Tattooed People Will Go To Hell

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This Public Warning has been circulating on Facebook recently. Posted by a group that calls itself Christians Against Tattoos, it warns that tattooed people will go to hell, and that most traffic accidents are caused by “inkers” high on weed. As an example, they show this gory picture of the severed arms of two crash scene victims.

According to the warning, the person with the tattooed arm was high on hemp and overdosed, falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into the non-tattooed person. Both of them died instantly, but the un-tattoeed person “went to heaven” because he was “clean skinned” and “without sin“. The tattooed person, naturally, went to hell.

Christians Against Tattoos : Tattooed People Go To Hell
Christians Against Tattoos : Tattooed People Go To Hell


These Are Not The Arms You Are Looking For

If you don’t realise it yet… those are NOT real human arms, but fake RUBBER ARMS. Some people say that they look like mannequin arms but those are made from fibreglass in sections (hand, forearm, arm) and will not have the slightly translucent sheen of rubber arms. The sheen is very obvious in the unpainted limb on the left.

These are definitely rubber arms, and you can see that the one on the left does not even have its fingernails painted. Hence, they have the same flesh-coloured tone as the rest of the hand. Needless to say, you won’t find cadaveric arms cut mid-forearm like that for display.


You Can’t Get High On Hemp

Hemp refers to the high-growing cultivars of Cannabis sativa that have been specially selected for their low content of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound. Therefore, you can’t get high smoking hemp.


No Correlation Between Tattoos & Weed

There is no correlation between tattoos and marijuana. Just because someone has a tattoo does not mean he/she smokes weed, and vice versa. There are many pot smokers who don’t sport tattoos.

Lots of soldiers going to war zones regularly get tattoos, ostensibly to make for easier identification should they get killed. Needless to say, armed forces do not allow their soldiers to smoke pot, at least not officially! 😀


It’s Just A Joke!

Okay, seriously… if you don’t get it by now, you are really, really gullible. Christians Against Tattoos is SATIRE! Look at what’s written under their name – “Just for Fun“. LOL! 😀

Christians Against Tattoos is a satirical site
Christians Against Tattoos is a satirical site

Is there any wonder why they come up with truly unbelievable stuff like this fake NBC News story about “Kim Kardashian getting killed by inkers“?

Kim Kardashian killed by inkers!
Kim Kardashian killed by inkers!

We would have thought that their characterisation of Kim as an “all round model Christian” would have clued you in about the legitimacy of that Facebook page. 😀

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  1. Dc

    So doctor wong show me proof of going 2 hell with tattoo’s…. bcause u said its a fact.

    Have u been 2 the gates of hell and asked the devil himself or did you make a picture or have u got an email from support@hell?

    You can not say its a fact stupid. nobody hase proven the world heaven and or hell exist

    Only fact is that u need 2 burn your doctors dergee 4 misleading people


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