The Saville Bangsar Controversy Explained + Analysed!

The Saville Bangsar Controversy Explained + Analysed!, Sewerage Problems?

Some residents of Saville @ The Park, Bangsar have taken to social media to rant about the problems that have beset them.

They claim that these problems have persisted since they received keys to their new homes 1.5 years ago, and that the developer isn’t doing much to resolve them.

Let’s find out what’s going on… You will be shocked by the plot twist at the end of this article.

The Saville Bangsar Controversy Explained + Analysed!


Saville @ The Park Bangsar

Although it was marketed as a Bangsar development, Saville @ The Park, Bangsar is actually southwest of Bangsar South in Lembah Pantai.

It was developed by Amona Metro Development Sdn Bhd, a joint venture of Metro Kajang Holdings (MKH) Berhad (with 60% share) and the Amona Group (40%).

Saville at the Park Bangsar location

Saville @ The Park is unique in that it is made up of two blocks of 27-storey condominiums, and 2.5 storey semi-detached houses (marketed as twin villas).

The problems mentioned by the residents appear to be focused exclusively on the condominiums.


Problems At Saville @ The Park Bangsar?

The residents shared about 80 photos of various problems and defects at Saville @ The Park, Bangsar.

Saville Bangsar sunset

Some are minor / inconsequential, some are common to many developments, while others are major whoopers. For your convenience, we clustered them into these categories :

At the end of this article, we will also share with you screenshots of conversations between a resident and Desmond Tan from MKH. It is a very illuminating and disturbing conversation.

A literal twist in the plot, which will make you rethink everything about this case.

Please note that you will be reading grouses by Saville @ The Park, Bangsar residents. This is their perspective.

The developer, Amona Metro Development, deserves to be heard as well. We will update the article when we hear from them. But do not leave until you have at least read the last page.

Saville Bangsar pool


Sewerage Blockage & Leakages In The Saville Bangsar Condominiums

Problems with the sewerage is arguably the most disgusting problem for the residents. Whether the sewerage pipes are blocked or leaking, it’s a smelly and dangerous problem that must be fixed ASAP.

My neighbours came home to find their WHOLE HOUSE FLOODED WITH SHIT. Literally.

  • Saville Bangsar sewerage problems
  • Saville Bangsar sewerage problems
  • Saville Bangsar sewerage problems

Strange smelling water (sewege?)…is actually bubbling out from the flooring in the living room & balcony.

  • Saville at the Park Bangsar sewerage problems
  • Saville at the Park Bangsar sewerage problems
  • Saville at the Park Bangsar sewerage problems
  • Saville at the Park Bangsar sewerage problems

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