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Tesco 101st Anniversary Scam Exposed!

A Tesco 101st Anniversary scam is going viral on WhatsApp, with people sharing it without first verifying it.

Find out what the Tesco 101st Anniversary scam is all about, and why everyone should stop sharing such links on WhatsApp.

Remember – if it’s too good to be true, it is often too good to be true!


Tesco 101st Anniversary Scam

You may recall the Tesco 100th anniversary scam, which we exposed in 2018. That was designed to trick people into signing up for a US$49.99 service called Organize Jobs, while harvesting your information at the same time.

The Tesco 101st Anniversary scam, fortunately, is less malicious… but still, to be avoided at all costs.

This is the Tesco 101st Anniversary scam that people have been sharing on WhatsApp :

RM500 coupon from Tesco

Hurry up and get RM500 from Tesco

TESCO is giving away RM500 coupon to EVERYONE on its 101st ANNIVERSARY. Hurry Up! Get your RM500 coupon at :

We removed the links, because we did not want anyone to fall into their trap.

The short version of this story is simple :

Tesco is NOT celebrating their 101st Anniversary by giving away RM500 vouchers.

This is a SCAM. Tell anyone who shares this with you, and do NOT click on the link.


Tesco 101st Anniversary Scam Exposed!

Now, if you click on the link, it actually redirects you to a link, where it asks you to confirm that you are over the age of 16.

This is probably done to trick people into thinking it’s a genuine Tesco requirement for the free RM500 voucher, although it looks like they were too lazy to even throw in a Tesco logo to make it more believable.

A quick check of’s owner showed that he/she/they were being protected by WhoisGuardoften a sign of malicious or questionable intent.

If you click on the I Confirm button, it will take you to, which will immediately cycle through multiple advertisements, and opening up those websites.

In our tests, the final website was Shopee with the clickid of 1011l7F9JVeU and an affiliate siteid of 1101l70572, but this will probably vary between victims. In fact, their code specifically calls for random links to be loaded.

A quick WhoIs check of shows that it too was being protected, this time by Whois Privacy Service – yet another sign of suspicious behaviour.

Basically, this Tesco 101st Anniversary scam is an advertising scam. By clicking on it, you are helping them cheat advertisers by loading multiple advertisements and clicking through them.

While this may seem harmless, one of those websites that they cycled through may be designed to inject malicious code into your system.

So, even if your best friend / wife / husband / mother / father sends you such links, please DO NOT click on them!


Be Wary Of Free Cash, iPhones, Gifts!

Seriously, we all need to be a bit skeptical when we receive such an amazing offer.

No one is going to celebrate their anniversary by giving everyone free cash or iPhones or cars.

The next time you see such an amazing offer, please press DELETE. Do NOT share it with your family and friends.

This time, it’s just an advertising scam. Next time, it could be a phishing attack, or a scam to fraudulently sign you up for expensive services.


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