Why Steve Kirsch Is Wrong About Taylor Hawkins’ Cause Of Death

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Tech millionaire Steve Kirsch challenged me to a debate, claiming to have “the inside story” on how Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died from vaccine-induced myocarditis.

So let’s take a look at his “inside” information, and see what the facts really are!


Steve Kirsch : Taylor Hawkins Most Likely Died From Vaccine!

Tech millionaire Steve Kirsch has been actively creating misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines.

In his latest effort, he claimed to have “the inside story” on how Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins died from vaccine-induced myocarditis.

He even called me out, and challenged me to a debate, for fact checking that false claim earlier. Hilarious!

I would love to debate Dr. Wong on this, but he doesn’t seem anxious to engage with me or Peter McCullough. I’ve posted the link to this story on his “fact check” but it has to be approved by him to appear.

So I’m going to publicly expose the truth about what Steve Kirsch shared, because facts aren’t subject to a debate. They remain true, irrespective of our opinions.

Why Steve Kirsch Is Wrong About Taylor Hawkins' Cause Of Death


Why Steve Kirsch Is Wrong About Taylor Hawkins Dying From Vaccine

In case you guys don’t know him, Steve Kirsch is a tech millionaire who made his money as one of two people who independently invented the optical mouse.

So he’s definitely a smart guy… when it comes to tech. But let’s see if Steve Kirsch is correct in any of his claims…

I will go through the list of “facts” that Steve Kirsch posted, and tell you what the facts really are.

Claim : He was found dead in his hotel room… after complaining about chest pains.
Fact : Hawkins called the hotel front desk for help, complaining of chest pain. He was treated by a health professional (doctor) hired by EMI, who failed to revive him.

Claim : Press reported he died of cardiac arrest. The vaccine causes death by cardiac arrest.
Fact : There is ZERO evidence that any COVID-19 vaccine causes death by cardiac arrest.

Claim : Marijuana and heroin and the other drugs aren’t consistent with the symptoms observed before he died.
Fact : No one actually observed his symptoms that we are aware of. Hawkins only reported chest pain, so what other symptoms is Kirsch alluding to?
Fact : A cardiac arrest is pretty much consistent with opioid overdose, and less commonly, marijuana use. Even if we discount marijuana, Hawkins had heroin and other opioids in his urine.

Claim : Taylor Hawkins was all about the music and his fans. He was just a great guy.
Fact : Unless his passion for music was a trigger for the vaccine to kill him, it is completely irrelevant and is just Kirsch name dropping his “inside source”.

Did Taylor Hawkins Of Foo Fighters Die From COVID Vaccine?!

Claim : He was married for 17 years and had three kids. He had everything to live for.
Fact : People with everything to live for can still partake in drugs. A strong desire to live does not prevent a drug overdose either. Does Kirsch really believe that being married for XX years and having X number of kids precludes death from opioid overdose? Seriously?

Claim : There was no mention of the amount of each substance (in the toxicology report).
Fact : This is true, probably because the forensic team would have to first corroborate the urine test results, with the blood test results. It does not change the fact that the 10 types of substances in his urine included marijuana, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids.

Claim : People have mentioned that drug reports from Columbian sources can be unreliable.
Fact : Not only is that incredibly condescending, it is an opinion that is not backed by facts. Where is the evidence that a simple urine test that any laboratory in the world can perform is unreliable because it was conducted in Colombia?

Claim : Columbian authorities claim … Columbian sources…
Fact :
The demonym of Colombia is Colombian, not Columbian. Hawkins died in the country of Colombia, not Columbia, South Carolina or the District of Columbia.

Claim : COVID vaccine can cause a heart to double in size and then kill you.
Fact : Vaccine-induced myocarditis can cause the heart to enlarge (but not necessarily so), and in rare cases, it can be fatal. However, you are many times more likely to get myocarditis from a COVID-19 infection, than from any COVID-19 vaccine. If you are worried about myocarditis, you will want to get vaccinated.
Read more : Vaccine Myocarditis Risk Less Than 1 In Million!

SAFECOVAC : Ultra-Low Myocarditis Risk From Vaccines!

Claim : It seems unlikely that he just decided on a spontaneous heroin / benzo / cocaine bender right before a show.
Fact : Unlikely? The fact is the preliminary toxicology test showed that he had 10 different substances in his urine, and a police officer reportedly told prosecutors that he saw a “cocaine-like powder” in Hawkins’ room. Does Kirsch have any “inside” facts to share? Or was he just pontificating?

Claim : He still smoked weed. This was well known [Insider].
Opinion : I’ll take his insider’s word for that, and point out it refutes Kirsch’s point that Hawkins learned his lesson in 2001 (when he almost died from an overdose). If he can still smoke weed, he certainly can still partake in cocaine and heroin.

Claim : Hawkins made it very clear he was against masks, lockdowns and the COVID vaccines.
Opinion : While plausible, there is no public record of Hawkins saying that he was against masks, lockdowns and the COVID vaccines.

Claim : Hawkins was under pressure from both Dave Grohl and the band manager to take the vaccine.
Opinion : While plausible, there is no public record of Hawkins being forced to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Claim : Hawkins’ heart was likely already somewhat damaged from an earlier vaccine dose when … his doctor said he had a “big heart”.
Fact : That is a baseless opinion by Kirsch, unless he is willing to share with us evidence that Hawkins’ “big heart” was related to any vaccine he took.

