The StemTech StemEnhance Scam Debunked!

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StemTech International & Dr. Dale Peterson


StemTech International Responds!

Due to the high number of views the Tech ARP forum thread accrued, StemTech International was forced to come in and issue their own statement.

bnoar lodged this post as an official response by StemTech International :

I have become aware of your thread about our company and offer the following response in attempt to get the true facts out:

1) Stemtech does not have operations in Singapore and cannot locate a distributor record of anyone matching the name used by the person who posted all these claims and responses.

2) Stemtech products are nutritional supplements, not drugs, and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent ANY illness or disease. Our only claim about StemEnhance is that it has been scientifically documented to support an increase in the amount of circulating adult stem cells in humans. According to the US Government’s Institutes for Health, “The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue…”

3) Although Christian Drapeau and independent research scientist, Gitte Jensen, previously performed work associated with Celltech, this should not be confused with Stemtech, an entirely different company. Stemtech has no affiliation whatsoever with Celltech.

4) Our StemEnhance product, which consists of a patented blend of two nutrient-rich proprietary AFA concentrates, should not be confused with the Celltech product. StemEnhance is manufactured and quality-tested according to strict GMP standards and has a superior safety record.

I trust that this addresses your concerns. Thanks.



I Address StemTech International’s Claims

Thank you for responding.

1) Stemtech does not have operations in Singapore and cannot locate a distributor record of anyone matching the name used by the person who posted all these claims and responses.

I’m surprised that you haven’t heard from Carl Lang, as I did request that he consult you guys to verify the claims that he has been asserting on your behalf. If you need more information on your errant distributor/reseller, I would be more than happy to pass you his e-mail address.

2) Stemtech products are nutritional supplements, not drugs, and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent ANY illness or disease. Our only claim about StemEnhance is that it has been scientifically documented to support an increase in the amount of circulating adult stem cells in humans. According to the US Government’s Institutes for Health, “The primary roles of adult stem cells in a living organism are to maintain and repair the tissue…”

I’m glad you cleared that up, because he has been claiming that StemEnhance will treat “conditions such as lupus, cancers, heart problems, diabetes, spinal injuries, liver and kidney problems, brain tumours, and many many more

Just to be clear to everyone reading this thread, you have just confirmed that StemEnhance will NOT cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease. That, I believe, pretty much sums up the effect, or should I say lack of effect, of StemEnhance.

Regarding the singular claim that StemEnhance will support an increase in adult stem cells, that’s actually pretty vague. Can you enlighten us on these points?

1. Can you please quote the study that showed the increase?
2. Was it a randomized, double-blinded study?
3. Was it ever peer-reviewed?
4. In which publication was the study published?
5. How large was the study? As in how many test subjects were there?
6. What was the quantity of increase in adult stem cells noted?
7. How long did the increase in adult stem cells last? What was its half-life?
8. What was the dose of StemEnhance necessary to elicit the increase in adult stem cells?
9. Did the increase in adult stem cells have any noticeable effect on the health of the test subjects?
10. What were the side effects noted during the study?

3) Although Christian Drapeau and independent research scientist, Gitte Jensen, previously performed work associated with Celltech, this should not be confused with Stemtech, an entirely different company. Stemtech has no affiliation whatsoever with Celltech.

I’m sure StemTech and CellTech are different companies, despite the almost similar names. But both StemTech and CellTech’s products are based on the same aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) algae harvested from the Upper Klamath Lake, and StemTech principals are ex-CellTech employees, so I don’t think there’s any confusion about their affliation. They may not be blood brothers, but at the minimum, I think we would consider them kissing cousins.

4) Our StemEnhance product, which consists of a patented blend of two nutrient-rich proprietary AFA concentrates, should not be confused with the Celltech product. StemEnhance is manufactured and quality-tested according to strict GMP standards and has a superior safety record.

Yes, I do believe your StemEnhance product is similar yet different from what CellTech was peddling. But would it be possible for you to give us the low-down on the ban on StemEnhance by the Canadian health authorities? That does run counter to your claim of a superior safety record.

5) I trust that this addresses your concerns. Thanks.

