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Selamat Selebraya : A WebAR Experience + Contest!

To help you cope with the CMCO, Goodday Milk just launched Selamat Selebraya – a WebAR experience! Check it out!


Selamat Selebraya : A Goodday Milk WebAR Experience!

Through WebAR, Selamat Selebraya offers a 3D celebrity house visit during the Hari Raya season! Yes, you can now bring virtual celebrities to life for house visits!

Using the WebAR technology, there is no need to download or install any app. Just click on the link on your smartphone, give it access to your phone’s camera, and you will get an augmented reality model of your favourite celebrity.

You will be able to walk around with the celebrity, take pictures with him/her, or even make the celebrity perform a song!


Selamat Selebraya : A Goodday Milk Contest!

Goodday Milk also announced a creative photo challenge with exciting prizes, from now until 21 June :

Every week, 5 lucky winners with the most creative photos will get to win RM 500 cash each. There will be a total of RM 10,000 up for grabs!


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