Steve Jobs’ Last Words – The Hoax & The Truth!

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Millions of people have shared what they thought were Steve Jobs’ Last Words. But guess what – they have all shared a FAKE STORY.

We will tell you the truth about Steve Jobs, so you won’t fall for these fake stories. Don’t forget to SHARE this article, because it’s the only way to stop the spread of such fake stories!

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Originally posted @ 2015-11-11


The Steve Jobs’ Last Words Hoax

This is the infamous Steve Jobs’ Last Words that have been shared by hundreds of thousands of people on social media and email chain letters.

Steve Jobs’ Last Words

I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.

However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am accustomed to.

At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death.

Steve Jobs Tim Cook


Were Those Really Steve Jobs’ Last Words?

Short answer – NO.

How do we know this? Let’s take a look…


We know what his last words really were

On the 30th of October 2011, the New York Times printed an eulogy by his sister, Mona Simpson. In that eulogy, she described his last moment :

Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times.

Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them.

Steve’s final words were:



Steve Jobs Was Not On Artificial Respiration

The fake speech claims that Steve Jobs was on artificial respiration. That’s not true. Although his family has been very private about his final days, we do know that he was not being kept alive by a mechanical ventilator.

The intubation required would have prevented him from saying anything. If he was being kept alive by a mechanical ventilator, he wouldn’t be able to say “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” as his sister revealed were his true last words.

In fact, on August 11, 2011 – less than two months before he died, Steve Jobs asked Tim Cook to visit him.  As recounted in Tim Cook’s book – Becoming Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs was more than capable of talking lucidly even then :

He told me he had decided that I should be CEO. I thought then that he thought he was going to live a lot longer when he said this, because we got into a whole level of discussion about what would it mean for me to be CEO with him as a chairman. I asked him, ‘What do you really not want to do that you’re doing?’

“It was an interesting conversation,” Cook says, with a wistful laugh. “He says, ‘You make all the decisions.’ I go, ‘Wait. Let me ask you a question.’ I tried to pick something that would incite him. So I said, ‘You mean that if I review an ad and I like it, it should just run without your okay?’ And he laughed and said, ‘Well, I hope you’d at least ask me!’

I asked him two or three times, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ because I saw him getting better at that point in time. I went over there often during the week, and sometimes on the weekends. Every time I saw him he seemed to be getting better. He felt that way as well. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.”

Finally, if he was really kept alive by a mechanical ventilator, it would have kept him alive. He wouldn’t have died of respiratory arrest, which was the immediate cause of death.

The fact that he did indeed die of respiratory arrest is evidence that he was not on artificial respiration


Steve Jobs Did Not Die In A Hospital

Alternate versions of this fake speech refers to him being in a hospital bed. Steve Jobs died at home, not in a hospital. The New York Times noted :

In his final months, Mr. Jobs’s home — a large and comfortable but relatively modest brick house in a residential neighborhood — was surrounded by security guards. His driveway’s gate was flanked by two black S.U.V.’s.

We don’t have an exact date for when he was confined to his home for his last days, but we do know that by August 11, 2011, he was permanently at home :

“He said, ‘I want to talk to you about something,’ ” remembers Cook. “This was when he was home all the time, and I asked when, and he said, ‘Now.’”

Steve Jobs' Last Words - The Hoax & The Truth!


None of the books written about him refers to these fake Last Words

He had an official biography written by Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs, ISBN 978-1501127625).

Walter Isaacson was given unprecedented access to his personal life, including over 40 interviews with Steve Jobs himself.

If Steve Jobs wanted to pass along such a message, he would have done it in that book. There is no mention of such a message in that biography.

He also had many books written about him :

None of them mentions this fake message.


Steve Jobs did not believe in God

The fake quote refers to God twice, which Steve would never do because he did not believe in God.

He was a Zen Buddhist, not the Lutheran Christian he was brought up to be.

Buddhism is a religion, but their adherents do not believe in God or gods.