Did Taylor Hawkins Of Foo Fighters Die From COVID Vaccine?!

Claim : So the timing on this suggests that Hawkins had his first and/or second dose before the medical exam.
Fact : This is complete bullshit. Kirsch is doing a logic pretzel – claiming (without evidence) that Hawkins’ cardiomegaly in June 2021 was definitely due to the vaccine, and then using that as “evidence” that Hawkins must have been vaccinated before that.
Opinion : If Kirsch really spoke to insiders who knew Hawkins on a personal basis, they would have told him when Hawkins got his vaccine doses. Kirsch doesn’t even know what vaccine Hawkins took. It may not even have been an mRNA vaccine, for all we know.

Claim : So this is all consistent with a damaged heart on an earlier vaccine shot.
Fact : Kirsch conspiciously “forgot” to point out that Hawkins’ doctor told him that he was “in amazing shape“. If Hawkins had vaccine-induced myocarditis, he would have had noticeable symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. His doctor certainly would not have told him that he was in great health.

Claim : Hawkins got a booster on Feb. 26, 2022 [Insider], just a month before he died.
Fact : There is no way to confirm this insider claim, but I should point out that none of the countries that the Foo Fighters were going to play at required a booster dose. They only required travellers to be fully-vaccinated, so it would not have been necessary for Hawkins to get a booster dose before flying to Australia – the first overseas stop.
Opinion : Assuming that his insider source was correct, it actually PROVES that Hawkins did not suffer from vaccine-induced myocarditis – an acute condition that occurs within a few days of receiving an mRNA vaccine. It wouldn’t crop up a month later, and Hawkins would not have been able to undertake strenuous activities like playing with the Foo Fighters in Australia, Chile and Argentina.

Did Taylor Hawkins Die From Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis?!

Claim : Large study in JAMA said most heart problems surfaced 3 weeks after the vaccine
Fact : Kirsch interestingly did not reference the JAMA study, so we will never know which study he was referring to. In any case, vaccine-induced myocarditis surfaces WITHIN DAYS of receiving an mRNA vaccine.

Claim : Those involved in physically demanding activities are … more likely to get myocarditis due to catecholamine release interaction with the vaccine.
Fact : There is currently no evidence that individuals who participate in physically demanding activities are more likely to get myocarditis. The paper Kirsch quoted to back up that claim is a literature review (not an actual clinical study) by his friend, that has not been peer-reviewed.
Fact : The paper Kirsch quoted mentioned that “vaccine-induced myocarditis … and increase in sudden deaths” are “overrepresented in young males“. That kind of proves Kirsch wrong – Hawkins was 50 years old when he died. The risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis for his age group is practically non-existent.

Age Group Vaccine Myocarditis
Male Rate
(per million doses)
Classic Myocarditis
Male Baseline
(per million doses)
12-17 32.4 2.0
18-24 30.7 1.8
25-29 12.2 1.9
30-39 6.9 1.9
40-49 3.5 1.9
50-64 1.9 1.9

Claim : Their stage manager Andy Pollard died suddenly as well.
Fact : That’s true, but Kirsch does not tell us why that is pertinent information. Bob Saget also died suddenly. Is that equally relevant to Hawkins’ death? Or is he suggesting some kind of Foo Fighters curse?

Claim : [Vaccine-induced myocarditis] fits all the facts like a glove
Opinion : Those must be really weird gloves for aliens with 8 fingers, because Kirsch offered ZERO EVIDENCE that vaccine-induced myocarditis was the cause of Hawkins’ death.

Claim : Hawkins was boosted 30 days before he died, giving his heart plenty of time to double in size
Fact : Hawkins already said he had a “big” heart a year ago… MONTHS before he received that [alleged] booster dose in February 2022.

Claim : Hawkins was observed shortly before his death and appeared not under the influence of drugs.
Fact : Kirsch hilariously used this photo of Hawkins with band members Pat Smear and Samantha Sidley taken TWO DAYS prior to his death as proof. How does the photo prove that Hawkins did not partake in any drugs two days LATER? Let me help him with this analogy – if I post a picture of myself eating a salad today, it does not mean I won’t be eating a steak tomorrow.

Taylor Hawkins on plane to Bogota Colombia
Taylor Hawkins (back) on a plane with band member Pat Smear (left) and Samantha Sidley (right) on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Steve, thank you for helping to invent the optical mouse, but please stop creating and sharing misinformation.

Why not join me in fighting fake news instead? Let your legacy be the unerring pursuit of the truth.


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  2. WP

    Dr. Wong wouldn’t accept a possible “vaccine adverse event or death” if it slapped him in the face. It’s obvious where his allegiance lies. Kirsch was simply stating the possibility of a vaccine induced death of which there are many documented cases.

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  5. Bill

    Either face your accused or STFU. The hand waving in your rebuttal is worse than what you accuse Mr. Kirsch

    So while you guys hide, the anti vaccine movement gets stronger and stronger . Grow a pair and engage in cordial debate. This is what the public wants


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