Skull Breaker TikTok Challenge : One Mother’s Warning!

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The Tripping Jump Challenge, also known as the Skull Breaker Challenge, is all the rage on TikTok – the social media platform that kids favour these days.

And it’s putting children’s lives at risk of head injuries, permanent brain injury, and possibly even death!

One mother, Valerie Hodson, recently shared how her son was knocked unconscious with a head injury, after becoming a victim of the tripping jump / skull breaker challenge!


Skull Breaker TikTok Challenge : One Mother’s Warning!

On February 8, 2020, Valerie Hodson of Arizona shared these photos of her son at the hospital, after two boys performed the tripping jump challenge on him, knocking him unconscious!

Skull breaker challenge injury - Valerie Hodson's son

On Wednesday my son was asked to do a jumping contest with his 2 “friends”, when he jumped up, the 2 boys kicked him, as hard as they could, so his legs flew out in front of him.

He landed hard flat on his back and head, as he struggled to get up he lost consciousness, he fell forward landing on his face.

The school monitor ran to his side, all the while the 2 boys were snickering and laughing as his stiff unconscious body lay on the asphalt.

Fast forward at the hospital, he has a head injury, stiches in his face, severe cuts inside his mouth and 2 front teeth I have to keep on eye on.

This apparently is a Tik Tok viral prank being filmed and gaining likes on social media.

Skull breaker challenge injury - Valerie Hodson's son

She also explained how the tripping jump / skull breaker challenge involved the victim being completely unaware of the prank, and trusting the two perpetrators enough to do it.

Thought I’d clarify, no he did not know this was going to happen. The boys in question he has known for quite sometime, so his trust of them was warrented.

The premise of the prank is to get an unsuspecting individual to jump, so the pranksters can kick/trip the person to see how hard they fall.

It is CRITICAL that we warn schools and kids about this danger, so no one will get tricked into becoming victims of this IDIOTIC and very DANGEROUS prank!

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Tripping Jump / Skull Breaker Challenge Danger!

Take a look at this video which showcases five different tripping jump / skull breaker challenge videos. Watch how ALL five victims hit the back of their heads, and at least two of them are knocked unconscious!

Anyone who hits the head like that can suffer anything from a concussion to fractures, a intracranial haemorrhage, permanent brain damage… or even death!

This is why the tripping jump / skull breaker challenge is so dangerous, and children should be warned about it ASAP!

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Make sure your friends and the children you know are are of the danger of this social media challenge / prank, because irresponsible social media influencers like Irmãos Fuinha are popularising it to boost their fanbase.

Anyone who does this to you is NOT a friend. Dump these assholes! They are NOT your friends!

And if you see anything attempt this, please STOP them and report the incident to the authorities.

We should also pressure TikTok into banning such videos. We should not let them get away with this!


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