Unbelievably bad grammar

The fake quote is replete with bad grammar. That is something Steve Jobs would never condone, being the perfectionist that he was. Needless to say, the writing style was not his either.


Steve Jobs was not afraid of death, he made use of it

The fake quote framed Steve Jobs as regretting that he spent his life in the pursuit of success at the expense of his family.

This cannot be further from the truth. Steve Jobs not only embraced his impending demise, he used it to spur him to make the most of his time left.

During his famous commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, he said that “Death is very likely the single best invention of life“.

He then expounded on using that knowledge that our impending deaths to spur ourselves to greater heights, and to do what we really want to do in life :

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs' Last Words - The Rojak Pot
Steve Jobs’ Last Words – The Rojak Pot


Steve Jobs did not pursue wealth, only his vision for Apple

The fake Steve Jobs’ Last Words allude to a mindless pursuit of wealth.

However, this cannot be further from the truth, because Steve Jobs earned a cool annual salary of $1 since he returned to a struggling Apple in 1997.

He was not the only corporate executive to do this, of course, as they can be compensated through alternate means like bonuses, stock options, etc.

Steve Jobs was notable, though, for not taking any alternative form of compensation since 2003.

He took virtually nothing in compensation for his time and effort at Apple because he was not pursuing wealth, but his vision.

His wealth, and his position at Apple, were the means to the end, not the goal itself.


Help Stop This Fake Steve Jobs Story

If you see the Steve Jobs Last Words story being shared, please DO NOT share it. Share this article with your friends instead.

Clickbait websites LOVE this fake story about Steve Job’s last words, because people keep sharing it and giving them likes, shares and clicks.

Don’t be part of this hoax, and stop helping them make money using fake stories.


The Message Is More Important Than The Truth?

When told the truth, many people were surprisingly hostile. They either refused to accept the truth, or told us that the message is more important than the truth.

The truth is – when we share a fake story about a famous person, it teaches other people that it’s okay to lie about people, as long as it’s for a good reason.

Do we really want to teach our children that? Do we really believe that it’s legal or even moral to tell lies about other people, even if it’s for a good reason?


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  1. Vijay Manikoth

    Thanks Adrian, for your input. Unfortunately, news in the Internet has come to a stage that we really don’t know who to believe or what to believe any more. Hence we should take everything with a pinch of salt, and also take what ever is worth absorbing, especially words of wisdom, no matter who it is attributed to. Steve Jobs was truly a great legend who accomplished so much, and the world is indebted to him. May his soul rest in eternal peace, Amen

    1. Max

      They may very well be fantastic words, but it is dishonest to use his name to spread what you like to hear. There are several things in that phony message that he would not have said ever. Thus it is obvious that someone is tarnishing his name because some commonly known soothing words mean a lot to them. Why use a deceitful approach if that someone is all about love, truth, honesty and beautiful things in life?

  2. Samuel T

    Ok well i know what Jesus last words were and not many people do and Gods first words on His sons arrival in Heaven so what Steve Jobs said is not too interesting to me as he reveled in making fun of the Bible using an apple with a bite taken out of it as the symbol for this company which as a compqny has excelled in some good ways but in other restrictive ways which i giess means excellence on one side and a controlling attitude on the other hand

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Samuel T,

      Steve Jobs did NOT create the Apple logo. Neither was he interested in making fun of the Bible. The origin of the Apple logo is far less “dramatic”… This was what Rob Janoff, the man who drew the logo, said about its origin as told to CNN’s Holden Frith :

      “I’m afraid it didn’t have a thing to do with it,” he said. “It’s a wonderful urban legend.”

      Janoff says that he received no specific brief from Steve Jobs, and although he’s hazy about how he settled on the simple outline of an apple, the reason for the bite is crystal clear: it’s there for scale, he says, so that a small Apple logo still looks like an apple and not a cherry.

      It wasn’t long before Janoff discovered the first happy coincidence of his design, when a colleague told him that “bytes” were the foundation stones of computing. The more romantic myth-making would follow soon behind.