I’m sure glad we are hearing from a StemTech representative directly. You have cleared up the biggest misconception about your StemEnhance product by confirming that it is not able to cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease. For that, I thank you.

I hope you would be able to address our other concerns (see above). I eagerly await your response. Thanks!

Dr. Adrian Wong

I never heard back from them.


The Cancer Risks Of StemEnhance

I found a very good article on StemEnhance by Dr. Dale Peterson. It’s a very long article, which you can read in its entirety @ StemEnhance has significant risks and is of questionable benefit

What’s startling about his article is not that StemEnhance is a health hazard (it is), but the fact that stem cell enhancers can potentially INCREASE the risk of cancer, or ENHANCE the growth of any existing malignancy. To quote Dr. Peterson, “bone marrow stem cell release is a two-edged sword. While they can participate in the healing process, it is becoming clear that they can also predispose to cancer development and promote more aggressive cancer growth and increase the risk of metastases.

StemEnhance 03

Here’s an excerpt of his article. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the important parts of his article.

The following story first appeared as a Wellness Update on February 14, 2007. On February 24, 2007 I received a lengthy response from Christian Drapeau, the creator of StemEnhance. He assured me that he has research ready for publication that will demonstrate that StemEnhance continues to regularly stimulate bone marrow stem cell release when taken over a two year period. Unfortunately he expressed a total disregard for the potential toxicity of the product and a complete lack of appreciation of the manner in which bone marrow stem cells promote cancer growth and metastases. Mr. Drapeau’s remarks are posted in their entirety following the original article, with my comments in blue.

StemEnhance: New Story, Old Risks?

Judging by the number of e-mails and phone calls I am receiving promoting the latest, greatest, cure-for-all-diseases, Stem Enhance is taking the nation by storm. Unfortunately, the main thing that is new about the product is its name. Within its carefully crafted marketing package are found extracts from a once highly profitable cure-all that saw its sales plummet after it was discovered that the product is prone to contamination with a potentially fatal liver toxin and carcinogen.

Stem Enhance is a product that supposedly increases the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. However, the ability of the product to produce a sustained release of stem cells has never been shown. Neither is there any evidence that an increased release of stem cells from the bone marrow is going to have a positive impact on a person’s health.

The creation of Stem Enhance appears to be a ploy to boost the sagging sales of blue-green algae. At its peak in popularity blue-green algae boasted $400 million in sales annually and was claimed to be able to cure in excess of 600 diseases!

Stem Tech, unlike the original blue-green algae promoter Cell Tech, does not refer to the product as “blue-green algae” but by its scientific name “Aphanizomenon flos-aquae”. Stem Tech also states that the product is comprised of extracts from the algae, rather than the whole plant.

My review of the medical literature on aphanizomenon flos-aquae revealed that 97 of 99 bottles of blue-green algae analyzed by independent researchers have been found to contain a microtoxin capable of causing liver failure. A wrongful death lawsuit involving a young girl who worked for Cell Tech and died of liver failure after taking their products is pending.

In February 2003 Cell Tech was found guilty of making 30 false, misleading, or deceptive claims and ordered to refund the full purchase price to any California customer who had bought the product between 1997 and 2002 if they requested a refund. That sort of publicity seriously affected Cell Tech’s bottom line, so a new product name (Stem Enhance) with a new story line (enhanced stem cell release) was needed.

Stem Enhance appears to be the creation of Cell Tech’s original Director of Research & Development, Christian Drapeau, who is now the Chief Science Officer for Stem Tech. Three additional former Cell Tech executives are part of Drapeau’s “Desert Lake Technologies”.

Drapeau, in collaboration with Gitte Jensen, first published a paper in the journal Medical Hypotheses. Medical Hypotheses is not a journal that shares data or facts; it is a forum for proposing theories. In the article Drapeau and Jensen state, “we propose the hypothesis that in situ mobilization of stem cells from the bone marrow and their migration to various tissues is a normal physiological process of regeneration and repair.”

It is important to understand that what was stated is simply a theory. There is little evidence to support the hypothesis. It is true that a few autopies of individuals who have died following bone marrow transplants have found an occasional somatic (non-blood) cell that has developed from the transplanted bone marrow stem cells, but this does not mean that the migration of bone marrow stem cells to various tissues for regeneration or repair occurs under normal circumstances.

