#SayaMalaysia #IAmMalaysia #‎我是马来西‬ #நான்மலேசியா

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Like a rainbow at the end of a storm, the ugliness of the Low Yat Riot has led to a grassroots effort to wipe out racism and unite Malaysians. Introducing the #SayaMalaysia #IAmMalaysia #‎我是马来西‬ #நான்மலேசியா campaign.

This effort was initiated by Tariq Ismail, the grandson of the late Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman and co-founder of Aura Merdeka, a civil society group behind the “I am #26” online petition. Together with other Malaysians who desire a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, he came up with these “creeds” or “ikrar“.

The #IAmMalaysia creed
The #IAmMalaysia creed
The #SayaMalaysia ikrar
The #SayaMalaysia ikrar

The #‎我是马来西‬ creed

The #நான்மலேசியா creed
The #நான்மலேசியா creed

Please feel free to copy and share these statements! Let’s spread them far and wide.

Show your solidarity with the vast majority of Malaysians who not only see beyond the colours of everyone’s skin, but actually embrace and celebrate the multiculturalism that makes Malaysia the country it is today. Show everyone what real Malaysians feel!

You can post these statements in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your own websites. You can also share directly from Tariq Ismail’s Facebook album for the #SayaMalaysia #IAmMalaysia #‎我是马来西‬ #நான்மலேசியா initiative. Let’s make it VIRAL in Malaysia!

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