      1. Helen Brown

        Hi Dr W,

        I read this Steve Jobs post last night and cried. April of 2011 my late spouse was also diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. He was a computer analysis/designer who started out a few years before Jobs. We read as news of Jobs failing health and stories of his activism in fighting his cancer surfaced. In the end, with all his money and all his efforts he lost ALL just as my husband did less than three months later.

        I am going through the boxes of my late spouse’s personal things and have come upon documents no one ever saw before, he was a prolific writer. My youngest daughter married this past year and wished she had something from her dad. Little did she know, I found a letter he wrote but never gave her. It was read at her wedding as we toasted the new couple… The photographer caught the beauty and awe of her hearing these precious words of wisdom and instruction about her future. He had been dead for three and a half years when I found this letter.

        What I read from this Steve Jobs memo doesn’t sound much different that what my husband thought as he approached death. My daughter said it sound like it could have been written by her dad.

        I totally agree that these were not his “Final verbal words” but the content sounds like a personal commentary of a man who has fought a serious battle but is now seeding to the fact that death can no longer be put off. I heard no hint of Christian reference only a comment of the approaching unknown.

        A person with hope is like a poker player who doesn’t show his hand. A person facing eminent death lays his cards on the table.

        If we don’t know from whom this message began circulating, could it possibly be that Jobs himself post dated this for the future? It could have been written the year before he died and implanted into a program to be released for a certain date. Just saying…

        1. Linda Ekman

          First off, I am so very sorry for your loss…I appreciate every word you have written and the comparisons you were able to make that most of us could not make. Thank you. I, like you, ended up in tears reading Job’s Last Words. I’ve read it more than once…and again after reading replies. It struck me in an entirely different way, it seems, than most. My thoughts quite mimic what I found in the lovely piece you wrote…I’d had many of your thoughts as I’d read…and I especially felt that his “last words” did not necessarily have to be the absolute last sounds uttered before his passing. And, in any case…his last words or just plain his words or not…they are words of wisdom well worth pondering for each and every one if us. Thus, it does not matter to me who’s words they were. Or are. As well, I think we all owe Steve Jobs a good deal of respect. That said, I wish you well and again I thank you for sharing. What a wonderful husband to have written the letter to your daughter that he did…and the timing so perfect when you found it, how you presented it
          to your daughter…oh my!! I cried again! What a lovely gift!

          1. Helen Brown

            Linda, Thank you for your kind words. My grandson rewrote the missive to an index card to be easily read at the toast. My teenage grandson cried as he read it… his Papa was much of a guru to his progeny as well as those he worked with.

            He once wrote a letter to his sister which she protested. He used street slang trying to be light hearted and funny. She wrote him back, pleading him never to write in this style ever again. She refused to see any humor, nor to accept him to speak in any tone other than what she was use to. He was trying to cope with something she couldn’t understand.

            If this Steve Jobs missive is fake, so be it, but if it is real, vindicate his right to speak beyond the grave.

        2. Mary U

          Thank you for your possible explanation of these somewhat controversial “last words” of Steve Jobs. I have not been convinced by Dr. Wong’s argument these are not the words of this dying man nor have I been certain he said them but you have presented the most convincing argument as to why these words may be showing up now.

          People who die suddenly are mourned long and missed terribly by those they love them precisely because we are left without an explanation or a sentiment we can hold onto while we say goodbye. However people who die slowly have time to reflect as do their loved ones. Their suffering can alter them and the way they see the world. I suffered an illness that, as it turns out, did not take me just a significant portion of my eye sight. However, the experience changed me profoundly! I was one person before the sudden onset of a life altering disease and a completely different one once I “recovered.” In fact, so different that my marriage needed therapy just to get through it. I was NO LONGER the same person my husband had married. Maybe, just maybe Steve Jobs suffering allowed him to see the world for what it is: small, unreliable and artificial…

          1. Helen Brown

            Mary I am so sorry for your loss though I’m thankful you survived. Having gone through such a life changing experience you now have empathy to understand this process.