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to turn itself into various types of mature cells. Bone marrow stem cells typically turn into red blood cells, different types of white blood cells, and platelets. Somatic (non-bone marrow stem cells) are found in many body tissues and have the ability to develop into different types of mature cells depending upon what is needed.

Interestingly, because stem cells have a greater capacity for sustained replication than other cells, they are being implicated in the development of cancer. It is therefor rather ridiculous to assume that stem cells are some sort of magic bullet to prevent cancer or other diseases.

Having put forth the hypothesis that bone marrow stem cells migrate to other tissues for repair purposes, Drapeau subsequently published an article showing that volunteers given 1 gram of blue-green algae had been found to have an increased number of bone marrow stem cells in their blood stream. This was not a long-term study. The volunteers consumed the algae once and had their blood analyzed. An increased number of circulating blood cells was found, peaking 60 minutes after the algae was taken. From this limited data Drapeau extrapolates that every 1 gram of blue-green algae will potentially cause the release of a few billion cells that will migrate to target tissues.

Unanswered, but important, questions remain:

– Is the release of bone marrow stem cells into the blood stream positive or a negative?
– Will it increase the risk of cancer development?
– Will it adversely affect the number of mature red cells, white cells, and platelets?
– Does the observed release of bone marrow stem cells after consumption of blue green algae mean that the algae is beneficial, or is it a stress response to the algae or an unrecognized contaminant?
– If the release is beneficial, is it sustained, or does the number of stem cells released decrease with subsequent servings?
– Is there any long term response that might justify ongoing consumption of the product?
– Do extracts from aphanizomenon flos-aquae carry the same risks of contamination as whole blue-green algae? This must be documented by independent laboratory analysis, and I have been unable to find any evidence that this is routinely performed on each lot of the product.

People love magic pills, gimmicks & slick web sites, even when they may be hazardous to their health. I have to give Stem Enhance’s creators credit – not everyone could turn a potentially deadly pond scum into the cure-for-all-diseases.


Summary Of StemEnhance Health Risks

Basically, there are now two BIG problems with StemEnhance :

1. The health risks posed by arsenic and microcystin toxins in the algae. On Mr. Drapeau’s assertion that there are no microcystin toxins, Dr. Milena Bruno (a leading authority on the toxicity of blue-green algae) has this to say :

Dear Dr. Peterson,

I cannot agree with Mr. Drapeau. Apart from human acute toxicities (one of these in Italy, but I knew some cases in USA in the eighties’ due to Klamath pills), the real concern with these BGA products is the microcystin pattern present in the Klamath algae.

Microcystin-LA is often one of the two main toxins present, while MC-LR, MC-RR and MC-YR are the only toxins entirely “seen” by the ELISA immunologic methods used by the firms laboratories of control. This can lead to heavy underestimates of the total microcystin content in these products, if analyses are not performed on LC/MS/MS.

Microcystins have several chronic consequences, they are clastogenic, strong tumor initiators and promoters, they are also endocrine disruptors, and their effects are synergistic.

Long-term consumption can bring serious problems, not fully understood.

On the other hand, no serious studies exist (in vitro or in vivo) on the supposed positive effects of these products.

Other troubles may come from BMAA and neurologic pathologies.

Best wishes

Dr. Milena Bruno

2. There is a potential risk that these stem cell enhancers (if they truly work as advertised) will INCREASE the risk of developing cancer, or cause any existing malignancies to spread more aggressively. Here are some quotes that Dr. Peterson provided from recent research papers :

Xiong-Zhi W, Dan C, Guang-Ru X. Bone marrow-derived cells: roles in solid tumor. Neoplasma. 2007;54(1):1-6. : The role of cancer stem cells has been demonstrated for some cancers. Recently, research indicated that solid tumors may originate from bone marrow stem cells.

Takakura, N. Role of hematopoietic lineage cells as accessory components in blood vessel formation. Cancer Sci. 2006 Jul;97(7):568-74. : Most recently we found that hematopoietic cells play major roles in tumor angiogenesis by initiating sprouting angiogenesis and also in maturation of blood vessels in the fibrous cap of tumors.

