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Seri Puteri School Cluster Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Working!

The Seri Puteri school cluster expanded to 139 positive cases, but what it really shows is how well the COVID-19 vaccine is working!


Seri Puteri School Cluster : What Happened?

The Seri Puteri school cluster originated from a teacher who became symptomatic on 22 November 2021, and was confirmed positive two days later.

Screening of the teacher’s close contact detected another seven (7) cases – another teacher, and six (6) students. This was when it was called Kluster Persiaran Tasik (Lake Promenade Cluster).

All six students were sent to the MAEPS quarantine and treatment centre, while the two teachers were quarantined at home.

On 1-2 December 2021, the Sepang Health Department screened 763 students, teachers and school employees, and detected 131 cases.

In total, this COVID-19 cluster now has 139 cases (out of 946 people screened) :


Seri Puteri School Cluster Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Working!

At first glance, the Seri Puteri school cluster appears to show that the COVID-19 vaccine has failed. After all. 139 people got infected despite being vaccinated against COVID-19.

But if you look at the data, it tells a different story…

According to the Health Minister, here’s the data on the first batch to be screened :

People screened : 451 (13 teachers, 1 employee, 437 students)
Positive cases : 73 (2 teachers, 71 students)

All teachers were fully-vaccinated.
All students (except four) were fully-vaccinated.

65 students were transferred to the MAEPS quarantine centre.
All positive cases are in Category 1 or Category 2A, all in stable condition.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) then followed up with additional information :

All 139 cases in the Seri Puteri school cluster are in stable condition, and they are all in Category 1 and Category 2A (symptomatic but low risk).

If you didn’t catch it yet, here’s the reason why this school cluster shows just how effective the COVID-19 vaccine has been.

ALL COVID-19 cases in this cluster were either asymptomatic (Category 1) or mildly symptomatic (Category 2A).

That is a clear example of how the COVID-19 vaccine has protected all those who were infected from hospitalisation and death.

I wrote long ago that COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against infection does not matter as much as its protection against hospitalisation and death.

Yes, it would be nice if the vaccine prevents COVID-19 infection (and it does for many people), but its primary purpose is really to prevent hospitalisation and death.

In that respect, the COVID-19 vaccines are doing a brilliant job. So please make sure you vaccinate your kids to protect them against COVID-19!

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