            This could have been written during his liver transplant.

            “In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life support machine and hear the humming of mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of god of death drawing closer.”

            Lying in a hospital bed, possibly on heavy drugs and meditating on life and death isn’t a far fetched idea. For a brilliant mind like Steves, who fought off death from neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer for seven years; I’m sure he experienced times of great introspection.

            Is it possible for the late Steve Jobs to pen such a commentary at an earlier date then build it into a program to be revealed at a later date?

          2. Dr. Adrian Wong

            Mary, I’m not here to convince you. Only to inform you of the facts.

            Steve Jobs was a very public man when it comes to his ideas, his thoughts, his feelings. He made his views known very clearly when he was well, when he got sick and in his dying days.

            Take for example, his Stanford commencement speech, where he talked about embracing and using death to spur ourselves to greater heights. What is written above runs contrary to everything he has ever said.

            He also has umpteen books written about him, and he himself has written a ton of emails, all of which are publicly available in one way or another. Yet, you will NOT find a single source for any part of the “last words” in any of his personal correspondence, or public speeches.

            If you choose to believe a random Internet post with absolutely no reference and no supporting evidence, that is your right. I’m only here to inform you of the facts, not depriving you of the lessons.

        3. Timothy Hunter, Sr.

          To Helen Brown,
          What a sensible, thoughtful and insightful consideration to the challenge of the so called, “Last Fake Words” of Steve Jobs. I, too, agree and believe that words in life can drastically change in the face of impending death. Your assessment of the words of a man in hope that he will live, is very different from a man that knows that he will shortly die. As you alluded to it being like poker players. The one with hope, guards his hand but the one with no hope lays all his cards on the table. At death, the time of bluffing is over; Whatever you pretend, say, or refuse to acknowledge won’t change the outcome of your game. The game is over for you…why go on faking and pretending. At this point, “you let it all hang out” so to speak; the good, the bad and the ugly. Hindsight becomes 20/20. Also, I’m sure that there are things that you will see and say in life that diametrically changes once you are at the gorge of death. What was once priority is now unimportant or secondary at best. All of your plans fall, reluctantly, regrettably, hopelessly through your fingers with no ability to control the falling or the future. We will all become miraculously wiser or at least more cognitive as we enter the valley of the shadow of death. We are all sitting at the poker table now…bluffing, faking, pretending that we aren’t moved by the approaching death of our dealt / played hand…but you know inwardly there is fear and reluctance to meet that death…especially if you hoped or anticipated a winning end…and we all do. So, I stand with you, Helen. Steve Jobs was an awesome individual that changed the world…but at the end of the day, he had to face the fact of life like every other human…death. People talk about what Steve Jobs would never say. Never say never, until you have been there and then you’ll see an understand for yourself.

          1. Dr. Adrian Wong

            The problem with that opinion, Timothy, is that NO ONE can verify that they were there with Steve Jobs when he wrote these words, which you obviously think must be true.

            His family were there with him, Timothy, including his sister. She was VERY specific about what his last words were. If he wrote all that, did you not think she would mention that instead?

            The fact is you are just insisting it must be true, because you want to believe it is true. There is simply no evidence for those “Last Words” to be written by Steve Jobs, even if you write long paragraphs about what you imagine happens at the end of our days.

          2. Helen Brown

            Here’s an interesting passage from Walter Issacson’s interview about Jobs’ disdain for excess consumerism. ‘In a taped conversation, he (Jobs) tells Isaacson how he saw Apple staffers turn into “bizarro people” by the riches the Apple stock offering created, it said.’

            I think the way to debunk the mysterious story is to track down where it originated. Anyone can cut/paste and tack on, Share. I’m not for or against wether he wrote this or not. It’s neither here nore there.

            My husband, who was also a health nut, died a few months after Jobs of neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. He was an archetec/developer for a worldwide company, having phenominal IT skills was known to talk others through critical problem solving in the middle of the night, over the phone, while only half awake., He left me a wonderful legacy of amazing writings I’m still finding. In my book, “Still waters run deep!”