Varner, JA. Stem cells and neurogenesis in tumors. Prog Exp Tumor Res. 2007;39:122-9. : These same stem cells may contribute to tumor growth and spread. Tumors express numerous growth factors that induce both angiogenesis and neurogenesis; these factors may also induce tissue-resident stem cell recruitment and differentiation. Tumors also recruit circulating bone-marrow-derived stem or progenitor cells, which play roles in promoting tumor growth and spread.


Warning By The Philippines Department Of Health

This is a warning by the Philippines Department of Health from 2013, based on this FDA advisory (with our own emphasis) :

August 16, 2013 8:02am – Health authorities on Thursday warned the public against a dietary supplement being sold online and claiming to support the natural release of adult stem cells.

The Food and Drug Administration said the product “Stem Enhance” made by STEMTech Health Sciences. Inc. of Oregon is “dubiously labeled” as a dietary supplement.

This product is not registered by the FDA,” acting FDA head Kenneth Hartigan-Go said, adding product is now under investigation.

Go said StemEnhance AFA Extract Food Supplement is labeled as a food supplement with “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” and is different from “Stem Enhance.”

“The consumers are hereby warned that STEM ENHANCE has no curative value. No clinical studies or scientific justification has been shown to substantiate the claim that it can release adult stem cells from bone marrow into circulation. The health [benefit] claim is deceitful and fallacious,” he added.

Also, he said that since the product’s health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, “the public is hereby warned not to use and patronize the on-line sale of the said product.

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  1. George

    Dr Adrian Wong you are an idiot, a large one to be writing what you wrote here. Fact is you know nothing about what you are trying to deceive others about, if you have as much brain as a lizard you would remove this website, its evil and deceptive is the worst manner. You should be ashamed to be telling these lies to the public.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      George, feel free to debunk any of my points now that you are done with the ad hominem attacks. No? Didn’t think so. 😀

      After all, even StemTech themselves stated clearly that “StemEnhance will NOT cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease.”

      Don’t believe? Read what StemTech International posted in response to my article –

      You should be ashamed of trying to sell snake oil to gullible folks who could die from your greed and lack of ethics and morality.

      1. jackthewolf1017

        Dr. Wong; actually, you misquoted the StemTech material. The actual statement by StemTech includes the word, “intended”. The exact quote, to which you refer but misstate is; “Stemtech products are nutritional supplements, not drugs, and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent ANY illness or disease.” My question is WHY did you apparently, intentionally misquote StemTech? BTW, what type of “doctor” are you and from where did you receive your education?

    2. jackthewolf1017

      George, you appear to be a troll inasmuch as you offered NOTHING but criticism void of any factual rebuttal! In other words, you sound like a moron! BTW, I have no dog in this fight!

  2. John

    I think Dr Adrian Wong did a good job by sharing his findings and exposing dubious claims made by company like Stemtech. If their products are medically proven to cure so any illness, they would have sell the rights to giant pharmaceutical companies. Correction would be that giant pharmaceutical companies would go begging Stemtech to sell their formulas for a huge price. Instead Stemtech operated as a mlm company to sell products of no value at a high price to benefit those directors and distributors at the top of the pyramid.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Well said! If their products worked as advertised, Big Pharma would go begging, hat in hand, to buy over their company / patent.

      The fact that many MLM companies develop the same products but Big Pharma deigned to do so shows that they do not believe in the efficacy of these products.

      They are capitalists, after all. Why wouldn’t they want to make money off these products?

      Unless they know that these products do NOT work. I think those who buy MLM products should reflect on that…

      1. gentleaura

        The thing about Big Pharma is they strive for repeated use. They hate ‘single cure’ drugs, be it developed by their own capabilities or their competitors. Like illicit drugs, the aim is not just to sell you drugs to try once off, they need you to come back for more as long as you breath. If the product repairs your broken cells to be restored to the immune system of a teen, then its game over for them because you will not need the repeated dose. Think deeper.

