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Skull Breaker TikTok Challenge Continues To Injure Children!

Even after TikTok agreed to remove Skull Breaker videos, kids continue to be injured by the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge.

We really need to make sure both the schools and our children are aware of the dangers and the consequences of the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge.

To that end, we compiled, and will update, this list of injuries that have been confirmed to be caused by the Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump challenge.


Skull Breaker / Tripping Jump / Rasteira Challenge On TikTok Explained!

The tripping jump challenge appears to have originated in South America as the Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok, so you may hear it referred to as Rompcráneos or Rasteira in Spanish.

Many people pooh-poohed the initial reports of the Skull Breaker TikTok challenge, claiming that it was a hoax.  But it quickly spread across the world, as kids and even adults try to record themselves pranking others with it.

The challenge is simple in concept, but takes two to play it and an innocent victim to make fun of.

  1. Trick the victim into thinking that the two of you want to record a slow-motion video of all three jumping.
  2. Set up a camera to record the action, or have someone record it for you.
  3. As the victim jumps, you both kick his / her legs, so the victim falls flat while you guys laugh.
  4. Share the video on TikTok for likes!

Although at least one girl died from the challenge, it took months of public outrage before TikTok agreed to remove all such videos from their platform.


Skull Breaker TikTok Challenge Continues To Injure Children!

While TikTok may have agreed to remove Skull Breaker videos when they find them, children (well, bullies) are apparently continuing with the challenge!

Either TikTok has not been particularly diligent, or the pranksters and influencers have given the challenge a new name. But the fact still remains – children continue to be victimised and injured by this stupid challenge.

We are also greatly concerned by some people who insist that this is an Internet hoax, or a mass hysteria event; and that parents and schools should not scare children with such silly tales.

Therefore, we decided to compile this public record of the injuries caused by the Skull Breaker TikTok challenge, so that there can be no doubt that the Skull Breaker TikTok challenge is REAL, and it continues to injure children.

11 November 2019 : Emanuela Medeiros (Killed)

16-year old Emanuela died after hitting her head on the ground during the Skull Breaker challenge (known then as the rasteira challenge) at the Antônio Fagundes Municipal School in Mossoró, Brazil.

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Circa January 2020 : Lilian Calabianqui (NA)

Lilian was tricked into performing the Skull Breaker challenge by her own sons, the social media influencers who call themselves Irmaos Fuinha.

They were the ones who popularised the Skull Breaker challenge on TikTok, and arguably made it go global.

In their video, it was obvious that they knew about the danger and caught their mother before she hit her head on the floor.

Unfortunately, they did not warn the millions of young fans about that – and so, it set off a chain of injuries across the globe.

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Late January 2020 : Marc and Stacy Shenker’s Son (Physical Therapy)

Marc and Stacy Shenker’s 13-year old son suffered a concussion in the Skull Breaker Challenge at the Cherry Hill middle school in New Jersey.

A month after that incident, he still complains of lethargy and headaches, and is on academic restriction. He is also starting physical therapy.

4 February 2020 : Unknown Student (NA)

The video of the Skull Breaker TikTok challenge being performed on a student at the Santo Tomas de Aquino School in Caracas, Venezuela went viral.

The very next day, the Chacao municipality posted this on Instagram, warning against the challenge :

4 February 2020 : Unknown Student (NA)

A 16-year old girl was bullied by two students into performing the challenge at the South Dade Senior High School :

According to the victim, two other students at the school asked her to jump as high as she could. One of the students jumped with her to see who could jump higher while the other stood off to the side.

“They kept asking me until I said yes,” the 16-year-old freshman said.

When the victim jumped, the two students swept her legs out from under her, causing her to fall backwards and hurt her neck and head.

“I jumped really high and I remember them kicking me off my feet and I fell on my head,” she said.

The two perpetrators including the student filming the challenge were disciplined, but the victim had to transfer to another school, and is currently being treated for her injuries.

5 February 2020 : Justin Hodson (Hospitalised)

Justin was tricked into the Skull Breaker TikTok challenge, and hit his back and head. He lost consciousness trying to get up, and fell forward, injuring his face as well.

He was hospitalised with a head injury, stitches to his face, severe cuts inside his mouth and two front teeth injured.

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Early February 2020 : Olivia Ross

In Portland, Oregon, Olivia Ross was tricked into performing the Skull Breaker challenge by two upperclassmen seniors at the Mountainside High School. She blacked out and had a headache after hitting her head :

“These seniors asked me if I would jump for their TikTok video. I remember like blacking out for a second and I started to get like an instant pressure headache,” Ross said.

You can clearly see from the screenshot below, that the two school seniors then posted the video on TikTok.

Olivia’s mother, Lindsay Zobrist, pointed out that anyone who types “Skull Breaking Challenge” or “Jumping Prank” or “Jump Trip” into TikTok will see hundreds of such videos.

11 February 2020 : Parker Smith (Broken Arm)

12-year old Parker Smith from Alabama broke both the radius and ulna bones of his right arm, after being tricked into participating in the Skull Breaker Challenge.

14 February 2020 : Aubrey Ortiz (Hospitalised)

12-year old Aubrey Ortiz from the South Brook Middle School was tricked by a boy and a girl at her school, who asked her to “learn a dance”.

“They kicked my legs over, and (one girl) grabbed my legs and slammed them to the ground,” Ortiz said. “I went numb and couldn’t do anything. I struggled getting up.”

23 February 2020 : Kathleen DeJesus (Hospitalised)

13-year old Kathleen DeJesus was targeted at the Lawrence Massachusetts Middle School, and spent two days in the hospital for a severe concussion :

“I was screaming that I needed an ambulance,” said Kathleen. “I was thinking like ‘Oh my God I’m going to lose my life over this game.’ I should have never done it.”

25 February 2020 : Ke’Avion Hearn (Hospitalised)

Ke’Avion Hearn – a brain cancer survivor – was tricked into performing the challenge, and knocked unconscious by his classmates at the Southeast Arkansas Preparatory High School :

“They said all you go to do is jump,” Ke’Avion recalled. He says he never knew what those classmates were about to do to him.

“I jumped, they kind of kicked me out under my legs so I can’t land,” he said. “All I remember is being on the floor.”

His mother, Kimberly Hearn said, “He doesn’t deserve that, no child deserves that. You made him fall on his head. That’s got to be so cruel, and you found it to be so funny.”

Hearn pointed out that getting hit on the head was even more dangerous for Ke’Avion, who underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy a few years ago for a large brain tumour.


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