“Mandatory” Survey NOT Required For Rapid KL Free Rides!

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You are NOT required to fill in their survey for the free rides on Rapid KL trains or buses subsidised by Malaysian taxpayers!

Here is what you need to know!


Free Rapid KL Rides For 1 Month : Subsidised By Taxpayers!

On 16 June 2022, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri Yaakob officially launched the opening of Phase 1 of the MRT Putrajaya Line.

In conjunction with that launch, he announced that all Rapid KL train and bus rides will be free of charge for a month, from 16 June to 15 July 2022. This free ride program also includes KTM Komuter rides in the Klang Valley.

However, it was not some kind of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or launch promotion by Rapid KL. These free rides were subsidised by the Malaysian government, to the tune of RM155 million – RM140 million will go to Rapid KL, while KTM will receive RM15 million.

In other words – taxpayers are ultimately footing the bill for these free rides.

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RapidKL + KTM Rides Are FREE For 1 Month!


Initially : Rapid KL Requires Survey For Gov-Paid Free Rides?!

About a day after the announcement of the free rides, Rapid KL released its Terms and Conditions (PDF download), in which passengers were asked to participate in their survey, in order to enjoy the Rapid KL Free Rides (RKLFR) programme.

Passengers were asked to either install and register an account the MyRapid PULSE app, and fill in the survey there; or fill in a physical form at the stations. They were also asked to “keep a screenshot or the top portion of the completed [survey] form to enjoy the RKLFR“.

Its Terms & Conditions stated, explicitly, that (with my emphasis in bold) :

5. Customers who are using tokens are required to redeem the token at any of Rapid KL Customer Service Offices (LRT/MRT/Monorail/BRT/ Selected Bus Hubs) and fill up the form in MyRapid PULSE or fill up the hardcopy survey form before entering the gates.

6. Customers who are using cashless (My50 pass, Touch ‘N Go card and Concession card) need to fill up the form in MyRapid PULSE or fill up the hardcopy survey form before entering the gates. 

There was an immediate social media backlash to the requirement to participate in the Rapid KL survey, in return for the taxpayer-sponsored free rides.

"Mandatory" Survey NOT Required For Rapid KL Free Rides!


Now : Rapid KL Survey NOT Required For Taxpayer-Paid Free Rides!

Rapid KL quickly responded to the furore by “clarifying” that passengers are not forced to download the PULSE app, or participate in the survey.

When I took the MRT and LRT recently, there was no one enforcing the survey requirement. I just tapped my Touch ‘n Go card through the gantries. No one asked to check for a completed survey.

However, it is unlikely that the RapidKL Terms & Conditions was a misunderstanding. Rapid KL repeated the “requirements” in social media posts, like this example (with my English translation)

Terma Dan Syarat

2. Muat turun aplikasi MyRapid PULSE untuk menebus 30 hari perjalanan percuma.

Terms And Conditions

2. Download the MyRapid PULSE app to redeem 30 days of free travel.

In another Facebook post, Rapid KL specifically asked passengers to complete the survey to obtain the free rides.  Here is my English translation of their requirements :

To redeem free rides:

  1. Users are encouraged to download the MyRapid PULSE app in Google Play or Apple Store, and register for an account and fill in the provided [survey] form. After the form is completed, users need to take a screenshot and show it to the officer at the station, while passing through the gantry, or on entering a bus.
  2. Forms are also provided at all RapidKL passenger service counters, selected bus hubs, in the bus, and downloadable through the Rapid KL website and social media platforms. Passengers must take a picture or the top portion of the complete form to enjoy RKLFR.
  3. For passengers who do not have Touch ‘n Go card or other passes, they can obtain a free token at the customer service counter by filling in their information through the MyRapid PULSE app or the provided form, before entering the station.

It appears that they genuinely wanted people to participate in their survey, and only backtracked on those requirements after the social media uproar.

Based on my ride experience, they did not appear to station officers to check for the completely survey forms.

But it was possible that they asked people to fill in the form to obtain a free token. I can’t confirm that as I used my own Touch ‘n Go card, and didn’t collect a free token.

In any case, there is NO LONGER a need to fill in any survey form, to enjoy the taxpayer-sponsored rides on Rapid KL trains or buses. If anyone insists on seeing a completed survey form, just say NO.


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