  3. Donna G

    Last Sunday at my church we received a bottle from a couple that takes Stemenhance 3 religious (no pun intended). They have been taking it for sometime now. My husband is a diabetic, has neuropathy, restless legs syndrome. Knee and back problems. Not to mention myself I have arthritis in my hips, 2 bulging disc which one is near my spinal cord sack. Plus a rotor cuff tare in my right shoulder.
    Of course this couple was telling us that they have been feeling awesome. With having many medical issues of their own. Pretty much they have been cured.
    Well after reading many articles and reviews on StemEnhance 3. I’m definitely not taking this medicine. Why???
    Way to many risk factors.
    1. Liver cancer
    2. Cancer tumors
    3. Young Lady died from liver failure
    4. The company changed it’s name, I’m sure after the lawsuit of the young lady that died.
    Well anyway, I really tried to find the good in this supposed miracle pill. I say two thumbs down.

    I’m definitely letting the couple at my church know about the risks. If they still decide to take it, it’s their choice. At least I can sleep at night knowing that I told them of all the risks.
    Furthermore Pray nothing medical happens to them from taking these pills.


    Donna G

  4. Victor

    It is apparent that the producers of this website are focused entirely on destroying the reputation of the Stem Enhance products. I can only say that I and several members of our group are alive and functionally healthy after taking the Stem Enhance products, and beginning Stem Enhance products is the only change I made initially. Many of my problems (including some visible skin problems) have either gone away completely or markedly improved in severity. I have been taking the product now for about 4 1/2 years and I intend to continue.

  5. Maz

    No one has a bad word to say against vaccinations that are full of heavy metals and do harm to ppl and pets daily … not to mention the GMOs in our food and animals foods, plus the pesticides in food, the chemicals in cleaning products and personal care products. No one seems to have a word to say about ALL of these poisons … that’s before I talk about pet flea and tick control, worming products and the fluoride in our water … What is the matter with you all … there are more poisons floating around in our every day products that a few people using these stem cell boosters .. could be stem cell nutrition is NOT a drug, so it’ can’t make the big greedy pharma companies money. What about EMFs from mobile devices and modems !!! even the phone manufacturing companies have made sure legally that they can’t be sued in time to come .. YES they are fully aware of a brain cancer epidemic on it’s way. Start testing and complaining about these things that surround us daily .. so much so we can’t get away from any of them.

  6. Miky

    US government Biotech and medicine website has a study article reported:
    “….clinical trial of Stemtech™ in a group of Iranian diabetic patients. Stemtech™ intervention brought in favorable effects on HbA1c in our diabetic patients consequently suggest Stemtech™ as a functional food in management of diabetes.”.

    The full study content link can be found by google.

    Can Dr. Wong respond to the above?

    1. jackthewolf1017

      I read that as well. The problem is, how can we trust ANYTHING coming from the US government? If anything, I believe the EXACT opposite of their statements and findings and history has proven that to be a far more accurate barometer of their truth than taking them at face value!

  7. Troy wilson

    You’ve made a mistake by connecting StemEnhance to Stemtech.
    I cannot speak in StemEnhance. Never heard of it until today.
    I can tell you about Stemtech, though.

    About stem cell surgical therapy: if it is bonafide, it’s expensive. If it’s fake, that’s a crime.

    Stemtech is advanced nutrition specifically aimed at producing a large number of one’s own stem cells in high numbers with each serving of the M, C, R formulas.
    My experience; a bought a month supply but gave it to a friend whose own cardio/pulmonary life support was previously and officially measured at 5%. She had been awaiting a transplant but has not been healthy enough to get one. This was her condition for as long as I’ve known her, about 3 years. She always had great difficulty getting up one flight of stairs, stopping for pauses every few steps, sitting as necessary and vomiting when reaching the top. Her body filled with fluid because her genetically deteriorating heart could not move her fluids much at all. She has but one kidney.
    She recently experienced a decline in health, and called me to say goodbye. She had her daughter come in from out of town to be with her in her last hours. She had gained more water weight although she has been water-restricted, and developed large blisters of water on her lower extremities. She was in a lot of pain, knew she was dying, and wanted to say goodbye.
    I had mentioned Stemtech to her before, but she was skeptical. I took my supply to her.
    When I walked in to her apartment, she was prostate and could hardly breath, like a fish out of water, gasping for air noisily. Her face was red and she looked quite uncomfortable.
    She is always easy to laugh and smile – the kind of person to make personal gifts to hand out to an entire hospital ward, as she had been in a coma for months a couple years ago. This made it even easier to give my supply to.
    I insisted she take it at once.
    She did and within 15 minutes she sat up, was giggling, raising her arms above her head and commenting on how she hadn’t done that in a couple weeks and how easy it was for her to breathe. I was in awe but not surprised, based on what I had been told by a very knowledgeable distributor that my upline connected me to when I had questions.

