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Does Sir Mean Slave I Remain? Let’s Find Out!

People are claiming that the honorific title Sir really means Slave I Remain, and that it originated with the British who used it to mentally enslave the Indians.

No, not the American Indians. We are referring to the Indians from India. 😀

Let’s take a look at the claim that Sir = Slave I Remain, and find out if it’s true!


Sir Means Slave I Remain?

First, let’s check out the claim, grammatical error and all.

You call everybody by title ‘Sir’. You know what is meant by word ‘Sir’..?

Slave I Remain (SIR)

The British during their rule wanted all Indians to address them as ‘Sir‘.

Even after 69 years of independence, we still keep calling everyone ‘Sir’.

Even American President is addressed ‘Mr. President’, not ‘Sir‘…..!!


Frankly, even I also didn’t know it. Spread this message fast. How intelligently they ruled and how foolish we are, still going on their ways.


Sir Is Not An Acronym For Slave I Remain

No, the honorific Sir is not an acronym. It does not mean Slave I Remain.

In fact, it is a stupid claim, because such an acronym would mean the person with the honorific is the slave, not the master.

Don’t believe me? Take Sir Anthony Hopkins, for example.

What does Slave I Remain Anthony Hopkins sound like? It actually sounds like he is calling himself a slave to the English crown. Not a master of the Indian people.


The British Have Been Using Sir For Hundreds Of Years

Despite what the hoax creator claims, the honorific Sir did not originate during the British colonisation of India.

The use of the English Sir was first documented as a title for knighthood in the year 1297, with its Middle French progenitor Sire being in use for the same purpose since 1205.

That means the British have been using the honorific Sir for 460 years before the British East India Company took over Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

The Treaty of Allahabad marked the beginning of British rule in India


Don’t Be Stupid I Remain (SIR)

Don’t worry if you got fooled by this hoax. Just be glad you now know the truth. But don’t be Stupid I Remain (SIR).

Stop sharing such hoaxes, and… SHARE THIS ARTICLE with your family and friends! 😀


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