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Skull Breaker Challenge Killed This Girl : Warn Your Kids!

The Skull Breaker or Tripping Jump challenge cost a 16-year old Brazilian girl her life, and many more have been injured by this stupid prank.

How long before TikTok can be “convinced” to ban videos of this idiotic and dangerous prank?


Skull Breaker Challenge Killed This Girl : Warn Your Kids!

Many of us can see that the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge is really dangerous, but kids do not seem to understand the dangers.

Emanuela Medeiros, a 16-year old Brazilian girl, lost her life to the Skull Breaker challenge on 11 November 2019, when her friends apparently attempted it on her.

According to Brazilian news website Globo, the tragedy happened at the Antônio Fagundes Municipal School in Mossoró, Brazil.

She hit her head on the ground after two other students attempted the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge (also known as the rasteira challenge) on her.

The school took her to the Regional Hospital Tarcisio Maia, in the Aeroporto district, but she sadly passed away.

Yet social media influencers like the Irmãos Fuinha duo are popularising the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Unfortunately, TikTok has so far refused to ban videos on the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge. So it is up to us to warn schools and our children about the dangers of this stupid prank!

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Tripping Jump Challenge : Warn Your Kids!

Anyone who hits the head like that can suffer anything from a concussion to fractures, a intracranial haemorrhage, permanent brain damage… or even death!

This is why the tripping jump challenge is so dangerous, and children should be warned about it ASAP!

Make sure your friends and the children you know are are of the danger of this social media challenge / prank, because irresponsible social media influencers like Irmãos Fuinha are popularising it to boost their fanbase.

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Anyone who does this to you is NOT a friend. Dump these assholes! They are NOT your friends!

And if you see anything attempt this, please STOP them and report the incident to the authorities.

We should also do our best to pressure TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube into banning such videos!


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