu was not amongst them.

More importantly, Basurin confirmed that Russian forces did not capture Cadieu.

Variants of this FAKE NEWS are now being shared in pro-Russia and pro-CCP websites and groups.

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