          3. Timothy Hunter

            Dr. Wong only the contrary is true of what you intimated in your response to my comment on the so called, “Last ‘Fake’ Words of Steve Jobs”. Let me firstly say that I did not think, as you inferred, that Steve Jobs last words were his literal last words or as you think, i.e. his dying words. Why is it so difficult for you to accept the possibility that Steve Jobs could have had a new revelation; a new awakening, if you will, as he entered the valley of the shadow of death. In many things in my life I’ve done an 180* turn about. As I have experienced and matured, I’ve also grown wiser with new information, new insight and honest interpretations with ability to accept what is true, not what I want to believe. My position to believe what is said to be his last words are just as plausible & possible as your position to choose not to believe them to be his last words. You seem determined to reject the good and positive “last words” because YOU hope and wish they weren’t his. That doesn’t change a thing; only, like everyone else, YOUR opinion. You weren’t there either. So, Don’t be dogmatic as though only you possess the power to know / read minds of others. Leave a little room on your side too for error. YOU COULD BE WRONG.You said that I have no evidence that those “last words” are true. Agreed. You have no EVIDENCE that those “last words” are not true. At the end of the day we have the same choices…to accept or reject. I ACCEPT. This wasn’t too long, was it? 🙂

    2. Roots

      Sorry. Were the early humans known as the ‘cavemen’ or australopithecus afarensis? Do I assume that they were created by God. Does anyone know how did they convey the first words of God ? There were no known writings except primitive drawings found in the caves

  3. Dieudonne

    Thank you Adrian, I found the site while verifying about these quotes that are being shared on social media, because on my understanding it did not sound as Jobs’ words as he found his passion earlier in life, lived his life with purpose and regretting following his dreams was not his style.

  4. glennklink

    I appreciated reading this ‘version’ of reality, Dr. Wong. It was truly sad to read/learn this, but sometimes the truth is not what we would otherwise prefer to hear. I myself am unfamiliar with what you cited here. Yet I found what was espoused too romantic and doubted the authenticity, despite me concurring with the overall theme – which I practice in my own life.
    Wishing you the best of health, gdk

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      Sadly, this isn’t true. I wished it was, but it isn’t. You are right that this story is too “romantic”. That is not who Steve Jobs is.

      Those who follow Steve Jobs knows that he has never, and would never, write something like that. Other than his personal life, he was a very public person. Very outspoken about what he liked and didn’t like.

      But we should, nevertheless, strive to practice the lessons above, even if they were not Steve Jobs’ advice. Cheers and the best of health to you too! 😀

  5. Tom Armbruster

    When it’s all about protecting yourself, more comfort, more security, more prestige . . . is that the best we can do? At the end of our lives to say we had a convenient life? . . . You were meant for love. You were created to act as the dignified children of God.

  6. L.B. Del Rosario

    Steve job’s last words may not be his, some commented it is fake. It does not matter who wrote it, the statements are meaningful and can leave to someone to think about wealth and other things more valuable in life.

  7. George

    Does it really matter if it was his last words? Does it matter if he wrote it 3 months, 12 months or 2 years earlier, at a time where he was reflecting on his life, on his eminent death.. Is the message in it hurting anyone? Or do we feel what is written is wrong? Hurtful? Untrue? Misleading?… The message is about love.. Living a full happy healthy life… The message makes Us think about ur own life.. Ur loved ones.. The time u spend focusing on materialistic things such as money, wealth and fame… Read it for what it is… Rather than point score on who wrote it and when. If U are lucky enough to have a full and happy healthy life, don’t waste it on greed and fame, because ultimately love is the only thing u can take with u in your heart.

    1. rjones2818

      If he did not write something that goes against his general mindset, and it is credited toward him, doesn’t that demean Jobs? Sure, he’s dead and therefore doesn’t care if he’s demeaned or not. On the other hand, the person who believes Jobs said it (assuming he didn’t) understands a lie as being the truth.