    Within an hour she made me breakfast. Within a couple days she went to the hospital for the blisters, which had become infected. Within one week her life support was measured at 35%.
    She came home and went to her new doctor, which was two weeks after she started taking Stemtech. He measured her at 40% at could not understand what had happened. According to my friend, he kept re-reading her file, asking if she’s the same person and if he had the correct profile. He was in disbelief. He eventually gathered himself and asked her to return so he could follow her progress.

    She was halfway through my/her supply on that day. I suggested she cut the servings in half so it could last longer. ((We’ve both had financial difficulty.)
    She did cut it by half but said she felt like it wasn’t doing much. She was right. She went to a different hospital for the blisters, which started again. They measured her at 30% and were as stunned as anyone else.
    (She still smokes cigarettes, but very little – I tell her that any, especially for her, is plenty bad. )
    Then she decided to up the servings to full one day, half the next. That has her holding at about 35% life support.
    She’s working to get a month supply, as am I. I believe I will be able to work as much as I should be able to at 54 years old. I have Candida overgrowth, which causes the full gamut of symptoms – make no mistake – sporing fungi emit mycotoxins: not good outside nor inside the body. If I eat too much grain or processed foods, my skin will itch terribly within the skin of my feet and groin. The next day I will have invariably a migraine headache. The day after that I will likely soil my trousers because the colony in my intestine has exploded. There are other symptoms, such as an immediate hangover if I have even one beer, worse if two, which never offers the relaxation and giddiness associated with one or two drinks, because the large Candida colonies process to quickly he alcohol, breaking it down into the chemicals that are essentially the hangover. I also have aches in my joints, spasms in my muscles, hormone imbalances, insomnia and narcolepsy, brain fog, green toil nails that grow into my skin, the skin of my toes grows like shredded toenails or tree bark.
    Fungus grows under my fingernails: it’s attached to the skin there. It can’t be dug out – it needs to be cut out or trimmed after I cut my nails. Hair loss, excessive gas, feces that smells like a septic tank, urinary/bladder infection. (I often cannot hold my water.)I’m not diabetic, but Candida overgrowth causes or contributes greatly to diabetes II and insulin resistance.
    The Candida is controllable with diet, I know, but I’m often in denial about my condition. Being homeless currently makes it more difficult to keep healthy foods. I cannot eat most things. This is no way to live. And I won’t take fungicides.
    I’m looking forward to getting the stemtech for myself as well as tracking my friend’s health,
    Healing is Health is Life Itself. Without healing, we don’t have much at all.

    Please disassociate the Stemtech from StemEnhance. It’s not right. Stemtech has patents and patents pending. They are about to go public. I assure you that what I’ve seen is far more than I expected, especially at how fast. I’m also surprised that a company actually does what it says and delivers a quality Product that is well more than what I had imagined.
    The FDA and other agencies prohibit claims of cures, etc, and many people are litigious to a great degree (someone sued RedBull energy drink because it didn’t give them actual wings. And they won. The world has lost its mind.)
    If you haven’t researched the latest on stem cells and “polypotent” stem cells, you might look into it.
    Stemtech is no miracle, but it is miraculous. Why? Because our minds are closed to the greater truth, that our bodies heal themselves if the have what they need. But we are surrounded and filled with toxins from petroleum products, and our food supply lacks the nutrients we could be getting. Our bodies are meant to live a thousand years. That’s the truth. The world is so filled with fraud that we can’t imagine a life without it.
    Fraud is not sustainable, neither is our economy. But we will remain peaceful and caring for one another.


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