Australian PM Scott Morrison Said Madonna Died?!

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Like Donald TrumpAustralian PM Scott Morrison is being laughed at for mistaking Maradona for Madonna!

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!


Australian PM Scott Morrison Thought That Madonna Died?

A screenshot of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s tweet about Madonna’s death is tickling people all over the Internet.

Sad to wake up to the news of Madonna passing away overnight.

Material Girl is one of my all time favourite albums. RIP

Australian PM Scott Morrison Thought That Madonna Died?


The Scott Morrison Madonna Death Tweet : Just Parody!

The truth is Scott Morrison never posted that tweet. It was posted by a parody account, and people just assumed it was genuine.

Fact #1 : It Was A Scott Morrison Parody Account

We traced the origin of the viral screenshot to this tweet by the Scott Morrison PM of Australia (parody) account.

The real Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison definitely did not post that tweet.

Scott Morrison parody Maradona death tweet

Fact #3 : The Donald Trump Tweet On Madonna Was Also False

US President Donald Trump was also said to have mistaken Diego Maradona for Madonna.

However, that viral tweet was edited, and not an actual tweet.

Fact #3 : Many People Are Mistaking Maradona For Madonna

That said, even ordinary netizens have been posting messages of condolences about Madonna’s premature death… so let us clarify it for everyone.

The Argentinian footballer, Diego Maradona (left) is the one who died. Not the American singer-songwriter, Madonna (right).

Did Donald Trump Mistake Maradona For Madonna? 😂


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