    2. cristof

      to those dimwits who want to beleive the lengthy fake quote like gHollywood deathbed speech (cohernet and remembering everything from Mom to Mrs T, my 1st grade teacher and her influence on my life), what is wrong with you? Especially those who say, “gee, even if they werent his words, the sentiment is what counts cause he might have felt it . . .to does it matter if they werre his ast words . . . here is my take:
      would it matter if Jesus’ lst words were, “Get me outta here! This is a aod of crap!”. I think an accurate accounting is more important than what YOU would like to feel.imagine someone said.

      1. George

        U have told ur kids Santa isn’t real? U wouldn’t want them to imagine or believe in something that wasn’t an accurate account of what happens xmas eve would u?… it must be miserable to know you and have to listen to your views and outlook on the world and life everyday… .. I’d rather go thru life being naive and finding something positive out of an unconfirmed comment or quote, because anything that makes you look at your own life from a different perspective, in a positive way, I think is a good thing….. I won’t say merry xmas and a happy new year because I’m sure you have been locking yourself in your room for many years refusing to socialise with the rest of us dimwits who feel and imagine good things this time of year from obvious untruths. .. After all accurate accounting is all thats important in your life.

    3. kuldeep

      very true. The message doesn’t hurt or harm anyone. It sounds good to read what is being written regardless of who wrote and who circulated it.

  8. lenmarlow

    I think everyone is missing the point here, it was an opportunity to say something meaningful. Steve Jobs has gone but this message is important to understand by those that envy him, or at least envy him for his wealth.

    I think it would be odd if these were Steve Job’s writings – too long for a dying person – that’s not the point. At this time of year cycles are happening in the northern hemisphere. Only a couple of days ago the Emporers new clothes were paraded in Paris in the name of oil wealth.

    We all take something from his death, for me it is wonderful to see design and beauty being used to make the world a better place. For others he has other msg’s.

    So as to the truth – if this letter was the only thing the media lie about we would all be in a far far better place

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong

      I don’t think we are missing the point. These false “last words” only went viral when someone tacked on Steve Jobs’ name to it.

      Sure, the lessons are valuable by themselves, but what are we teaching our children and everyone else if we “sell” the lessons with a lie?

      Do we truly believe that telling lies is okay, as long as it serves a good purpose? Is that what we want to teach our children?

      1. Helen Brown

        Thank you Timothy. I think what other’s are missing is that Steve Jobs was a master. He didn’t need to dictate his thoughts to anyone. And, yes, he was in the hospital enough, attached to a ventalator, machines monitoring his respiration and what ever else is appropriate for post surgery. Oft times, only staff are allowed. Once a person is stabelized, even then visitors are limited to short time frames till reasonable time has passed.

        The question is… Has Jobs ever in his live created anything that didn’t fail to prove he was thinking way ahead of everyone else?

        Again, thank you Timothy. Helen

      2. Helen Brown

        Dr. Wong, I object to anything falsly written, seances, false memories conjured up by mystics, etc. If this isn’t written by Jobs then it should be rejected and exposed. That said, I don’t find this writing inspriational but a hodgepodge of thoughts of someone who isn’t frightened but trying to cope…

        Good words? Na! This is counterfeit if it wasn’t witten by Jobs, and I would’t waste my time reading it. However, if it’s written by Jobs… respect him for it.

        The bottom line; Find where this writing originated. That’s the key. Respectfully, Helen

  9. Minh Ton

    You all comments is highly appreciated from both materiality as well as the delivered message !
    To me, it’s not important whose is trustworthy but the reality that Jobs could not bring anything along with him but left for the many a role model himself of both good and not so good!
    It’s up to you to take what is match with yours !

  10. Max

    Although the fake document contains words that are soothing to anyone in this world, we must STOP from dragging names like Jobs to make a point. It is dishonesty and cowardliness to put words in someone else’s mouth to convey what you want to say. Moreover, all these soothing words in the fake document are known to all; it is not as if someone discovered it or invented it. Steve Jobs was a great guy and he never would have said several things mentioned in the fake document. Therefore, it is a great disservice to him if we tolerate such nonsense by spreading them. If you ever lost a dear one and some idiots attributed things to him that he never said or would have said, “Would you like it?” Please do the right thing.

