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Concrete Block Fell Off Lorry, Not SUKE Highway!

Concrete Block Fell Off Lorry, Not SUKE Highway!

The SUKE highway team is assuring the public that the concrete block on MRR2 did not fall off their highway, but from a lorry travelling on the MRR2 highway.

Find out what happened in this new incident involving the controversial Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Expressway project!


Concrete Block On MRR2, Under SUKE Highway!

On 25 March 2021, motorists found themselves avoiding a concrete block on the MRR2, just days after a launcher crane toppled at the SUKE highway project, killing three people.

At first, everyone thought that this concrete block might have fallen off the SUKE highway under construction above.

This would not be the first time something fell off a construction project in Malaysia! But at least, it didn’t appear that anyone was injured by the concrete block.

Credit : Thank you, Chua Jia Wen, for sharing these pictures!


SUKE Project : Concrete Block Fell Off Lorry, Not Ours!

The SUKE highway team sent an ERT (Emergency Response Team) rider, to investigate and help direct traffic.

They then stated that the concrete block fell off a lorry travelling in the middle lane of MRR2, after Hillview, heading towards Ampang.

They also made it clear that the lorry was NOT from the SUKE project.

By 7:49 AM, they managed to clear the concrete block from MRR2, allowing free flow of traffic.


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