Can You Wear Slippers / Sandals While Driving In Malaysia?

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Can you wear slippers or sandals while driving a car in Malaysia? Here is what you need to know!


Are Police Checking For Driving With Slippers In Malaysia?

A video went viral recently, showing a police officer stopping a man, and asking if he’s wearing slippers or shoes.

Many Malaysian netizens were shocked by video. Some speculated that the police are looking for a kick-back, while others said that it’s to check if people were going to work or having a joyride.


Can You Wear Slippers While Driving In Malaysia?

So can you wear slippers while driving in Malaysia?

That really depends on whether you are driving a personal vehicle, or a commercial vehicle.

Fact #1 : You Can Wear Slippers While Driving A Private Vehicle

There are no laws that forbid you from wearing slippers or sandals while driving a private vehicle.

However, wearing slippers or sandals while driving a commercial vehicle (like a lorry, bus or taxi) is an offence under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987.

The person who recorded the video was a taxi driver. That’s why the police officer let the car in front of him go, but stopped to question him.

Can You Wear Slippers / Sandals While Driving In Malaysia?

Fact #2 : Commercial Vehicle Drivers Must Wear Appropriate Attire

Drivers of commercial vehicles do not just have to wear proper shoes while driving, they have to be properly attired.

Section 15(b) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 requires drivers of commercial vehicles to be properly attired.

What that means is really ambiguous, but in the past has included wearing slippers or sandals while driving.

JPJ confirmed that it is mandatory for drivers of commercial and public vehicles to wear fully-closed shoes. Those who do not can be fined under the Road Transportation Act 1987.

JPJ Driving With Slippers Letter

Fact #3 : Driving With Slippers Is Dangerous

Even though it’s legal to drive a private vehicle with slippers or sandals, I highly advise you NOT to do that.

Driving with slippers or sandals have been shown to increase the risk of accidents through :

  • increasing the time it takes to work the pedals.
  • delay your reaction time.
  • reduce the amount of force on the pedals.
  • getting lodged under the pedals

Even if you don’t get a ticket for not wearing proper shoes while driving, you could end up in a bad accident.

Please stop wearing slippers while driving!

Can You Wear Slippers / Sandals While Driving In Malaysia?

Fact #4 : Taking Off Your Slippers / Shoes Is Also Dangerous!

For those who like to drive barefoot, please don’t do that either!

Taking off your shoes or slippers before driving is a recipe for disaster, as they can get lodged under the pedals.

Imagine trying to pump the brake pedal with your shoe or slipper lodged under it.

If you really, REALLY must drive barefoot, please place your footwear in the passenger’s compartment.


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