  11. Tłumacz

    That’s very bright explanation. Indded people think of Jobs as amost a God. He was just IT and marketing guy starting at the right moment with the right people. He didnt copy otherss, but he used their skills. respect but not a glorification

  12. Pingback: Mântuirea prin antreprenoriat | Tausance

  13. Kathy

    It doesn’t really matter if he said/wrote it or not, it is a powerful important message. So take off Steve Jobs and say, “A rich man once said…” Whoever wrote it, the message is one that should be shared. Do we argue over who wrote any inspirational quotes, posters, sayings?

  14. Poornima Shankar

    I don’t get the point of people saying “It doesn’t matter if he said it or not, there is truth/power/blah blah blah in the message” etc etc. First of all, what truth are we talking about when the entire thing is based on the false premise of Steve Jobs regretting his choices in life (which we have no reason to suppose he did)? Would anybody have taken it seriously if it was written by a call center guy from India? The whole thing has this pseudo-powerful air because of Steve Jobs’ name otherwise it is nothing special or different from thousands of “inspirational” messages out there. Like Adrian pointed out multiple times, if the message is so “powerful” and “true” then people wouldn’t have had to attach Jobs’ name to it to make it go viral anyway.

    Secondly, and very importantly, why do we want someone who led a good life and made a lot of money to “regret” his choices at the end? Is it a rule that all rich people have to regret their money-mongering ways so that the rest of us can feel gratified in our choices and be all “ah there, that’s why I don’t make millions”? Just because somebody makes money, he becomes a “twisted being”? Who doesn’t want to make money? Are we all dalai lamas here? Just because somebody made more money than we could ever hope to, he doesn’t have a right to be happy about his choices?

    Also, don’t poor people ever get cancer? What would they regret then? Actually, I am pretty sure many of them regret not making enough money to be more comfortable in their last days but that’s neither here nor there.The point is – why are so many people so happy that Jobs (or some other equally rich person) was miserable in his last days and regretted all his choices? By all accounts, Jobs was lucid, hopeful and reasonably fine till almost the end. He had enough money to keep himself comfortable and assure his family a good life, he had a loving family, he had lived a good life and achieved more than what many people would even dream of. Why shouldn’t he go triumphantly, with his head held high, regretting nothing other than a good life cut short?

    Really, I don’t even understand what is so powerful about the message. You achieved everything you wanted, you live the life the way you wanted to and now just because you are on your deathbed you must think it’s all a mistake? I would think a far more powerful message would be about the importance of accepting yourself for what you are rather than wishing you were something else. Something like “Now as I am on my deathbed, I am so glad that I did not follow the herd and did what I loved, I have had a good life and I regret nothing”. I am sure Steve Jobs is twisting in his grave at some of these quotes being attributed to him. A “twisted being, just like me”?? Are you effing kidding me? He was not a shakespearean actor, for gods sake.

    This entire thing is beyond ridiculous and I am so glad Adrian did this post. I would be so upset if someone wrote some fake “last words” in my name after I died claiming that I regret having a career or not cooking daily for my husband. (For the record, I DON’T). If someone thinks that women should not have careers and spend all their time cooking and cleaning, that’s fine. Just don’t try to shove those words into my mouth and pretend that I regretted not doing it your way.

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  16. Olakunle Akinpelu

    I always suspected that the so-called last message is fake. Someone wants to present a religious agenda and brought in Steve Jobs’s name. I think that is cheap. Whoever composed that fake message could have written the same message (Which in most part makes some sense) and titled it “My likely last words on earth”. You cannot promote a religion or an idea with falsehood. You will lose whatever is good in your message when the truth is found out

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  19. jjjj

    taking $1 salary does not mean you are not pursing wealth. so take it out of your article, it’s irrelevant

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