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Can Strata Residents Directly Receive Deliveries During MCO?

Can strata property residents directly receive parcels or food deliveries directly at their units during MCO?

Let’s find out what KPKT and MKN actually said about this issue.


Strata Residents CANNOT Directly Receive Deliveries During MCO?

On 17 June 2021, SelangorKini reported (in BM) that strata property managements are prohibited from allowing residents to directly receive parcels or food deliveries at their units.

Strata property covers not just condominiums and apartments, but also flats, townhouses and even landed homes in gated and guarded communities.

Here is our English translation of what the Head of the Strata Management Enforcement Unit, Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT), Inspector Mohammad Izzat Hassan, said :

If they allow the dispatcher or the visitor to enter the occupant’s residence, compound action can be imposed for violating the SOP (standard operating procedures) set by the National Security Council (MKN).

Apart from ensuring the safety of all, we also want to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic from spreading. No more compromises and action will be taken if anyone breaks the rules.


Surprise : Strata Residents Are ALLOWED To Directly Receive Deliveries During MCO!

With some help from Steven Khoo, Chairman of Surian Condominiums Management Corporation, we looked into this issue, and came to the surprising conclusion that strata residents are ALLOWED to directly receive parcels or food during MCO!

Strata Management Sector SOP By MKN

If we refer to the latest MKN SOP for the Strata Management Sector (11 June 2021 edition), it seems clear that postal, courier and delivery services are only allowed to send their food, parcels, packages to a designated area.

They are asked to employ a contactless delivery method to reduce the risk of infection, and so delivering to a designated area seems like a logical decision.

Strata Management Sector FAQ By KPKT

However, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) itself issued their MCO FAQ for the Strata Management Sector.

In their latest 3 June 2021 edition, it is stated that the strata management is permitted to use their own discretion to allow the delivery of goods and food directly to the unit.

Here is our English translation of this section of the KPKT FAQ :

What about postal, courier and delivery workers (FoodPanda, Grabfood and so on)?

Postal workers, couriers and delivery workers (FoodPanda, Grabfood and etc.) are allowed to deliver the goods at the place designated by the management, after clearing the body temperature screening test.

The Management may use their discretion to allow delivery workers to deliver goods / food directly to the unit.

So it appears that KPKT has left it to the Strata Property Management to decide whether to allow residents to directly receive parcels and food from delivery services, or not.

Until and unless KPKT changes this FAQ, any fines by their own Strata Management Enforcement Unit will likely have to be cancelled, like what happened when the Manjung Police wrongly fined factory workers for not updating MySejahtera on a daily basis!

MKN Hotline Confirms Management Discretion

The Surian Condominiums Management Corporation contacted the MKN Hotline about this issue on 18 June 2021.

Puan Nurul from MKN confirmed that it is up to the Management’s prerogative, whether to allow direct delivery of goods and food to the strata units or not.

So there you have it – confirmation from KPKT and MKN that direct deliveries of parcels, packages and food to your strata unit is ALLOWED, as long as it is PERMITTED by the Management of your strata property!


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